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  1. Does anyone know the older song they played in the last bit of the video, our brothers and sisters in the former Soviet Union were singing it at there convention in 1992. The song brought back many memories:).
  2. Yes Indeed. I find that so important to always pause and reflect on spiritual things. I am a carpenter working for a building company and life is so busy where I live, there is always a rush to get things done to work overtime, leaving you tired and exhausted at the end of the day, causing you to draw away from the living God. The sabbath was a awesome instigation. Jehovah always instigates what is best for us humans.
  3. Yeah that’s the article I couldn’t seem to find it in JW library
  4. Im pretty sure it was Heinrich Himmler, I do remember a more recent wt study article about this experience from a brother regarding this but I can’t seem to find it. https://wol.jw.org/en/woh/d/r1/lp-e/1979802#h=5:0-6:220 Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi SS (Schutz-Staffel, or Elite Guard), visited us at the Lichtenburg concentration camp shortly before we were taken to the newly erected camp of Ravensbrück. His purpose was to get Jehovah’s Witnesses to abandon their faithfulness to God and to support the Nazi war effort. But, to a person, we refused. At this Himmler flew into a great rage and cried: “If you like, your Jehovah may reign in heaven, but here upon earth it is we who rule! We’ll show you who will endure longer, you or we!”
  5. Yes I can agree with you here, Job 38:4 „where were you when I founded the earth, tell me if you think you understand“. We weren’t there to know everything that happened, what we do know is it did happen as Jesus mentioned Just as the days of Noah were so presence of the son of man will be“ Matt 24:37, and a flood history in many cultures around the world. I guess we can leave the whole C4 dating to rest.
  6. Yes that seems logical. The GB have not commented on that scripture except in terms of talking about seasons, thats all I could find in our publications. Yes so there probably no need to read to much into it, thanks.
  7. If those animals died drowned, would they be standing, with a last mouthful of food in their mouths, without any visible sign of violence? IMO that actually proves the opposite, that they didn't die in the flood. They were suddenly frozen, not drowned. I think that's the reason why those frozen mammoths have no longer been mentioned in our publications in relation with the flood for decades. All that I can glean From this subject is that when Jah brought the flood upon mankind the polar regions were quickly frozen resulting in mammoths still chewing digesting food but of course others will have a different narrative. The main point of this forum discussion is the fact it was a global flood meaning it would have some impact on polar regions. A quick freeze momentum and a gradual Build up of ice and snow. That’s the only thing I can relate to a quick freeze and preserving these animals found in permafrost. I mean it’s not all that hard to believe just One year of inundation 1 year of underwater then 100s and thousands or 4000 years of recovery and then understanding C4 dating that water infects the dating process?im mean they have to have a different formula when dating the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere so there is much conjecture.
  8. Yes i agree with what you are saying. Although my understanding of Genesis 8:22 I could not find much resources on Jw library. The point that interest me on this subject is why did Jah say from now on the earth will never cease to have cold heat summer winter, was it because the earth had a different environment conducive with tropical vegetation found in mammoths stomachs meaning the atmosphere was different aka water canopy. But I know this has been discussed in another previous thread.
  9. Yes I can agree with this. It is hard finding recent information on this in JW library our publications on this are 70s to the 90s nevertheless the facts still stand that it was a global flood, the fact that so many nations around the world have a flood history. It is hard find information on the dating of mammoths and other animals frozen solid in the permafrost, some articles are pro evolution others are pro creationism in which we don’t agree with either. One fact that stands out to me is what is mentioned in Genesis 8:22 “From now on…. the earth will never cease to have cold heat summer and winter. It is significant that this was mentioned after the flood meaning it is global so now the atmosphere has changed. Nevertheless all the fossils of mammoths and other kinds aren’t always the result of a global flood, although the animals found in permafrost have subtropical vegetation found inside some of the stomachs which is interesting. Some are the result of a global flood namely the ones well preserved, others can be said to have died before or after the global flood.
  10. This is a quote out of our book “Life how did it get her by evolution or design”. Chapter 17 paragraph 9. I think it fits the picture of a global flood well. If there were layers of permafrost underneath the top layer of frozen animals dating from a different time then I guess that could still fit in with a global flood or not. What are yours thoughts on the matter? And further evidence that a flood of immense proportions occurred in the not-too-distant past is the great number of fossils and carcasses deposited in icy, mucky dumps. The Saturday Evening Post noted: “Many of these animals were perfectly fresh, whole and undamaged, and still either standing or at least kneeling upright. . . . Here is a really shocking—to our previous way of thinking—picture. Vast herds of enormous, well-fed beasts not specifically designed for extreme cold, placidly feeding in sunny pastures . . . Suddenly they were all killed without any visible sign of violence and before they could so much as swallow a last mouthful of food, and then were quick-frozen so rapidly that every cell of their bodies is perfectly preserved.”⁠8
  11. Umm we don’t need anymore recent references my brother. Dony forget this was a supernatural event just like the departing of the Red Sea which is beyond a scientific point of view.
  12. Yes thankyou I don’t know why people the media etc are not understanding this! Even if you have the vaccine even double dosed you can still catch the virus, it just mean your risk ending up in hospital or ICU are extremely lower. I think the media just like talking about the rise in cases even though people are vaccinated.
  13. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/publication/r1/lp-e/ce chapter 17 paragraphs 9,10
  14. Majority of Animals and vegetation frozen in permafrost are result of the global flood, it makes perfect sense, i only base my information from what is found in our publications https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/publication/r1/lp-e/ce https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/library/r1/lp-e/all-publications/awake/awake-1986/september-22
  15. Yes that is correct, and yes I would be very skeptical with beyond 5000 years carbon dating, you can get a whole lot of different readings from the remains of animals that died the same time.

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