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  1. Hallelujah, praise Jah! The Almighty problem solver. When will we learn to let him have all our problems so we can get on with his work. 😊 Thank you for this very encouraging story and love to those wonderful friends who are reminding her of Jehovah's promises.
  2. But in this case, phonetically spelled, it tells me immediately who this artist is and it's so much easier then learning French. 😊 Did you ever see Gallagher do his bit on the pronunciation of simple 4 letter English words and their meanings? And what an odd coincidence, Gallagher looks a little like Gaugan... er...Gauguin.
  3. While I got rid of TV in 2005, Antiques Road Show was a favorite of mine. Google "Antique Road Show man with chief's blanket" I love his humble attitude. Sorry, now back to regular programing.
  4. David had me at 1 Samuel 17:45. I cannot wait until I can actually speak with him and listen to his praises of our Father. Wow!
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