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  1. Vengeance is mine, and retribution,

    At the appointed time when their foot slips,

    For the day of their disaster is near, And what awaits them will come quickly. […]

    If I sharpen my flashing sword

    And prepare my hand for judgment,

    I will pay back vengeance on my adversaries

    And bring retribution to those who hate me.”

    – Deut. 32:35, 41


    I was pretty perturbed and angry yesterday how certain low-lifes try to cause problems for Jehovah’s people. Then these thoughts came up in this week’s congregation Bible reading material as a timely reminder. I react strongly to injustices, both perceived and real, and sometimes it is difficult to remember that Jehovah will take care of things in his own time.


    1. VisualizeUrParadise


      I hope they understand the scariest punishment there ever could be is everlasting non-existence, while obedient people enjoy the maximum happiness forever. 

  2. Such a world of opposites compared to how Jehovah views women and greatly values them. Reminds me of last week's midweek meeting with the Treasures part about provisions for women in Mosaic law that I was assigned to give. This could have been a very timely comparison to mention how religious leaders throughout the ages have despised and devalued women.
  3. And at the hospital again... Woke up thinking it’s morning, but it was only 2 AM. This is starting to become a familiar place. Wifey had to drop me off at the ER because of abdominal pain that just wouldn’t subside. So they did an operation removing my gallbladder. Should be discharged later on today.


    It’s interesting how the blood issue comes to the play even with low-risk procedures. Have to be ready to defend one’s beliefs. Anaesthesiologist wanted to hear my own reasoning as to why I didn’t accept blood transfusions. Not something I was exactly ready for all morphined up. And then the legalese Americano, signing waivers from left to right.


    Now here’s for hoping for insurance coverage of the surgery. Can’t really foot a 50k bill 🙈 (= ‘Murica)

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    2. M.J.
    3. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Perhaps it might be good to keep a file of all relevant information regarding our blood stand, handy in case we need to go for an emergency operation.

    4. boodles


       About 8 years ago I went through a lot with my gallbladder, avoided having it out in Mexico because they make you pay extra to not use blood. Finally got it out in the US 5 years ago, but yeah, we really have to read the fine print and make sure we're not signing an ok for blood use if something goes wrong. If that's in their paperwork, cross it out and initial. I hope and am sure you'll feel better soon. Take care! 💐 

  4. Was invited to join my group overseer for a shepherding call. I appreciate being trained in an area I have hardly any experience in. He showed a good example how to provide scriptural encouragement with his decades of experience 🏆🙌🏻

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      A great honor indeed for you Br. Julius. You may not have the experience but I'm sure with all the suffering you have endured all these  long months, there is no one more suited to this unenviable task which requires a lot of love and empathy. 


      May It go well With You.



    2. carlos


      Shepherding visits are one of the most beautiful privileges a ministerial servants can have.

  5. Do you have any of your important files saved on the cloud or could you use a program like Recuva to potentially recover any files from the drive? (https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva)
  6. So wonderful to have a person to tell 40+ participants on a public Zoom meeting how they have found the person they were looking for, and the person has accepted the job offer. The only problem for me: I was scheduled to interview for that position on Wednesday. Thanks a million. Don't pull my leg, and invite me to interview for nothing, I don't need that.


    I am soooooo tired of this. I hate people and their deceptiveness. I give up :taz:

    1. Vinnie


      if that's the way they are in the HR dept then maybe it's not the best place to work at...just saying.

  7. Esto para mi, por favor! https://www.mashed.com/202033/the-real-reason-mexican-coke-tastes-so-much-better/
  8. Don’t know of the reliability of this channel as I have never watched it before, but started watching this video yesterday: It seemed to claim that the rioting partially happened because criminals’ actions were hindered.
  9. The Wendover Productions, Half as Interesting etc. YouTube videos can be as enlightening as they are sometimes random: (Remembered seeing this video after I read your comment.)
  10. Are you referring to this chart? https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/b/excipient-table-2.pdf
  11. Another ER visit done... Woke up 3 AM with really bad abdominal pain that just wouldn't go away. Alka-Seltzer no help, [Replaced by TMI] nada. Wife had to take me to the hospital. After a few hours they found I likely have gallstones. Gram counting and low-fat diet here I come, UGH... 😾 (Grumpiness ensued by a mere thought)

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    2. Good-O


      I am so sorry.  I know that hurts!  Hope you get better soon.  

    3. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Poor brother. What a awful night it must have been. No sleep and hours at the ER. Wifey and you must be quite shaken by the experience and there's more hardship ahead. 




      You can reduce your risk of gallstones if you:


      Don't skip meals. Try to stick to your usual mealtimes each day. Skipping meals or fasting can increase the risk of gallstones.


      Eat more high-fiber foods. Include more fiber-rich foods in your diet, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.



    4. happiness IS

      happiness IS


      I like Chia seeds.

  12. From what I’ve understood, some sign languages use similar signs, yet their meaning could be quite different in different locality/country. But that’s really the case with any language; some languages are more intelligible when compared to x than when compared to y. Like from “regular” languages many Romance languages are quite a lot like Spanish and Portuguese despite certain differences, or Slavic languages where technically some languages seem more like dialects than different languages altogether. When I was living in Sweden, our Kingdom Hall library had some video publications in local sign language. Yet, they were not in Swedish sign language, but Finnish sign language. Not sure if this was because there were more publications available in FSL, or because they are similar enough languages for people to communicate in despite hailing from two separate countries.
  13. Vaccination Line Conga 💉

    (Self-attestation: Do you believe that if falling ill with Covid-19 there would be a risk for you to be hospitalized and potentially die because of underlying condition/s?

    – Yes.

    Mmkay, bring a copy of you saying “Yes” with you to the appointment.)


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