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  1. Will have my first part at my new congregation tonight. ¡Ay ay ay! At least the topic is something I can identify with :)

    1. Good-O


      You will do great.  Enjoy your new congregation!  

    2. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      Great keep up the good work ..........when is your next trip to Finland ?

    3. LoneWanderer


      @Miss Mouse, gonna take a while, unfortunately. The move cost so much and I am only about now finding work over here. Would love to go in the summer if I could, but I doubt that is gonna happen. At least we can take our cats to my wife's parents while we are gone. In Sweden always struggled to find a catsitter.

  2. Struggling with new kind of culture/way of doing things in the ministry and in my new congregation. But just wanted to share my Instagram post here concerning our very special attendant showing people to their seats :bringiton:



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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      You will do fine, dear brother. I am so happy for you. Enjoy your new changes. In time, it will just be normal. Then, we get to have more new changes! The new system! 

    3. nanceebgd46



      Hi Julius,

      I was- raised and lived in Southern California most of

      my life.  Just curious, what city have you landed in....it will just

      let me know what part of the Los Angeles area you are located

      in....yes, California is a GIANT change for you and your wife...keep 

      your chin up....and give yourself time to acclimate to such a different environment.

      Agape.....to both of you:heart:

    4. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Oh...my...That is simply precious!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      Thanks for sharing and I hope your assimilation into your new congregation

      goes smoothly for you.  ((((((Brother Julius)))))

  3. w00t, I am here now!! Going through immigration was a breeze, especially as my wife was able to take the same 11-hour flight. Just no idea when I might get my SSN (gov't shutdown) or let alone green card so going with wife's salary for the time being, ugh... At least we FINALLY get to start our married life! Scared going to my new congregation for the first time tomorrow night, though.

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      Julius, the brothers and sisters will love you!  Enjoy your new life together.

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I’m so happy for the both of you. May you thrive spiritually under your new conditions. You will. Just be patient for the mundane things.

    4. nanceebgd46



        I am so glad you and your wife will be able

      to be together as one.  Keep your chin

      up and find as much contentment with your

      wife in your new surroundings.  Agape to you 


  4. While no Organization-made translation exists, I suggest Greenlandic 😁 http://old.bibelselskabet.dk/grobib/web/bibelen.htm The word “Chapter” is short and sweet—“Kapitel”, but that is because that word is borrowed from Danish! — Edit: Man is this forum software smart... Too many messages within a short time from this guy so it merged my posts with different topics together 🙈 Oh yeah, attaching a picture of the Finnish NWT that my parents sent me on WhatsApp.
  5. A couple of more languages are in!! Got a word from my parents that they were told word is not be spread until all congregations have seen the delayed stream on Sunday. They had their streaming yesterday when Br. Morris from the Governing Body released the revised New World Translation in Finnish and Lithuanian. The previous revision in Finnish was from 1995 whereas in Lithuanian the Organization has never released the complete Bible before. When the Scandinavian languages (except Faroese and Icelandic) got their revised Bibles 10-11 months ago I was pretty much “Meh whatevz” even though I have lived in Sweden for the past 11 years or so. Now the revised NWT is already available through JW Library even though it was supposed to be available from tomorrow (Monday) evening. Can’t wait to get my hands on a printed copy! I guess this shows what is the language of my heart after all Cool to have it before big languages like German and Spanish, too! No pictures yet but guess they will be making their way round Instagram later.
  6. Our GoFundMe (begging) campaign ahead of my move is going well and more importantly, we are down to single digits (in days) until I get to see wifey 🔜:ecstatic:

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      So now, how’s it going?

    2. LoneWanderer


      Thanks for asking, Miss Bea :squeeze:

      She should arrive here on Saturday and will be staying a week. When she departs, we will hopefully have more airline miles we can utilize to partially pay for our flights. Friends and family have been donating generously so I will try to buy more miles and then get our flights. The idea was to fly back together when she comes here in December/January, but now I have got less than two months to clear my apartment and put the rest away in my basement storage :help:Will likely be subletting my studio apartment to a brother or a sister.

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Sounds busy. Good stuff. I’m happy for you. Stay focused, and you will have this all done before you know it! 

  7. I usually detest excessive use of exclamation marks but as of today...CEAC Status: Visa Issued!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JEHOVAH!!!!

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    2. LoneWanderer


      @Loopy, am I so overly emotional that I seem like a woman? :cry::eek: :laugh:

    3. Loopy




      My BAD!!!!! :lol1:

    4. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      I'm giving you flowers...make of that what you will LOL!

  8. JWTalk got some US Embassy fame today as the consular officer asked me what sort of message board is that 😅

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    2. ChocoBro


      I don't get it. How did the US Consulate know you were on JWTalk?

    3. LoneWanderer


      @ChocoBro, she wanted to know where I had the first contact with my wife (immigrant visa) 🤐 I first said a discussion board, but she wanted to know which forum and what it is about 😅

    4. campanula


        LoL .... now it's clear what's going on behind the curtain 

  9. Approaching

    (hopefully) the last bits of the visa progress... Got an appointment for my visa interview scheduled. Need to go through a full medical before which I am nervous over considering my medical history. Applying for an immigrant visa is not for the poor, the whole process medical included must have cost $1,200-1,400 so far!

    1. hatcheckgirl


      All the best, hoping it all went well.  Visas to immigrate to Australia cost around $7000 now.  😱  Not for the poor either!

  10. Same here, ours will be on Sunday ☺️ The only thing I will be missing are any videos because we rent a municipal sports hall for our assemblies and there are no screens. The Spanish usually have got one day of the weekend and we the other.
  11. Anxiously waiting to receive an appointment for my immigrant visa interview...

    1. Sheep


      Oh my! You weren't already an immigrant? So, where are you migrating from/to?

    2. LoneWanderer


      Yeah, I am already an immigrant; hoping to become a double immigrant... Just hoping to be reunited with my wife in the US, 5,500 miles away 😥

    3. tekmantwo


      I pray that it works out for you Brother. ...

  12. ♫  Confident in You ♩ — I need to make it my ringtone! ^_^

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      That little reminder. 

      A line from one of Mandy Pitinkin’s songs rings through my head. I’d like it to be a ringtone. “Something’s coming, something good”.

  13. -12 degrees Celsius (10.4 degrees Fahenheit) and wind from north-east AAAHHHHHH :taz:

    In service we mostly have to stay outside the apartment complexes to wait if anybody happens to be coming in or going out.

    1. Astrid


      Yes, it's even colder in Vienna, -15 c. So crazy!

      I hope spring will be here after these last winter days! 

    2. booboo


      Oh my i do not envy that. It is a Very unseasonable warm 58 degrees Fahrenheit here in the southeast part of the Mitten State, USA! And I am inside sick with a cold unable to get out and enjoy the sunshine (the doggies aren’t real happy with that either boo hoo ) keep warm my brother and sister.B)

  14. Even less exclusivity for us servants having been granted a log-in access on jw.org, then ...
  15. Yes, indeed. And my answer could be exactly same as with the previous post. Apostates cried foul play in the media, biased outlets/reporters picked up the story and made it an issue. In the end, the brothers went to the Minister of Justice, had a nice chat and showed her the "secret" book that elders use. Don't remember the exact title since I am not an elder but Shepherding the Flock Under Your Care, right? But surely people who claim that they now have been freed for life, could use it for upbuilding purposes and save the world. But no, instead, they are wasting everybody's time intent on trying frame trouble by decree of law But as you said, it seems like that there are influencial elements who hate the Witnesses and who are willing to do anything to try to hinder us. Fortunately these made-up issues are not going to hinder open-minded individuals to listen to the whole story if/when meet them in service Edit: When I was growing up in Finland, there were never major issues with apostates trying to cause problems. The opposition came from other sources. So as such, to Finland it is a fairly new phenomenon, and likely a reason why media are picking up on these stories–thinking that these quitters are a novelty and a reliable source for information.
  16. Urgh. I know I should let it go... I have just always had such a strong sense of justice. Watched a Netflix show this morning that out of the blue at the very end made fun of Witness' morals. That I can understand that worldly people do that. But the video clip used as a basis was most likely a training video for the elders (this service year's KMS?). Ie. a leaked video that aposta-crap had posted on the web X( Grrr... The legal dept sure would have a lot to do if they had to catch every single copyrighted video uploaded :X

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    2. alohapaulette


      True, however, wisdom prevails.  The so called "Streisand Effect" is a valid issue to consider.



    3. LoneWanderer


      I am not having as much trouble with Bible morals being mocked since I know that is a commonly prevailing attitude. However, I don't like videos intended for internal use that were never made available to the public, appearing in the weirdest of contexts. Too bad there are individuals who can't or won't listen to the direction that particular material is not for general circulation. The production company responsible for this particular series probably didn't know the video had never been available to public distribution. Perhaps something some ill-willing individual had uploaded on YouTube.

    4. Stormswift


      It's a good lesson for all of us - that IF we allow pride to creep in then we could allow Satan to enter even amongst the congregation ... and that will happen right up to the end. Jesus is in control of the congregations - we have to just focus on our end goal and leave that to him. 

  17. Now, I have not been living in Finland for more than 10 years, but as far as I recall the ruckus in the media was caused by an apostate (the apostates). The Finnish Ministry of Justice, primarily through the Data Protection Ombudsman then had his to say about the issue as the question was raised. The general opinion being that it is invasive of personal privacy to have any notes of your residence, political opinions and/or religious views made of you. Of course the people do not (want to) understand why we make notes of the people we meet in service.
  18. I've been reading a bit on this on Finnish news and much of it is from the angle of Witnesses getting favourable treatment compared to other conscientious objectors. They like to bring up how UN/Amnesty have criticised Finland on the inequality in treating different conscientious objectors (Witnesses <-> non-Witnesses), yet often what is forgotten is that Finnish brothers had to spend 10-12 months in jail for their conviction prior to mid-80s. Some seem to want a return to that sort of a procedure. My dad was in prison (gotta ask him exactly how long, have forgotten despite having heard the story x thousand times ) soon(ish?) after marrying my mom and the brothers a decade or so before him were incarcerated in even worse conditions. The main media outlet YLE (comparable to BBC, CBC etc.) actually did an article on the "concentration camp of Witnesses", too, but it has been buried by all the complaining articles. You can run Google Translate on it, if you wish: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-9918925 The rumour has it that the person who notified the Finnish president Mr Urho Kekkonen about the labour camp "back in the days" was his chaffeur, ie. one of our brothers. Edit: Brother Leinonen is usually featured in the Finnish media when Witness contact is required. He serves as a spokesman at the Finnish branch office, I think.
  19. Today, January 27, GB member Brother Morris released the revised (grey cover) translation of the NWT in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian in Herlufmagle, Denmark. A total of some 51,000 were present either at the Assembly Hall or tied in through JW Stream. The complete NWT was released for the first time in all three Scandinavian languages in early to mid 90's. I had to miss this great event and call in to a KH where the program was streamed (= inferior voice quality) as I am having my third flu this month. But w00t for all Danish-/Swedish-/Norwegian-speaking brothers and sisters!

    1. carlos


      Congratulations! :)

      Julius, you may wish to post this as a topic instead of a status update. That way it will receive more attention. Few brothers will notice it here, and it's great news. :)

    2. tekmantwo


      Sorry to hear you're not well.  I hope you are better soonest. .


      Thanks for the Bible update. ..

  20. Taking trains and buses to get long-distance wifey from the airport. Plane to land in 15’ = YAYYY!!

    1. GrumpysWife


      Be safe traveling! 

    2. GeordieGirl


      How exciting for you both.  Take care. :)


    3. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      Just spent two months in Finland  & Estonia  .... happy your wife is finally arriving .  Very exciting . 

  21. Can you take parts in doing something that each of you enjoys and strengthens your faith? This is something me and wifey try to apply regularly so as not to make FWE too long-winded. We regularly pick something I like, such as a life story of a faithful brother or a sister, and then something she likes, such as what to say in service the coming week. Edit: When we do this we both seem to manage to keep things more interested despite lack of concentration (AD/D) or time zone difference (9 hours).
  22. Today in Södertälje, Sweden the "Don't Give Up Doing What Is Fine" Circuit Assembly

    Μañana "No se rinda siga haciendo lo que está bien"

  23. Now married to Julie, the love of my life!! I guess I should be called Formerly Known As LoneWanderer...


    Next Stop: Trying to file the I-130 and waiting for another 9-18? months before being able to live together

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    2. Dismal_Bliss


      Congratulations! :D

    3. Dave



    4. hatcheckgirl


      Happy for you Julius, lovely news :)

  24. Going to have my first ever public talk in just a couple of hours...exciting, nerve-wracking, cough-inducing (still recovering from a persistent flu)

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    2. LoneWanderer


      Thank you all :squeeze::wave:


      My theme was (is?) Walk in Integrity, which basically is a verse-by-verse analysis of Psalm 26--what we can learn, and what must we avoid.


      It went okay, I guess, I had prepared with two cups of water with me on the platform, but in my nervosity I only managed to take one sip :popcorn: (no pop corn with me as a snack). Got some nice messages afterward thanking me for the talk (had to be leaving halfway through the meeting because I was still so sick), but I felt it could have gone a lot better. Maybe I will do even better next time if I am invited to some other congregation to have the talk and my elders allow me to go :chinese:

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      How Jehovah must have smiled. And, how I would have loved to be in the audience!

    4. LoneWanderer


      Oh yeah, Adelin, sorry to hear you had to go all the way to another congregation and then turn back! Hope it wasn't too far from home at least... I would have felt REALLY frustrated! Maybe the chairman in their congregation was mixed up and forgot to contact you in the week/s prior to the talk? :huh:

  25. Conducted the Watchtower study for the very first time a few hours of ago :) Wow, couldn't believe how challenging it can be...especially since I didn't understand half of the answers (foreign language) and I was still recovering from a food poisoning. People seemed happy afterward, though ^_^

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    2. Stormswift


      Nice for us to see the ' other ' side of things too ... I can but imagine how difficult it is for the brother taking it to make sure everyone gets and answer, get the main points answered clearly and stay on time.


      Well done - good wt conductors are really appreciated.

    3. LoneWanderer


      Thank you all for your encouragement :superman::)


      Lucy, the study like rest of the meeting was in Tigrinya, a language spoken in Eritrea and northernmost parts of Ethiopia. We are trying to get activities ongoing after a few meagre years and are aiming for a pregroup. The stumbling block for years now has been the lack of appointed brothers.

    4. hatcheckgirl


      Wow! So great to hear brothers like yourself are reaching out to help in a challenging language field.  You always get the best blessings from Jehovah from helping these hard to reach sheep :)

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