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  1. Just another way for the press to get a rise out of the public, once you read the whole story, you find it isn't about the standing for the flag, he was arrested for assault.
  2. I just googled a 7 day Carribean cruises leaving from Charleston (probably the closest port of call from you) and it looks like there is a site for just those..it's CharlestonCruise.com..i'm just assuming you don't want to have to drive/fly to florida..anyhoos, hope it helps..
  3. So, I just checked the weather where my daughter lives and it's already dropped to -5 since I posted..wow!
  4. We're at 20 degrees at present, I'm in East Tennessee..My daughter is above Chicago and they're sitting at -1 right now..
  5. There's no reason that milk and molasses can't be mixed.
  6. Yes, molasses are great to build up the iron..be sure they are the Blackstrap molasses, they have more iron than he regular ones..my friend mixes them with milk..a tablespoon daily with a glass of milk.
  7. I will have to look into growing some of these hot ones..Thanks!
  8. Wow, Brother. I just saw a scale that said the Reaper is the hottest..which one do you use that is hotter?..I grew some Thai peppers last year that people loved.
  9. It could be that they are assigned to certain countries that may be under ban, and so by just announcing the general area, it's a protection to them?
  10. Oh, Sister, I'm sorry you got started off on a bad note..Give him a chance, and I'm sure he will be exactly what you and your congregation need. Sometimes it's as simple as him being distracted in his new assignment.
  11. We had our first visit by our new CO and his wife last night. They are the Brody's, and have served 10 years in Kansas and about 2 1/2 years at the new facilities..We're happy to have them. The're very young looking, but he is 42, jokes that he uses a miracle cream on his face..lol
  12. We're in the 60s during the days and 40s at nite, and expecting our first bit of snow next week..
  13. This video touched me deeply, for some reason, I feel a real connection to the Romani peoples.
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