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    brought up by my mother who took the Truth when i was around 5 yrs old... (1962?) absorbed the Truth rather than actively sought it, as many others I presume who had been taken to the meetings. I didn't appreciate till a lot later in life, the legacy of my mother's attention, thinking and questioning ability. I only wish that I'd taken to meditating on things earlier in life. But regret is counter productive. So I'm happy that I'm doing it now😀

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    music, playing guitar (electric)
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    Draw Close to God, The Benefit Book
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    a wide variety
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    an old one.. Dave
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    this may be spurious but i like it anyway.. 'If you look for the bad in people you'll surely to find it'

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  1. Jerry.. If it really has turned out to be mostly joking .. then it hasn't been a pleasant experience; everyone researching and trying to reason on it to help. regarding:"How many angels can stand on the head of a pin?" I'm sure someone can come up with a scripture that indicates the number.. 🙄
  2. I'm very confused; are you trying to say that the article below is saying yes, animals DO go to heaven?
  3. No.. They are moral.. Full stop. Not just because they can be destroyed because if rebellion. We are mortal but can live forever in New System. We as the angels rely on Jehovah in some tangible way. The 144,000 and Jesus have been granted immortality. They will have life within themselves. That fact alone means all other creation does not have life within themselves. They need something else provided by Jehovah.
  4. I already mentioned that there are physical and spiritual heavens. They are not the same and birds of food do not reside in the spiritual realm
  5. You are using similar words here but they are not interchangeable; As with the word 'world'.. this has very different meanings in the Bible, but they are not interchangeable in application either. The heavens you referred to above, are still physical things. The spiritual heavens where the spirit creatures reside is NOT physical.. This is why we said there were no animals in 'that' heaven.. spiritual heavens; nor are these spirits eating physical food, as that from Earth, there. Do you still see angels eating food as it is here on Earth? I'm curious as to why you imagine that?
  6. With respect, that is wrong. *** it-1 p. 1190 Immortality *** This grant of immortality to the Kingdom heirs is all the more remarkable, in view of the fact that even God’s angels are shown to be mortal, despite their possessing spirit bodies, not carnal ones. Angelic mortality is evident in view of the judgment of death entered against the spirit son who became God’s Adversary, or Satan, and also against those other angels who followed that satanic course and “did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place.” all mortal creatures are dependent upon something 'outside of themselves' as the reference in the insight book i mentioned says. These angels are reliant upon Jehovah just as we are. Yes we and the angels 'could' live forever but not because of anything independent of Jehovah's provisions. What that provision is for the angels.. no one knows.. but there is a distinct separation between immortality and living forever. They are not the same thing.
  7. you only hear of spirit creatures eating food when it on the earth. Some bible characters 'entertained angels'. Why ? To enable them to 'fit in' .. it is something that humans do.. All of these occasions would have been sanctioned in advance by Jehovah.. They would not have done anything like this of their own volition and they would have materialised or given the appearance of being like men, to do this. Others did it against Jehovah's direction; The Demons 'who forsook their proper dwelling place'. In other words they did this to experience things they were not allowed to do.. including 'taking whom ever they wanted'. They likely did everything else that Jehovah didn't approve.. killing and eating animals with the blood.. just to annoy and show their rebellion to Jehovah even more. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom; meaning flesh and blood or anything material is not of the spirit realm. Why would they eat in these circumstances? Jesus reference to drinking the product of the vine in the kingdom of the heavens with these (144,000) is not literal. They will be part of the only other two who will have immortality. Jesus and Jehovah. The angels are not immortal. Just imagine that.. previously 'weak' flash and blood humans.. now married to the Lamb!v And the angels are now subservient to them as they were to Jesus and Jehovah. What a test of humility!
  8. with respect you seem to have a low opinion on what Jehovah thinks is necessary for us to do in the present circumstances. He is not training us all for physical protection methods for the most part. Yes we do have a different level of training for attendants now. (so Jehovah seems to be doing things eh?) The things in the WT and LMM are what we need right now.. why should the public witnessing be any different? The training for that comes from a few principles.. 'As far as it depends upon you be peaceable with all men'. 'Use tact' etc ... other things we leave up to the protection of the Angels. We both have not one clue as to the amount of intervention that goes on our behalf against the Sadistic Demons, day in day out, whilst we casually stroll down the roads in our ministry as if nothing is happening in our world. We do not live in fear because of that In areas where there is anticipated danger we are just advised to go elsewhere and not play in Satan's back yard. Whatever comes upon our brothers is allowed by Jehovah. Look at Russia.. No preparation could be done to stop that which Jehovah allowed. The person on the video equipment was to stop this happening? Those laissez faire, 'let do' elders you are referring to are doing what the master advises. The term you used, is disrespectful of these appointed men. Have you no fear of that? Don't forget that Jehovah is looking for us to be obedient to those taking the lead.. There is always a blessing for those who show loyalty.
  9. The story is not a pleasant one.. We were meant to look after animals... Such an innocent, by nature, bird. Even The mosaic Law protected animals.
  10. yes.. heartfelt. Lovely comments Josie.. It has been like an oasis for me personally too.. So I can see little of what Mandi says in this post. I feel the same too.. it is a wonderful place but you just know it will not be truly appreciated by some. You don't want the place trampled upon by argumentative brothers or personal opinions that don't fit the organisation or this place.. It's so sad to say that. I pass on a lot of the brother experiences though. They are nearly always liked. Yes.. Mandi amongst them.. A safe place. The contributors make it that way too. I have often had second thoughts on things due to the insights of many here, Always in the direction of scriptural principles.. can't go wrong can you It is so nice to hear That someone has had personal help too. Warms your heart that!
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