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  1. I took some photos with my phone while walking in nature here. It was so peaceful and just amazing!
  2. So beautiful!! I really wish I could be there and experience the joy! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Being the only one that believes in God at work and everyone else believing in evolution is tough and interesting at the same time. I discuss this almost every day with one that seems very interested in the bible. And he was shocked when I showed him the truth about the cross used in Christianity and the history of the bible. This has really made me reflect a lot and do a lot of research. I'm really happy to be in the truth and just have a meaning in my life. I told him that he could join me in the kingdom hall to see.


    And it's not that they make fun of me, it's more that they're curious and they ask me a lot of questions and arguments. And in return, I ask them (I try at least) thought-provoking questions that make them think a little. To my surprise, it seems like most of them haven't really cared enough to think about the purpose of life. They're just "existing" and going with the flow. Another one said that he doesn't know and shrugged his hands. He told me that as long as he is good to others and live a good life as a human being, that's enough. 


    Just something I wanted to share with you all. Maybe you're in a similar situation as myself. I think it's important to talk about it and defend false claims, but not in an aggressive way. 

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    2. ivy


      Proud of you, my brother... >:D<

    3. Vinnie


      My boss and co-workers are the same way. They live for today and don't care about tomorrow.  Like Noah's day, they took no note until the flood swept them all away.

    4. A fellow servant

      A fellow servant

      Keep up the questions.   You never know who is really listening?    I had a workmate that I asked questions to at work and he later started studying and he is now our christian brother and his wife and family as well.    So you are doing fine brother to put questions about doctrines, Scriptures out there.    After all we are 'fishers of men.'

  4. Just had a conversation with a catholic person. I'm just shocked how you show someone the truth and still, they don't believe it. I even used her own bible to explain.


    She prays to the statue of Mary and says that she has experienced many prayers go true for her. But she doesn't understand the bible, she's always just listened to the priest throughout her life. I showed many scriptures in her bible showing that the bible does not support that and then she didn't want to talk about it anymore. 


    For 21 years, she has been doing this, so I understand that this must be deeply rooted in her. But what more can I do? 

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    2. Xplore


      @EccentricM Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking about. Because she mentioned "Novena Mary", something with that they pray 9 times a day. And she did pray like that for 2 weeks straight! And also like I said, she had many experiences with her prayers coming true. Do you think that 2 thessalonians 2:9-10 is applied here or is this scripture more targeted towards those that practice things such as witchcraft etc..?

    3. EccentricM
    4. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Jehovah's Word is capable of overturning strongly entrenched beliefs, BUT

      only if the person's heart is receptive.    You did your part, Jehovah did his part.

      It apparently isn't in her heart to do her part.



  5. I recently got rid of facebook, but I would love to see that explanation I also found a website that accurately describes how Jesus became king in 1914, made by a non-witness.
  6. Maxima is a good car. V6 engine, good fuel efficiency and Japanese cars tend to last very long, it's user friendly. Of course, depending on what year model it is, if it's a new car, you will most likely have to deal with an electrical problem if anything goes wrong. Very easy to diagnose with a diagnostic tool you can get cheap on Ebay and find out what issue(s) you might have. Since you're buying it off of a friend, it's more trustworthy and safer. Hope you at least get to test drive it.
  7. A brother working on his sister's car 😁 We usually wrench on cars together and it's fun! A lot of brothers and sisters like that😋
  8. My first ever international convention (this year) in Oslo. What an experience 😂 I have never seen so many Jehovas witnesses before and I met so many! I will never forget that + I had the privilege to help organize it. The assembly was split in half, mainly Norwigean, the other side was in English.
  9. I just wanted to express how grateful I'm for this talk given by Brother Seth Hyatt. Because sometimes I feel like I can control a situation, when I can't. And unfortunately, it happens a lot here among us young people, because we lack good sense. It can happen quickly and before you know it, it's too late. This talk definitely made me aware of it, to avoid doing something that only leads to disaster, no matter how exciting or tempting it can be. I wanted to share it here https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/LatestVideos/pub-jwb_201809_11_VIDEO
  10. That's true, but it helps a lot. I live in Europe and when we had real summer here (30 degrees), many got sunburnt, but I dealt with it fine. No doubts I would struggle in Australia because the heat there is extreme. Also depends on what environment you're from.
  11. Yeah I saw that on the news today! Very sad 😢😢 I believe it happened because there was a construction fail?

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