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  1. Just had a conversation with a catholic person. I'm just shocked how you show someone the truth and still, they don't believe it. I even used her own bible to explain.


    She prays to the statue of Mary and says that she has experienced many prayers go true for her. But she doesn't understand the bible, she's always just listened to the priest throughout her life. I showed many scriptures in her bible showing that the bible does not support that and then she didn't want to talk about it anymore. 


    For 21 years, she has been doing this, so I understand that this must be deeply rooted in her. But what more can I do? 

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    2. Xplore


      @EccentricM Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking about. Because she mentioned "Novena Mary", something with that they pray 9 times a day. And she did pray like that for 2 weeks straight! And also like I said, she had many experiences with her prayers coming true. Do you think that 2 thessalonians 2:9-10 is applied here or is this scripture more targeted towards those that practice things such as witchcraft etc..?

    3. EccentricM
    4. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Jehovah's Word is capable of overturning strongly entrenched beliefs, BUT

      only if the person's heart is receptive.    You did your part, Jehovah did his part.

      It apparently isn't in her heart to do her part.



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