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  1. On vacation in San Francisco. We got drenched touring the city. 🤪
  2. Something beautiful just hanging out in space. These are the things that make me believe Jehovah will teach us to explore the universe properly.
  3. So the situation of who can attend and how many is also by location not one rule for all. Makes total sense. 😊
  4. Sofia is good at explaining this but what I understand is that testing for antibodies the cheap and easy thing to do. So the authorities are just concentrating on that. The antibodies are the front men for fighting infections. Our body has another memory system the name of which escapes me right now that will produce antibodies when triggered by exposure.
  5. What example in the first century or modern have you found where Christians fought back against the authorities or persecutors?
  6. I have heard a few others express this thought. We have to remember that persecution like this is different than a random person attacking you. There are times if we are being attacked, it would be appropriate to fight back in the sense of trying to get away. Even then one must remember that the attacker is way more likely to be ready to kill than we are. There have been experiences of sisters who have even calmly talked a rapist out of harming them. On the other hand, if someone invaded your home, you might have to fight them off to escape. Authorities mistreating us is different. We are subject to them. We will only resist in that we won’t obey a law that violates our relationship with Jehovah. That does not mean we fight them off when attacked. Vengeance is mine says Jehovah. We rely on him to endure what he allows to happen. We know that no matter what, if we obey him, he will take away any affect man does to us. When you read or watch videos of Jehovah’s people having been mistreated by authorities, you will find that none of them resist or fight back.
  7. It was very fitting that the 2021 convention had the video on not responding to violence with violence. It was the one where the brother thought about protecting his son with a gun. There many gun wielding brothers in the south. Actions by the authorities like these may test them and their reliance on Jehovah versus on weapons or protecting their families.
  8. And we have to remember that when authorities have to deal with situations of wild animals causing havoc in communities, it costs lots of money. Everything is expensive.
  9. The best part of fried chicken isn’t the chicken!
  10. I find that in all things, not just the whole Covid thing, numbers get thrown around so much we become numb to them. The numbers we see with Covid have not been seen in my lifetime for any other disease. I try to remind myself of what these numbers mean on a smaller scale. If 20,000 of Jehovah’s people have died of Covid, that is almost the size of 3 regional convention attendances in my area. That would mean all the witnesses, English and Spanish, who use the convention center near me every summer are now dead. Not just sick but dead. Over 4.5 million have died of Covid worldwide in just a year and a half. That correlates to half of JW’s worldwide. Imagine half your congregation dropping dead within a year. Im not saying this to make anyone feel bad or to make a point that you should get the vaccine or not. I just see numbers and statistics thrown around to prove one point or the other. I feel we should all keep in mind how big of a deal Covid is. We can’t minimize a disease that wipes out those kinds of numbers. We may not see it affect us personally as much but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And we shouldn’t minimize the effect losing even one person has on a family or congregation. It’s a sad state of affairs.
  11. Does that mean when they recall food products for contamination you won’t trust them then? You’ll ignore the advice and eat it regardless? I don’t think it’s fair to make blanket statements that they are completely untrustworthy. All governments and government agencies provide lots of services and benefits to their citizens. (yes, even the Russian government.) As regards the fda, not everything they do will go by Bible standards. Not everything will always be 100% safe. But that doesn’t make them villains in a bad movie, plotting evil and mayhem about everything. We do well not to adopt the worldly trends of being anti government or anti establishment.
  12. We’ve been known to call a few people JW Evangelicals. 😜 It’s all about balance and finding what fits best between two people. My husband was naive to bad motives and manipulative people. I taught him that but also have had to learn to take my suspicions down a few notches. #lifeexperience
  13. If it’s true, it’s bound to be told to us officially. It’s too good not to!!!
  14. Super cool! I think I have a similar one. Let me check ok found it! Not quite a rock but reminds me of how Jehovah will restore things despite mankind’s destruction.

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