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  1. You did the right thing and really made him understood why we hate violence and different from the world.
  2. This also points out that; violent games actually impact a person's thought even if it was just a game. It seems that kids can be addicted and can be manipulated by violent games. The goverment seems to be agreeing this as, "violent games are for violent people". As we are Jehovah's people. We hate violence and it makes us different from the 'world'.
  3. We are a family and we have to care about each other. So if there is a misunderstanding or if there is an error, we have to help them find it in a friendly way, not by directly accusing(it may hurt the persons heart). In a loving way we have to correct them or we have to explain it to them. And we also have to accept mistakes from others and have to forgive. It is what Jesus said, to forgive one another. We are christians and we have to show it in our midst. And always have to think we all are imperfect and we all make mistakes and errors.
  4. I am happy that I am also part of this great forum. Thank you all my brothers and sisters.
  5. Magnificent article. Very helpful in this world which contains unbelievers of God's existance. I don't know why they are blind. No question that the god of this system made them blind.
  6. This is what Paul told on Timothy. And this tells us about the character of Timothy. He is very faithful in Lord. A Faithful christian.
  7. Like the bible tells. The suffering is only increasing, for example the children in syria, yemen; they are dying. Many are dying without food even though the whole world have the resources to feed everyone. But, unfortunately no one in this world will care, they will support this rule of Satan. But, we can be happy that we are not supporting this; this brutality by negligence of the powerful. Be happy that we are people of Jehovah and that He selected us from this garbage world.
  8. Maybe, please contact the branch and please report it.
  9. Everyone have this opportunity to get to Jehovah through Jesus. That gives hope to us all imperfect humans. Thank you Jehovah for your Son.
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