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  1. Wonderful circuit assembly, very encouraging.

  2. I love the enthusiasm and feeling that our brothers put into their talks. Whether we are GB, Gilead, helpers etc we are all brothers 'shoulder to shoulder'.
  3. Hi Alan did a little research, the netgear nighthawk looks promising https://www.techradar.com/news/best-mobile-hotspots-for-3g-and-4g
  4. Hope all of our brothers and sisters stay safe during hurricane florence.

  5. Jehovah has blessed me with a new job, one that allows to work more independently and away from close interaction with worldly people. Plus I have more of a chance to meditate on spiritual things.

    1. Dertzey


      So happy for you brother Josh! That sounds like a dream job to me haha. 

    2. hatcheckgirl


      All the best with that Josh! :thumbsup:

  6. Out in the ministry today, had a great conversation this morning, bible study lined up for tomorrow morning.

  7. I agree with you on worldly association through Facebook and and as a single dad Instagram is not very encouraging when you see witness couples going on their honeymoon or vacations. And I'm trying to focus on making my relationships stronger with my brothers and sisters in the congregation.
  8. I really liked the Enterprise series. I thought it was interesting to see how humans would push the frontier when they didn't even have the shielding or armaments of Kirk's era.
  9. That would be awesome, his professionalism is what made TNG the show that it was.
  10. What a convention! We will need courage to make it through armageddon and to pass the final test. That last video was incredibly powerful, I am proud to be among this wonderful brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Katty


      Mine was Friday Saturday and Sunday. I replied on Saturday evening.

      Oh lol. Yeah I meant one day left OF the convention

    3. Gregexplore


      Katty ..what is your take from the convention?


    4. Katty


      It was exactly what we needed. It really prompted me with the feeling of how close the end is.

  11. I remember as a young boy being shown in one of our publications one line in a paragraph that said that even if Jehovah had created some form of life elsewhere in the universe it would have no bearing on us. Of course being a young boy growing up watching E.T. I wanted aliens to exist lol.
  12. I don't think a man will ever want to stop grilling out, even if it's a big ol slab of eggplant in Paradise😅

    1. GrumpysWife


      I love eggplant. You can cook it in so many ways. Never tried it on the grill. Sounds yummy.. 

    2. bagwell1987


      I don't think a woman will ever want to stop grilling out.........I grill almost every day. I loooove it!

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