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  1. My disposition seems to be more like a cat. David often jokes about how sometimes if there's a ball of wool around, I'll play with it like cat haha. But, I prefer dogs to cats, so go figure.
  2. So I probably touched on this before, but nearly 2/3's of English words apparently derive from Latin, about half those, indirectly derived from Old French and the other half derived straight from Latin, and the majority of the rest of the words derive from Anglo-Saxon. Britain, or as it was then, Brittannia, was once a colony of the Romans, until I believe around 400C.E. when the Roman Empire was in rapid decline and they had to pull out of Brittannia. I believe around that time, the Angles and Saxons (or Anglo-Saxons as we now often call them) as well as the often forgotted Jutes sailed to Britain and settled here, from what would now be Germany and Denmark. There were so many Anglo-Saxons they called this place Angle-land, or Ang-land...which was the origin of 'England'. I probably mentioned 1066, as well, the year that William of Normany (northern france) conquered England and French became the official language of the elite: Words that end in ite, tion, age, and other word endings generally are French in origin; some are the same spelling as the current French word. Generally words that derive from French and Latin sound more 'proper' or formal, whereas words that derive from Anglo-saxon sound more warm, and informal. Words like Feminine (Latin derlviative) vs womanly (anglo saxon derivative). But, eventually Britain became a world conqueror, and according to Wikipedia, has at some point in history colonized roughly 24% of the Earth's surface. There was once a saying that the sun never set on the British Empire. From these colonies, came more words like bandana and guru, from India, words like banjo, marimba or zebra from various African languages, or tattoo and tiki from the Polynesian region. Also, other European cultures influences specific the parlance of specific topics such as music being flooded with Italian words, dance with French words, and psychology terms with German words. I guess, historically this was true of a lot of languages that derive from world traders and conquerers. It's inevitable that they might borrow words from other cultures and languages. But yeah that's why our language is so strange...probably...
  3. So, I have the Visa as well, so my life is going to be pretty much a straight line from here

    1. EccentricM
    2. ReadYourBible


      I'm so happy it all worked out in the end. I seen your wedding photos, they're just lovely. May Jehovah bless your marriage and give you peace beyond measure. ❤️

    3. carlos


      My wife is happy too when I give her my Visa card. :facepalmpo2::lol:

  4. I believe women generally have better hearing and are more easily distracted by background noise. I believe it's one of the many ways female brains and bodies are primed for giving care to babies. A mom or caregiver, in general, would want to hear every cry, whimper or gurgle from her baby even if the baby is in another room in case anything might be wrong.
  5. Yes, but protecting yourself from misinformation is not a simple thing. You can't just go on Snopes and call it a day anymore. I have seen Snopes say in their head line, such and such a theory is false, but when you really read further, you find that the words in the article actually contradict the headline, or proves to be much more nuanced than an absolute "This claim is false!". While scientific evidence to verify a claim gives great credence that such a claim is true, lack of scientific evidence, doesn't necessarily mean such a claim is false. It could mean that claim is false if it's something that has undergone sufficient testing to verify a claim as false, or it could mean that sufficient testing hasn't been implemented yet. The world is promoting a narrative about science that is outright anti-scientific with claims like "don't question the science!" or "the science is settled". I don't think that's how science, works though. Science is nothing more than a method of testing hypotheses, so it should not necessarily be the only means by which truth or falsehood is verified, as it is limited to the observation of researchers. Also, when considering numbers, most people don't consider those numbers within context. For instance, the news will provide accurate numbers about the pandemic, but they won't provide relevant numbers for making an accurate comparison. They might tell you the increase in how many people were tested positive, but not the increase in how many people, including asymptomatic people were tested all together, either because they felt compelled to do so, or were forced to in order to resume their routine activities. We might know how many people died within a 3 week period of being tested positive (a phrase the BBC likes to use), but if they are counting everyone who dies within so many months of a positive test, without regard as to if they actually died OF the virus, or the previous condition of those who died, if they did die of the virus, they're not really giving relevant information that is useful for making a sound decision. They're telling you the truth, but that's the tricky thing about statistics. You can share true statistics all day, but it doesn't necessarily mean those true statistics are relevant to anything useful. Regarding political bias, I think it's safe to assume ALL media companies have at least some bias. It would be naive to get all your links from CNN, MSNBC and NYT without cross-referencing with Breitbart and Newxmax. I think both sides are biased. Maybe the conservative side is more biased, but maybe it's just an illusion because the bias on leftist news is more accepted. I made the mistake of citing a news source that presented a story that a news company on the opposite side of the political spectrum did not present. I will not make that mistake again, as I've seen that those who present articles with a more conservative bias on this forum get openly called out for it way more than those who will only present news stories with a more leftist bias such as MSNBC. I'm starting to believe that if both liberal and conservative leaning news companies don't cover something, then maybe it's not worth sharing anyway. As far as conspiracy theories go, I think it's important to also be balanced in what we consider to be merely a conspiracy theory. People who do research, and in their research don't find conclusive, scientific evidence that masks actually do much the prevent the spread of covid and thus, in places where there are no mask mandates might weigh out the decision of wearing a mask based on the discomfort of impaired breathing vs the perceived benefit. They may, in their research, not believe there is sufficient reward for wearing a mask for the discomfort it brings. It's not the decision I personally would come to, but if I heard out such a person, I would not be so quick to dismiss them as being a conspiracy theorist or spreading misinformation. I think on both sides, it's important to do research and do what you think best for yourself and your family, while weighing Bible principles, but whatever your stance is to not try to pressure other people to follow the same stance because you have "all the right facts" whereas they don't. It's the same thing with the vaccine. This vaccine has not been tested to the degree that most vaccines have. Some of the friends have experienced side effects. These are facts, not conspiracy theories. Hence, if some people want to hold off on taking the vaccine that's their business. However, I agree that no one should be spreading ideas that aren't worth spreading. I know I did vent about Bill Gates in another thread. I just don't care about his opinion on anything. He's proven himself to be an unethical person, and thus I don't believe his opinion is worth giving all that much weight to. But I don't necessarily believe he's part of some big conspiracy that is exploiting the pandemic for personal gain as some might believe, just because I don't trust that this "how to avert a climate change" book, has our bests interests at heart, as is much more than just a well timed cash grab. But, I'm not saying no one here should buy it. If someone thinks that's best for them, that's fine. I apologize if I offended anyone who was inclined to do so. I think it's good to have healthy skepticism; I don't think healthy skepticism equates to being a conspiracy theorist, but I've seen evidence that a lot of people seem to believe exactly that. I think it's so easy to equate, "we must be cautious" to "we need to set rules and be upset of other people don't follow the rules we think need to be followed." The latter attitude is naturally divisive and alenating.
  6. It might help her to simply read books, fiction and nonfiction that are a bit above her reading level and mark down sentences and words that she doesn't understand, and look up the meaning of those words. I find reading books from an early age, helped me a lot with widening my vocabulary. Classic literature is a wonderful resource for learning to understand more sophisticated sentence structures and words that we don't often use. It's nice that you're interested in helping your niece like that.
  7. I'd like to believe that, but the title relates it to the SCOTUS ruling and I edited my post to make room for what I saw in the actual graphic. Apparently, the statement in question is "homosexuality should be accepted in society" I find that's such a vague statement. I would not feel comfortable answering a question based on that statement, myself, because I honestly don't care what worldly society accepts. We expect the world to accept things that we don't.
  8. Either the title is misleading or the questions were leading, or something more disturbing has happened: while JW's are rightfully intolerant of homosexual activity within the congregation, we don't judge what people do outside the congregation. Ideally, all of Jehovah's Witnesses should be completely neutral on the SCOTUS ruling regarding same sex marriage. I imagine the questions were probably asking if people support the ruling without asking if people oppose the ruling, which would result in a huge difference. It matters to an extent, because it seems like it would be an insidious way for those who politically support same-sex marriage to frame Jehovah's Witness as a political threat to to this kind of ruling, which is not the case. If it was framed in this manner, however, it would not be surprising. There will be a world-wide persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses, and a think a lot of us have been speculating that this persecution will likely be riding the coattails of the LGBT+ movement. I'm going to choose to believe, however, that the above is what happened, that the questioned were framed in a particular way, as there doesn't seem to be a link to the questionnaire, thus I don't know what questions were asked, and I trust our brothers and sisters have remained politically neutral in this issue. Edit: I looked at it a little closer, it seems like it was one question: "Homosexuality should be accepted by society". That is a question that has says very little about whether someone has an opinion on the actual SCOTUS ruling. It's a vague statement. Does it imply that homosexual people should be accepted by society or only focuses on homosexual acts. What does it mean by "accepted by society", does it mean homosexuals should be allowed to buy and sell and do the things other people do? Or is it saying everyone should approve of homosexual lifestyles and should be making those custom cakes for same sex marriage? I don't like these vague questions that don't set up the specific parameters of the situation. I don't trust them, as they're often misleading.
  9. Are you sure you want me to start going down this rabbit hole: (inhaling before what will possibly be a really long post) So when I'm bored I: paint a painting, and look at different sources to get the feel of a new style work on that website that I've been putting on the side, like 50million times, work on a short story or one of the novels I've been working on, help my husband with one of his stories, do research on a research project and try to look deeper on it (like the last days, or the king of the north vs king of the south) go on this forum and make new threads bake something, maybe try out a new relationship exercise, and sometimes learn a new dance make a playlist on spotify or youtube based on particular theme make some computer art on illustrator of photoshop (if you don't have either you can find Gimp and Inkscape for free, but they can be more difficult to learn) learn some more spanish on duolingo or maybe pick up a new language try to learn to knit...again attempt to create a musical composition on Bosca Ceoil take a walk in a scenic area (should be allowed now in most places) explore places on google maps virtually attend a play or musical via youtube read a book get dressed up and take glamour selfies do a spring cleaning look up instructables and see what things I actually have the materials to make go on the websites of different shops in my local area and do price comparisons start writing a journal in a language I'm learning using google translate to fill in the blanks for words I don't understand get some exfoliant, a peel off mask and a manicure kit and have an at home "spa day" virtually explore mars with hd photos from Nasa have some fun with this story generator play a classic flash game via flashpoint make some new milkshake or smoothie play some solitaire or free cell catch up on the jw videos, and make sure I'm caught up on jw.org make a visual diagram of things like prophecies,timelines in the Bible, etc. learn something on Unity or game maker studio work on my hand writing (essential for letter writing) look for possible presentations from the Enjoy Life Forever book take some stubs from vegetables used and look up how to possibly transpant them to plant my own make a collage get some t-shirt transfers and add a design to a t-shirt or a tote bag make some home made cards for letter writing look up how many letters of your name and the names of friends you can use in anagrams write a hand written letter to pretty much all the friends whose home address you have okay that's all I can think of...for now I have no excuse to say I'm bored, ever.
  10. Doesn't every thread turn into a thread about beards? 😄 It's like "Godwin's Law" haha
  11. Wow that's actually worse than Bill Clinton doing an event on 'empowering women'
  12. I'm not picky: movies, stage shows, TV shows that act like musicals. I love them all! I'll probably post my favourite ones a little later. I'd do it now, but I'm afraid I might miss the ministry meeting hehe
  13. There are a lot of different routes to app development. It's just a case of feeling out what feels most comfortable. You could take the web development to app development route, and learn the things I had mentioned in the previous post then learn React Native or go the route of learning C# and using something like Xamarin. Or if you just want to do App Game development, you can use Unity. There are WYSIWYG solutions on Unity that might cost extra, but there's the benefit of a quicker learning curve, because WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) means no coding necessary. There are many resources on youtube on how to get started with apps.

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    I love the How to Train Your Dragon series. Yeah, I know it's kind of a kid's movie, but it deals with a lot of adult stuff too--same for the Despicable Me series. It's a coming of age story, really. I also liked Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Also, Little Women (the 1995 version), Big Eyes, Bright Star, Meet the Robinsons, The Old Star Trek Movies, especially Wrath of Khan to the Undiscovered Country (so basically all of them except Star Trek the motion picture), and Death Comes to Pemberley
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    "Thinking is hard. That's why people judge"--Carl Jung

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