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  • How I found the Truth
    My mom was disfellowshipped, and when I was 14, she decided to come back and was determined that I come with her. I was bored with it, at first, and thought the ideas were too pollyannish. But, when I started seeing more of the organization, such as being at assemblies, that's when I really woke up to how everyone in Jehovah's organization is so sincere and no one has anything to gain, so I started taking my studying more seriously.

My Hobbies & Interests

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    Aprender español
    Baking new things like different kinds of cookies and puff pastries
    Currently learning:
    Web Development with HTML/CSS/Javascript and starting to learn React and Node JS.
  • My favorite books
    Well, we all answer the Bible of course :)
    JW Publications:
    Draw Close to Jehovah
    Bearing Public Witness
    God's Word for Us Through Jeremiah
    Imitate Their Faith

    Favorite secular books/novels:
    Bleak House
    Great Expectations
    The Great Gatsby
    Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Eyre
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland....
    Obvious theme: I love the classics :)
  • My favorite music
    I bounce around a lot
    My favorite JW Original Song is "Inspired by Your Wonders", I also like "Faith can make it happen", "I keep your reminders", and "We Won't Forget You,"

    My favorite bands include:
    The Big Pink, A Perfect Circle, The Psychadelic Furs, The National, Souxie and the Banshees, The Cure, Rush, Marble Sounds, Mounties, Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, and just soooo many more...I typically like Indie bands. Just started getting into Mexican Indie bands. They're pretty good.
  • My favorite movies
    Okay, again, I'm gonna do both JW movies and secular:
    JW Movies:
    Walk by Faith, Oh Jehovah I trust in You, The Prodigal Returns, and Remember The Wife of Lot

    Secular Films:
    I love the How to Train Your Dragon series. Yeah, I know it's kind of a kid's movie, but it deals with a lot of adult stuff too--same for the Despicable Me series. It's a coming of age story, really. I also liked Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Also, Little Women (the 1995 version), Big Eyes, Bright Star, Meet the Robinsons, The new Star Trek series, and Death Comes to Pemberley
  • My favorite quotes
    "Thinking is hard. That's why people judge"--Carl Jung

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  1. I would not be worried too much about this. Absolute worst case scenario maybe there is something wrong with the plane, and it's not so safe. I promise, if that is the case, airlines around the world will be thoroughly investigating this plane for this simple reason that Airlines do not want to fly planes that crash, even once a year. Even if they don't necessarily have the passenger's best interest at heart, and are motivated by greed, it neither serves an airplane manufacturer any good to produce planes that are even marginally unsafe, as they runt he risk of airlines dropping that model en masse and airlines absolutely don't want to fly planes that are marginally unsafe because a single airplane crash can lose and airline millions of dollars. Yes, they have liability insurance, but that would only cover property loss and possibly settlements paid out. It doesn't cover all the cost of a plane crash, such as possible loss of crew, the lack of a plane to generate income for a while, and all the other hidden expenses of a plane crashing, not to message the extra money the airline has to pay out if passengers, or in the case of a crash with no survivors, the family members of passengers, end up suing the airline for more than their settlement. Even if cost weren't the issue, I'm sure it's a massive headache for an airline to deal with the aftermath of a crash and it takes time away from operations that are geared towards marketing and the main objective of turning a profit. Also, crashes, especially multiple crashes for a single plane or airline creates a PR nightmare in which the company can lose a lot of money due to loss of trust by the public in that particular plane or airline. At any rate, flying is not only the safest way to travel. It's the safest way to travel by a rather wide margin. There is a reason for that, as I had stated. It costs way less money for plane manufacturers and airlines to keep their planes safe and in the air than risk even a relatively small number of crashes.
  2. Idk if I mentioned it here, but I always tell people ""Christian groups are kicking themselves in the heel by not caring about the persecution of the Witnesses!" I guess they think they're being freed from something, but when Jehovah's Witnesses lose their human rights and are persucuted, other groups aren't to far to follow.
  3. I see 12 year olds trying to be Kim Khardashian or Ariana Grande. Every time I see that, I do a Jean Luc facepalm 30 year olds that look like teens are so cute
  4. The Bible states that the earth will always be the home of humankind but says nothing as to the possibility of visiting other planets If you have eternity, you can leave earth for 3 million years and it would still be a tiny portion of your life Also humans have never had the time to develop the science and technology needed to create wormholes big enough and stable enough for humans to travel through. So, the real answer right now is "unknown". I suppose we'll have to make it to the new system and see
  5. Didn't people in the ancient world shave with olive oil? I wonder if it would be effective and non cloggy. I've never tried it, but have heard good things.
  6. I never heard of Speccy but I like ccleaner. It does a lot for a free app. It really does clear up stuff that clogs your memory and processor, and makes a huge difference in performance, especially for an older machine.
  7. They could learn from the example of us Southerners:
  8. Haha, this thread made me think of the Goonies as well.
  9. I've heard a lot of women complain that women's razors cost more than men's razors, but, unless you have super sensitive skin, I don't see why a $1 bag of razors can't last as long as a $12 razor of $10 set of refill cartridges. I find the $1 bad lasts me about 2 shaves per razor, so I might be one or at most 2 per month. Anyone else like those little shavers? I like the ones like these: I find they're good for trimming the eyebrows or shaving those annoying bits of chin hair. (which typically happens to me during PMS)
  10. Fortunately the crows have been stepping lightly on my eyes so far. It probably won't still be the case 10 years from now, tho.
  11. I discovered Pluto TV when my mom asked me to activate it for her. It's pretty neat, almost like having basic cable without the cost. I was thrilled that they even have a channel dedicated to MST3K
  12. @Naturale, your eating habits sounds similar to the one I had when I was on a diet that was mostly comprised of foods that are believed to reduce inflammation. It was based a bit on Andrew Weil's Food Pyramid. I actually lost a LOT of weight on that diet. I just didn't eat much soy which the pyramid recommended, because all soybeans in the US are genetically modified to be "roundup ready"
  13. I'm getting to that point. I mean, who knows, maybe all our data we give away won't even matter in the end, because whose to say we won't end up having to get burner phones when the GT hits?
  14. I googled this problem in Toshibas, myself. One problem could be the battery. In this forum, it was recommending to let run on just the AC adapter without the battery. The other potential is an overheating problem. I know with people who have run into a computer randomly shutting off, overheating was indeed a problem. The problem with that is for a laptop, it's really difficult to take it apart in such a way that you can put it together without breaking it. If none of the other advice works, you can weigh out if an external cooling fan would be worth it to purchase. Overheating tends to be a common problem with laptops in general, since there's less ventilation. .
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