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  1. I , as many here know, work in a hospital, ( often on a designated COVID floor) I say designated because in truth no floor I work on is COVID free. I have been exposed many many many times mostly from coworkers . By Jehovah’s grace it seems I am uniquely immune among my coworkers ( I had early exposure at home and even from a sister at the KH way back In December and January). So I’m probably loaded with antibodies due to frequent lite exposure at work.( I probably should spend the money and get the antibody test). Now, all these repeated lockdowns around the world. If in my Hospital the staff, who must wear masks and are encouraged to Maintain ( impossible in patient care) social distancing. And who constantly and obsessively disinfect surfaces ( our computer keyboards look like a corral reef from all the chorine buildup). If we are still rapidly being infected then what good will these lockdowns actually accomplish? If a restaurant is open to 25% capacity ( often a business death sentence). Has plexiglass up and distanced dining and a mask requirement and has asked that symptomatic patrons not attend. We might think that would have been enough. With somewhat more than 88% compliance with the mask mandates. We would expect that might have an effect. And based on the negligible flu data ( these measures do work against Flu). We might have expected we would not be seeing this rise in cases at all! The science, CDC , are saying that lockdowns don’t work. That outdoor activities seem to be inconsequential, and transmission between children does not support a requirement to close schools. And yet all these socially and economically devastating ( just look at the suicide rates) interventions persist. So why are officials so haphazard in their unscientific approaches? They are “ Turning this way and that not knowing the way out” . Human leaders are just finding out : this is beyond them. They aren’t up to the task. Their every attempt will at best be only a partial success. Meanwhile, they may become “ faint out of fear due to the agitation of the sea”. As people who have lost their business or home or are facing potential starvation come to blame their leaders .
  2. FYI: regarding this video. One of my coworkers who is from a Nigerian Family also in the Truth mentioned seeing this video to me last night. So it seems this video is now very very widespread. It will be very difficult to recall it now. My guess though, is that the family member who took the video originally did so at a bus station and not in front of a Government building. Why? They know that Government much better than I do.
  3. Don’t worry: Satan also has a plan to fix it. The World Economic Forum( with partnerships in every sector and sphere of influence) has been planning for just such a perfect storm for years. The Great Reset in which world leaders in concert with all the great ship captains of industry will “ Build Back Better “. They’ve got it all covered. Food security? No problem. They will provide it : insects for protein , Dandelions for vegetables. Housing: it will be provided : after all private ownership of property is folded neatly under their economic system. ( no private property by 2030). Free energy provided without fossil fuels ( The Green New Deal and fighting climate change are strongly factored in ). No need for a car. Transportation can be summoned ( no internal combustion engines of coarse) in the form of a self driving vehicle. Oh, and everything will be fair. No company can be listed on any stock exchange unless it’s board of directors reflects the exact profile of equality prescribed. And those companies produce exactly what they are directed to produce. Notice what’s missing: Religion. While I’m sure people will still be able to hold their personal religious views their physical houses of worship are no longer needed or desired. ( a Virtual meeting space maybe ?) Who needs God to save the world when Satan’s system is already doing so ( with a roof over every head and nice meal of three d printed textured protein grown in a lab and sourced from insects and genuine poultry or beef blood and all the online entertainment widely available ) who needs God? This glorious future isn’t just in the planning stage. A cursory overview of the WEF webpage indicates it’s already beginning to be implemented. With enthusiastic backing from many world rulers eager to lend their authority for a short time to make the world a better place.
  4. If this is due to COVID-19 ( some news sources indicate others are being released for this reason). Then from this day forward I will have a warm place in my heart for SARS-COVID-2. ( sort of).
  5. I am in tears . I’ve prayed for these brothers and sisters ( often by name ) for many years. Paulos Eyassu, Isaac Mogos, Negede Teklamarium most of all.( As I have their names memorized)! And the e re at from a list. I cannot imagine how these dear ones will adjust after so long imprisoned. I also ( suspiciously) wonder why this is happening now? Is it related to the Civil war in Ethiopia? Or is something happening on a global scale that we do not yet know about?
  6. Oh ,I totally agree , that’s what I’m done! I do t even like stating a true thing to do so! I’m done. In fact I’m now really really done!
  7. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/border-baja-california/story/2020-10-04/mexicans-disappear-family
  8. I find that that actions speak loader than words. And if not the very first , the POTUS was one of the earliest world leaders to ban travel from China and soon after Europe to the United States ( for which action he was criticized) following the counsel of his Epidemiologist. That says precisely that he took it seriously. And that is all I care to say on that subject . Not comfortable defending the POTUS even with the truth of his actions. This conversation has once again become something off of neutrality.
  9. Africa seems to have found it. So has appearantly Sweden. The term “ happy medium “ is a little deceptive . There is no situation which prevents all loss of life. That’s unhappy. But inevitable. Probably the best case scenario would be pretty close to what we have right now in the majority of States. Fully reopen what businesses that can be reopened. ( that is almost the case now). Request that the citizens who are most vulnerable stay at home, with essential services provided by the government ( this isn’t a stretch since most of these persons are already retired or disabled). Let everyone else return to life as usual. Encourage ,but do not enforce the use of masks as nothing less than an N95 will work with airborne illness anyway. Continue to sequester healthcare and nursing homes and prisons as present. It’s not really a big change but it will allow some economic movement. This is especially needed as small businesses and Mom and Pop businesses have taken a horrible beating. Only very large businesses have weathered this at all , with exception of the trades and custodial , widening the economic divide. This is what may be termed an unhappy medium.
  10. I beg to differ. The qualifier in this is the word “ proven”. And the word “Majority”. Why? Because the “ majority” of patients with C-19 don’t need treatment. The symptoms are mild for the Majority. These types of symptoms can be treated with OTC medications. So, treatments exist for these mild symptoms: Tylenol for fever and headache . Budisemide in a nasal spray for nasal congestion ( available OTC). Moderate to severe symptoms occur in some patients obviously. These are treated with the addition of an anticoagulant, and the antiviral Rendensivir. Budisemide as a MDI and Dexamethasone as an injected steroid . The ICAM refining being used in Florida can be partially replicated at home for mild to moderate cases. This is “ Inproven “ by multiple double blind studies but anecdotal evidence is projecting its success even in severe cases.
  11. https://apnews.com/article/virus-outbreak-archive-united-nations-54a3a5869c9ae4ee623497691e796083 If this is accurate. And https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/05/cdc-revises-coronavirus-guidance-to-acknowledge-that-it-spreads-through-airborne-transmission.html If this is accurate. Then. What I said months ago is true. Everyone will eventually be exposed and get some form of this no matter how careful they are. But, what I didn’t say mi the ago, they are very very likely going to survive. One more thing though. As the months have passed healthcare has gotten much better at treating this disease. THe longer you personally can delay getting this disease the better off you will be. What is more. Wearing masks that are ineffective for COVID And social distancing in a way that in no way is distance enough for COVID will not prevent COVID, but it will prevent Influenza. Not transmitting Influenza ,which may be just as dangerous , is reason enough to preserve that personal practice. Imagine that someone gets COVID, survives but is a little debilitated, then gets Influenza. So it’s still worth doing.
  12. Regarding the Treatment used with the president. With the possible exception of the use of a polyclonal antibody therapy ( experimental ) he would have received Budisemide ( which reduces receptor sites in the airways for which C-19 has an affinity ) Rendensivir, Methylprednisone , and probably an anti clotting medication like Warfarin or eve Aspirin ( which he probably already takes). This is also what we use to treat COVID at my workplace. We have been using this regimen for months .
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.jpost.com/opinion/all-eyes-might-be-on-the-temple-mount-after-the-uae-israel-deal-643672/amp This is almost spooky.
  14. they could be wrong seems to be the theme. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/05/cdc-revises-coronavirus-guidance-to-acknowledge-that-it-spreads-through-airborne-transmission.html And then there is this. Bottom line 6 feet isn’t near enough and masks are only good to a limited extent . Airborne transmission is a whole other ballgame.
  15. https://apnews.com/article/virus-outbreak-archive-united-nations-54a3a5869c9ae4ee623497691e796083 The WHO has announced that they have adjusted their estimate of those infected up to 10% of the world’s population. They caution that this means that 90% are yet to be infected. This is roughly double the previous estimate. Question: if twice as many are already infected then what does that tell us about the percentage that Die from COVID ?

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