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  1. I love these pictures. Ive wanted to go to Japan for the longest time I love a lot of the culture and how Japan is. My little town in the US has a japanese factory and we had the pleasure of having a brother and sister from Japan live here for several years. The brother wasn't baptized at the time and I got to sit in on his studies and drink tea 🍵. It was so wonderful. I hope to visit them someday.
  2. I think they wanted Windows 10 to be their end all be all. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2015/05/08/microsoft-windows-10-last-windows/#76c65c663328 When looking for Windows 11 or 12 announcements or plans I could only find 1 link at windows report. No reliable news pages have any rumors related to a next version that I can find. It is possible they could release another version, but I think their stance is still that of which they originally posted.
  3. Yeah Windows 10 was a big boost in loading speed for me also. That intel optane is definitely helping. It's basically a small ssd in a way that holds the important files you use most for fast loading. Great thing for a laptop.
  4. 500gb in 2016 would have been quite expensive for an SSD IIRC. Surprised you wouldn't have noticed a difference. Just watch this video for comparison. That optane is interesting. It's very small but is a great boost if you use in for smaller programs. never seen it before.
  5. They're much cheaper now than they used to be. You can get a 120gb for $25 usd. Or a 500gb like he was talking about for 70 or cheaper. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-500GB-Internal-MZ-76E500B-AM/dp/B0781Z7Y3S/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2SH2ERGH0EQB7&keywords=solid+state+drive&qid=1553027990&s=gateway&sprefix=Solid+s%2Caps%2C226&sr=8-3 External hard drives are good solutions if you have media too.
  6. https://www.compuram.de/blog/en/the-life-span-of-a-ssd-how-long-does-it-last-and-what-can-be-done-to-take-care/ Current solid state drives have much better life spans and can last a lifetime depending on use and size. For laptops I think they make an incredible difference. If you have room for a second drive a ssd is perfect for putting your OS onto, as well as main programs like web browser or things that need to load quickly.
  7. Eek the ram hurts. Got an ssd? Breathes life into older laptops.
  8. Exactly. For a new pc its perfect, and very light. What do you use for viruses? I usually use malwarebytes and bitdefender if I know a pc is infected myself.
  9. For some reason when glancing over the title of this thread my mind read it as "what happens when the governing body drinks lemon water?" 🤣 I need to sleep.
  10. Here's. A small piece on it https://www.tomsguide.com/us/windows-defender,review-2209.html as long as you watch what emails or links you click you'll almost never get a virus. Defender catches them before they can do anything usually. Edge has ad blockers too if you prefer it. Between ad block and defender you should be safe from most anything imo:)
  11. You can use Microsoft word online with a Microsoft account. I use it for talks or anything I need to type. Functions like word does usually just online!
  12. Makes me think about how timely the governing body is on setting up security measures. If a situation like this were to happen at a kingdom hall the security cameras and locked doors could be very vital in saving lives
  13. Get rid of McAfee and uninstall every trace of it. One of the worst virus protection programs and a big resource hog. Nowadays if its windows 10 the program "windows defender" that comes with windows is more than enough for good protection. The rest is on you in recognizing bad links or spam email. Security is a lot safer these days. If you dont like ads on your web pages get an ad block. Ublock origin is known to be lite and reliable. Ad block plus works also. Ad block also helps protect against spam or bad links. Another browser is good if you don't have one. People like Google chrome or Firefox.
  14. What I'm sensing especially as a tendency in myself is how easy it is to take a side and how difficult it is to be completely neutral. Through what I see as unintentional "taking sides" is terms and thoughts that you can almost tell which news channel someone got their news from. It's shocking to me how biased news sources are and how politicised they are. I think that became most obvious on any news articles about us a witnesses. How timely march broadcast is for me. With how many slants and takes we are hit by from news sources and social media, you can really see just how much satans world subtlety influences our thinking. A big reminder of this for me that will always stick with me is growing up as a teen post 9/11. Without realizing it till many years later I had become fearful and biased towards any one that "looked" Muslim. This wasn't intended or sought out, but came through what I now realise what viewing of news as I grew up. Seeing 24/7 news networks propagate fear and hatred had a influence on me growing up that I had to correct thanks to some strong watchtower articles. I think I need to watch the march broadcast again for myself and try to be the most neutral I can until tragedy and suffering like we are seeing are no more.
  15. https://www.avira.com/en/support-for-home-knowledgebase-detail/kbid/1778 try this for safe mode. Have you ever cleaned it out? It could be your hard drive.
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