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    I was raised in the Truth, however I fell in love with Jehovah during a convention in my teens. The loving counsel given to young ones convinced me of Jehovah's loving care, and his organization was like nothing else in the world anywhere. This truly touched my heart, and since then the Truth has been my very own.

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  1. Shouldn't it be the first part of the Gilead graduation for the December broadcast? You're fairly fast for a turtle.
  2. We are praying hard for all you dear ones in Russia and other difficult places. Jehovah has everything in hand. So lovely to see your new system picture Victoria, it will very soon be a reality. Much love from me, Ruth
  3. Quite an election speech. His nation will really want to trust him. The rest of his speech will be interesting. So glad we know what the future holds....
  4. Putin reveals Russia's 'invincible missile' in pre-election speech - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-43239331
  5. Wow! I just put the tele on and caught the tail end but was too late to get much.
  6. It sounded like he was talking to Gilead graduates, but I don't remember hearing this before. Does anyone else recall it as part of any talk? It is so good!
  7. Thanks for this info. I was really hoping to be able to do it on my laptop so I can burn a disk as well. I have android phone, so no itunes.
  8. Does anyone know an easy way to convert mp4s into mp3s? My brain doesn't work too well these days and I would appreciate any imput. I'm thinking of things like Gilead/AGM talks and conventions/assemblies that I can burn and listen to in the car or from other devices with limited storage. I need to listen to all these many times over and love them every time!
  9. I wonder if any of our bros are noticing the conversations at the front. I mean if they can lipread. My old Cong in UK needed to buy a kingdom hall but only could afford a small amount. Hardly anyone showed up for the auction on the day, and our deaf brother saw them discuss the reserve from across the room. It was the exact amount they could afford and they ended up buying it!
  10. To our dear bros and sis in all difficult places. Let's hope and pray that we are not banned in Russia. I read that some other religious groups are also persecuted, usually Muslims. These had their computers seized, sometimes tablets and phones. No doubt looking for banned materials. I think this is from Forum 18. I remember thinking that keeping a hidden spare sim card loaded up with spiritual necessities would be a good idea. They are so tiny. I am sure we are all keenly aware of your need for protection, especially tonight, 11th. Eight million plus are all praying for this.
  11. Is it just me, or does it remind anyone else of the anticipation of waiting for the English broadcast to be loaded? Of course, this is way more important and exciting wondering how Jehovah will deal with this in his own style!
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