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  1. And think of how many could have died if the world hadn't taken precautions and lockdowns... What if they just continued as normal and denied it all? How many would have died?
  2. Me too! And i slept really hard. So did my wife. I mentioned it casually to my doc and she just rolled her eyes.
  3. Silly me! For some reason I was looking up 'who really RULES the world'... Which indeed does not have a PDF option.
  4. Yeah that's pretty much what I was doing but for the track that was trying to print out it doesn't give any options of file format. Only JWpub. Maybe that's why I can never remember how to print it out! I'm always trying to use the 'who really rules the world' tract. I will try a different tract and see how it goes. Thank you
  5. I can't find it with a search for tract pdf or similar... I know I've asked here before. But I'm having issues! I know it's something really simple. But when I'm going to jw.org all I can do is find the online version of tracts. I want a PDF or something I can print out to send in my letters. I ran out again. Thx
  6. Oh for sure, if our organization resumes door-to-door ministry, I will be there. I'm just speculating that this might be the end of the door to door. Meaning we might be wrapping up the sheep search w this letter writing. And if so then we might be sooo close to the end🤗. I don't want the ministry to go on forever. I mean I don't want anyone to be destroyed but I sure would like to be sitting in the new system right about now.
  7. Exactly. So how effective is door-to-door ministry anymore? That's why I could see this letter writing as our last sweep. Then BOOM!! GT.
  8. I think so too. I think we quit going door to door bc its time, we are done. The winds were held back long enough for us to finish. And besides the pandemic, the world was getting too bad to knock on doors. I was starting to get worried about door to door. It just seemed outdated. And now we are doing the final sifting, searching for any last sheep, letter writing everyone. How can we go back in the field? Even if the pandemic totally ended tomorrow, door knocking just feels taboo now days (to me anyway). I don't ever expect anyone to knock on my door unless they are invited over or its trouble knocking. And we are not in our halls anymore, we are zoom literate and off-grid. Things could deteriorate into the GT and we could just abandon our buildings and melt unnoticed into the background. Or maybe sell the buildings before GT. Either way we could go unnoticed during the attack on BTG since we aren't meeting publicly and aren't door2door. Yeah, i think this is ending at Armageddon too. Just my speculation.
  9. What if this thing is seasonal like the flu and we are just not seeing as many cases right now? I guess we will see how effective it is when fall/winter comes around. Im keeping my mask on. My 4 yo son is in quarantine now bc he was exposed at a camp my wife insisted on sending him to (non JW).
  10. Are they holy or something? I've thrown out plenty of old publications over the years. As a matter of fact I may only have less than 10 physical books these days. Why keep? Everything is digital. Yeah there's some old books from my childhood I wish I had kept. Oh, what about old cassette tapes? I threw those away a long time ago. Books are objects. I'm not a very sentimental guy i guess.
  11. Yes i understand that. What i mean is, now that the childrens vaccine is on the way, all of sudden, the sky is falling, kids are catching it easier and its worse. Yeah i realize it can be coincidence or just natural, but to someone like her, its a good time to start hyping it up....
  12. My wife (not a jw) made a comment yesterday that really hit me. Im not a conspiracy theorist, or political of course. She and her family are definitely pro Trump types, anti vaccine, "covid is just the flu", the whole line. Recently there is talk of a childrens vaccine and trials. Well we had the news playing most of the day yesterday, and they were talking about a new variant that is affecting younger people. It is supposedly more contagious and more deadly. My wife makes the comment "Great, just in time for the childrens vaccine, how convenient...". That kinda hit me, wow, that is pretty convenient. For what though? Im just not gonna waste my time worrying about it. And i had my first shot last week. And so did she btw (HCW)!
  13. Yes! Exactly! Even smaller solar systems making up us. Tiny people on tiny planets, not knowing they make up another human! And on infinitely!
  14. When i was a kid in school, i remember learning about atoms and thinking these look like tiny solar systems or something. So i began wondering, like atoms make up everything around us, what if we are parts of bigger atoms that make up something bigger than us? I thought, wow, we could be atoms that make up the toenail of God! I know, silly kid. And im no scientist for sure, but can you see the structure of an atom resembling our stars, planets, etc? Im not sure but at some point later, i believe i briefly read this is already some eastern philosophy. And think, my little kid brain came up w a false religion all by myself! Shame on me.

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