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    I have been in the truth my whole life. 3rd generation.

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    I love to read followed closely by dancing and travelling.
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    Any book that takes me to another place..
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    R&B... oldies
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    Singing in the Rain..I'm a dancer so I LOVE musicals.
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    "Dancing is the only art, where you yourself are the stuff in which it is made"

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  1. Take the labels off of the baby food jars and have people guess what it is...u can do by sight but it's hilarious to do it by taste... Decorate onesies for the baby Each person can bring a book and wrote a message to the little person inside to encourage reading Get a doll baby and have a race to see how fast one can diaper a baby doll
  2. May I ask which airline are you using? Even though we didn't get picked we are still holding out hope that we will get to Paris in 2019.
  3. Thank you brother John for the loving reminders/"shepherding call" vis a vis this encouraging post. I am a newer member but I remember reading a post when I first joined that said all of us here are baptized servants of Jehovah which means the world is trying to tear us down and we wouldn't want to even have a hint of that type of behavior with Jehovah's people. So I appreciate that this is a place where we can come to be uplifted and not torn down appreciated not downgraded loved not criticized. As with all reminders I will try in my imperfect state not to look to the left or the right for application but rather look at myself to see how I can apply. Much Love and Many Thanks ♥️
  4. At the pioneer dinner...we presented poems/letters comparing our pioneers to faithful men and women in the Bible. We have also done service gifts(post-its, pens, calendars)
  5. Our CO recommended the same with a special emphasis on using the Personal Study notes section.......We did this AND did the same with Jw.org..we went through all the features and then tested each other...to see how fast we could get to topics or if we could direct people without looking...it was fun
  6. Yesssss... along with their relatives Sister Repeat the Same Comment and Brother I called on you BUT can you yield your comment..Forgive, forgive forgive...
  7. So if you want to visit a convention out of state (US) but it's not an IC and you need to stay at a hotel how would you find out which hotels are on the list for that city?
  8. So are you saying the number of times applied doesn't matter? Does group size make a difference? When you've gone before when did you know you were accepted?
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