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  1. Probably just what Bro. van Selm would say if he knew about this thread
  2. Indeed. But it left unanswered if, when or how angels may have intervened. It did make the point that such a violation of our private property, our homes, is a real possibility.
  3. We have been trying to out-smart, out-maneuver and/or trick them into listening for ages. How many times have we identified ourselves as Bible Students and NOT as Jehovah's Witnesses? We just want them to get the help they need . . whatever works. Any thoughts on what your name for the public magazine would be? That's big assignment , especially if trying to stay with the 'one word' title.
  4. Of course, by saying we "respect the authorities" we mean we "obey" them in a relative and limited sense. We don't have to "respect" them in the sense of endorsing all of their decisions. In fact, we resist them through the legal systems as far as the Supreme Courts of the land when they threaten our worship. Some of them may try to help us if possible. They're not all bad. But "governments" are squarely opposed to God's rulership.
  5. Congratulations on the shortest posts ever on the forum, again I say, Congratulations!
  6. Employers and Governments. Someday we may look back on this covid event and the subsequent "religious exemptions" to the vax and find a direct connection to the inevitable destruction of BtG. It's not hard to imagine that governments chafe at so-called "religious exemptions". Governments want compliance and orderliness. As described above according to the EEOC, religion fosters disorderliness. BtG has so severely damaged its own credibility in so many ways, this may be the final straw as far as governments are concerned.
  7. Ah, yes . . Back in the old days when we wore the flag pin accessory. I wonder where mine is . let me see . . if I still have it . .
  8. I wanted to comment on the response from the 'Pope'. I wanted to quote him accurately, so I went looking for the story at three mainstream news outlets. The story is gone. At least where I was looking. But I will paraphrase. Apparently, the 'Pope' expressed 'shame' and 'sadness' over this news. I guess he has given up on trying to express shock and horror. 'Shame' and 'sadness' are the feelings you experience when you learn that your child cheated on his school exams. In fact, you may feel even worse. You may feel heartbreak. When people in a position of trust commit such heinous crimes as this story claims, it should evoke a heck of a lot more than shame and sadness. Maybe "they" are just tired of dealing with it. BtG cannot be destroyed soon enough.
  9. Fear Jehovah. Do what is right. Obey his commandments. That's it. We complicate things at times and equate how we're used, where we're asked to serve, as things that define our value. Fear Jehovah. Keep his commandments. Just serve Jehovah. Do the best you can. Stay balanced. Give according to what you have. Those are the important things. And if you do them, no matter what your personal circumstances, you will remain "especially acceptable" to Jehovah.
  10. I guess you could say the GT is the last of our "trials and hardships" that come and go in Satan's world.
  11. Eventually, yes. Just looking at the transcript: "We can expect things to deteriorate even further as these last days march on to their end. Economic hardships and trials will come and go." If trials 'come and go', it must be prior to the GT. How difficult will things become before the GT? They will deteriorate even further than now. And, yet, not to the point that even non-believers agree that the system is ending. So, somewhere between very, very bad and very, very, very bad
  12. Interesting for sure. He gave us a unique insight of a control group. The statistics are those of the Bethel families and Special Full Time Servants. These friends are (were) sheltering-in-place with minimal contact outside of the group.
  13. As you mentioned, Situational Awareness is a huge advantage. We know how this movie ends. What we don't know are the details that get us there. The year text itself tells us that we are not affected the same as the world - We "lack nothing good". We have what we need, A brother said that he likes to use Nehemiah 8:10 on shepherding calls "Go, eat the choice things and drink what is sweet, and send portions of food to those who have nothing prepared, and do not feel sad, for the JOY OF JEHOVAH IS YOUR STRONGHOLD"
  14. Indeed it does. One small difference; 1 Tim 5:17 is a qualified statement. "Let the elders who preside in a fine way . . ." Those elders are worthy of double honor, respect and cooperation. Jesus said that he considers our treatment of his brothers as our treatment of himself. That is how we should feel about them. Jesus didn't want to be treated as a celebrity, so we shouldn't treat the anointed as celebrities. But we wouldn't necessarily merely view them as imperfect sinners. We understand they are a special target of the devil and we love them for their perseverance. Yes, we should afford them better than average consideration.

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