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    Mom knew the Truth before I was born. Sisters knocked on our door and Mom got reactivated. We moved to another state and I began attending meetings and studied.

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    Mind how you treat people on your way up. You will meet them again on your way down.

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  1. I hadn't seen this one before. Although I don't experience depression, I welcomed the point made at 3:12 , "Feelings are temporary" . Good to remember that. Wisdom from above.
  2. As he mused; If YOU think we're unpopular now, well , just wait . . . It had been mentioned before, and I believe the Hailstone Message will be instrumental with the separating work. Remember, no one will repent as a result. So, it's something Jehovah will ask of us and we will either be obedient or we will 'decide for ourselves' and sit that out which would be akin to Adam's fatal decision.
  3. In fact , there will probably be more effort made of enforcing the sanctions, to make a point. There have been reports of the sanctions 'leaking' up till this summit.
  4. I've 'only' been working on my house for 26 years . . You made my day today 😉
  5. Undoubtedly, if certain elements of Satan's world want to experiment, to see how far they can go and how much they can get away with, Jehovah's Witnesses must look like a nice soft target to them.
  6. That is so interesting. Just looking briefly at the Wikipedia content, I had to look up the word 'recusant'. This was used to describe his step-father, "a recusant Catholic". More on this please. Why do bank robbers sometimes wear the Guy Fawkes mask? What's the message ?
  7. Kejedo, I love your comments and observations. If you need a project to do, consider a deep-dive on subject 'jargon through the ages'. In high school, everything was 'boss'. "That is so boss". Then it was 'rad'. Then it was 'dope'. "That new song is 'dope'. I think, currently, it's 'sick'. I can feel my hair turning grey as my yearbook pages turn yellow. Just for fun, I go back to 'boss' when speaking to 20-somethings. I say "Dude, that is so boss' and they kind of look at me like "Wait, is that what we're saying' now? Is that sick or what" ?
  8. Since I watched, I have had a fight against temptation in my life. When I felt I had gotten the upper hand, this video came to mind. I couldn't stop smiling.
  9. I know the topic is about the Russian Orthodox church v. Ukraine Orthodox church. However, I read that the United Methodist General Conference is having a special session this month, February 2019, to vote on a plan regarding same-sex marriage and the acceptance of LGBTQ clergy in the church. United Methodist was founded in 1968 and is the second largest Protestant denomination behind Southern Baptist. One plan under consideration is to let each congregation decide for themselves. Perhaps a name change will be in order? The Methodist Cafeteria church? Pay at the door - Pick and Choose as you wish.
  10. Heads of State, as individuals, cannot know everything going on within their administrations. Thus, they have little choice but to rely on 'advisors '. We often read that 'So-and-So is close to the President, a trusted advisor '. What's happening in Russia reminds me of the account in Esther. The scheming Haman the Agagite advised King Ahasuerus to issue a royal, irrevocable, decree for the purpose of annihilating the Jews. Imagine someone in Russia explaining to Putin what was happening to JW's on his watch. Would Putin say "Huh? What?" . When evil Haman's scheme was revealed, King Ahasuerus said to Queen Esther "You may now write in the King's name whatever you see fit in behalf of the Jews". The king granted permission to the Jews to defend their lives. The text of the document was to be ISSUED AS LAW. It's a thrilling account of Jehovah's wisdom and authority over human rulers and powerful advisors. Jehovah has allowed this persecution in Russia to proceed, but he knows how the story will end.
  11. I would like someone to create meme 'cause I don't know how. Would like to see one side showing Christendom's Jesus (long hair, frail etc) . The other side showing the image of Jesus from the 1/27/19 WT study article, (the one with Peter behind him). Caption: Jehovah's Son ! or Jesus, The Man !
  12. Update: Russia announced they will follow the U.S. and withdraw from the treaty. The treaty is regarded as out of date, and the superpowers want to update their defenses with hypersonic weaponry. Also, China wasn't included in the treaty which resulted in their advantage to pursue advanced weaponry with impunity. Now, Kings of the North and South want to catch up and leap ahead. A new chapter of pushing and shoving.
  13. Nice photo of the lads. I heard there's another documentary coming with 'never seen before ' images. I hope John and George will learn to love Jehovah in the New World.
  14. My wife says I never listen to her. I said. . . . . . . . . . "What?"
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