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  1. I scroll through my Facebook feed a lot- I see posts about my interests, and get to see what friends/family are doin. One page I am following is a page called Math Major Be Like- a community based on math problems, math memes, etc. Its not the most interesting place ever, but its pretty fun to see people's tips and opinions on the subject. (I really just subscribed so I could get comfortable with math xD) Just a couple hours ago, lazily scrolling through my feed again, I noticed a post by that math group that caught my eye- its about how math is involved in the Bible. Not really seeing stuff like that often, I decided to take a better look. Man, and I couldn't believe it- it was a full explanation on why its true that Jesus became king in 1914! This wasn't just a basic counting job too- it was a full, comprehensive explanation on how it landed on that date. (AND also an explanation on the years after, until 1919) To be honest, I was only able to skim through it, as it was in Tagalog (which is not my first language) and I can't find it on my feed anymore, lol. But seriously, I was so amazed- I think that the person who posted that could be a brother/sister. 😃 I probably need to do a review again on the full explanation- thanks to this for reminding me! xD
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