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  1. This is a very common problem in devices where you installed JW Library afresh. The solution is to simply wait a few hours or days. It will fix by itself. If you are in deep urgency of using a publication, you can manually load jwpub file for the mean time.
  2. You can simply click or touch over the paragraph you want to copy in WOL. It will give you several icons. One of them is the option to copy. If you click on the icon it will automatically copy the content of that paragraph, (if the Bible verse was selected, then the verse only.) And also the headings of that paragraph, and a share link to that publication. You can paste that anywhere else. Such as on a messenger apps, on this forum, or your notes on JW Library. This option is better than manually dragging and copying the paragraph yourself, since it automatically creates the link to the publication too. And also, it will remove unnecessary formatting such as reference symbols, which means it will be easier to read.
  3. I took a uni class on history once and the book mentioned 1914. Significantly on a chapter title. Of course it does not deal it from a spiritual viewpoint but from how everything secular how changed in that year. At the end of semester we did a small essay and I wrote about (you guessed) the significance of the year 1914. I got pretty good results and I even briefly mentioned how our "Bible Students" have told that this year was going to be a world changing time for everyone.
  4. I never knew that the number 322 indicated second video of lesson 32. Good attention brother. Thank you.
  5. Usually, in a softwares, “portable” version of a software means you do not need to install the program. You can put the file in anywhere you’d like, (e.g. desktop, USB drive, …) and it will work. You can’t do that with installed version, since if you move the installed files to another computer or folders, it won’t work. It has to be at the exact installed location. It seems this is what they are talking about. There should not be a difference in functionality.
  6. I actually noticed that Zoom does not have auto update feature like most programs. I have to manually go to “check for updates” every time there is an update, and download it to make sure it was updated. I was checking this post frequently but it was only a few days ago when I noticed my Zoom was never updated actually. And I tried to find if there is a way to make program to update automatically but there doesn’t appear to be one. I would say unless someone was bothered to, they definitely wouldn’t check for the updates.
  7. I see, I got confused with playing the song because @Intercore talked about playing the songs in regards to brother Hess. In our zoom meeting, we actually do not play the songs. We actually really do mute the mics and make everyone quite for a minute before the meeting starts. I don't know the reason behind that since I am not an elder. But I guess, as for us, maybe the elders do not like the kingdom songs.
  8. Also, I recall the directions are to play the songs before and after the meeting, COVID or not. We did it in the physical kingdom halls, so we do it in the virtual KHs, too.
  9. The auto-detect feature for optimise video could be useful. The A/V servants who switch between sharing moving and still media (i.e. videos and images) may no longer need the hassle of clicking on and off that checkbox. Just keep it on indefinitely, and it will auto detect.
  10. It can also be seen from the “Convention Releases” section from the website.
  11. I have thought the exact same thing. The video from Brother Lett’s talk is from May 2021 Broadcasting. Maybe the production wasn’t finished until that point? By the way, that video has been speculated to be featured on the convention since May. When the May 2021 Broadcasting was released, that excerpt video seems to have been mistakenly released to the server. (See: https://jwtalk.net/topic/48723-jw-broadcasting-may-2021/page/13/?tab=comments#comment-820805) So we know they were planning to show that video on the convention.
  12. We have had opportunity to preach to those in North Korea in the past and in the present. Before the both Koreas were divided, due to Japan’s invasion, many were active Kingdom publishers in the North Korean territories. It was never known what would happen to them after the division of course. In the recent years, there certainly have been other ways to preach to them. For example, some North Korean may have a job outside the country, e.g. China or Russia, and they could be witnessed using that opportunity. Could it be similar in Afghanistan or Somalia? I do not know.
  13. The new update contains the Books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. You can update the Study Bible to get the study notes for books Romans to 2 Thessalonians. The Branch doesn’t announce when the next update will be, so they would only be a pure guess.
  14. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable “active speaker view” when I screen share? On mobile, when sharing videos, the speaker view is quite large and obscures the portion of the video.
  15. If the plural of tooth is teeth, then the the next time I see a bunch of phone booths, I’m going to say, “Wow, look at all these beeth.” And if the plural of goose is geese, then the next time I see a flock of moose, I’m going to say, “Wow, look at all these meese.”

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