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  1. For me, the number of Memorial partakers has no real significance or impact, as I don't have any contribution to its increase or its decrease, neither does it have any impact on my service. That's a figure that is completely controlled and managed by Jehovah. It will be significant only if the Faithful slave connects the increase to any Bible verse or a prophecy. Till then, all's well. Personally, I look at the number of publishers, hours, Bible studies and Pioneers, because that's where my service to Jehovah and my regularity of reporting on time plays an important part.
  2. Hi Arumuga, Greetings from a fellow brother from India. Regarding the S-4 form (Field Service Report)- as per direction given to us in India (not sure if its global), you will not have access to these forms on jw.org till you become a Ministerial Servant. It would be beneficial if you can ask your Field Service Group Overseer or your Group Servant for this form and he will send it to you. I saw your profile that you were baptized on October 2018. So Congratulations!!! Your Group Overseer will now train you to take on additional responsibilities in the near future. Not that we will not help you, but it would be beneficial if you direct such queries to him as he will use these opportunities to train you and equip you for our kingdom work in India, which is undergoing massive changes in this year.
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