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  1. The brothers recently announced a new zoom-like application that will likely fulfill the unique needs of the congregations. I have no idea what goodies it will include, but I have met Bethelites who had, and have, a great deal of the technological know-how that have made possible the current theocratic and educational provisions that would not have been possible fifty years ago. The JW Box, for instance, will allow access to congregations that are in areas that do not have the internet. And we have passed 1000 languages in which spiritual food is available now!
  2. My guess is that in towns and cities, and congregations where there are the highest rates of Covid infections and deaths, the brothers may ask for patience before in person meetings resume. The Bethel family in the international headquarters are a good example for all of us in obedience to GB recommendations (NOT directions) to take the vaccine. But the final decisions are made by family heads and adult members who would know their individual circumstances. As an example, there are maps of the US and the world online that are color coded according to the number of Covid deaths or the percent of the population that have been vaccinated.
  3. Similarly, one can note that later summaries of theocratic history on film and in print no longer teach that about Brother Russell or that these people in religious history are associated with the cities that were addressed by Jesus to John in Revelation. Nothing wrong with the light getting brighter about such things. Even our understanding about some aspects of Ezekiel's prophecy have been clarified in our latest study book on it.
  4. I am waiting for them to offer the Moderna booster, because that was what I got for my vaccine shots. I haven't read anything about whether or not it is healthy to mix them up, though Pfizer is getting a lot more news time because its booster was ready sooner than the others.
  5. My former husband and I went to the Three River Stadium in Pittsburgh for the International Convention - not sure of the year, but it was likely in the late 70's. We were also shown around Pittsburgh on a bus tour and saw the building where they first began to print the literature - Bible House, I think it was called. And we stopped to see the pyramid gravestone. I may still have a picture, I seem to accumulate a lot of souvenirs over the years.Many of the brothers of that time practically idolized Brother Russell, calling him the Laodicean Messenger, and some other scriptural names that made them imagine that he personally was fulfilling Bible prophecy This caused a lot of turmoil, and led to the separation of a large number of brothers from the organization in protest of Brother Rutherford's appointment as the new president (an appointment that was made by Russell before his death) At the convention that we attended in the 1970's, we saw some people holding up signs outside of the stadium in protest of our being there, and an airplane was circling with a sign behind it saying Jesus is Jehovah, and one young man in a religious leader's suit even tried to take the podium. The brother who was the speaker at the time asked the audience if they wanted to hear what he had to say, and we all said NO!! - and three brothers escorted him out of the stadium. There was a book that came out from the Watchtower Society that outlined the turmoil of that time after Brother Russell's death. Rutherford and some seven others were imprisoned over the neutrality issue during World War 1, and Brother Rutherford suffered physically from the incarceration with ailments that eventually caused his death, but when they were released in 1918, he kept on with the work And, after thousands of Bible Students left and made their own groups, the ones who were left worked very hard to continue with the work to advertise the King and his Kingdom, and the organization began to grow again. Seeing that gravestone brought all of these memories back to me. I am so glad that the light continues to get brighter as the day draws near.
  6. The point about asking the anointed ones personal questions about their anointing makes scriptural sense, too. Jesus prayed to his Father all night before he named his 12 apostles. But still, as 2 Thess 2:13 says, God selected them, because they, except one, were to be of the anointed. He doesn't need for us to advise or question Him, or decide whether or not His decision is right. Even in the case of the angels that Jehovah let the prophet Micaiah know about, Jehovah wasn't asking them if He should forgive or excuse Ahab, He already condemned him, but He asked the angels, who will fool Ahab? and He let this and that angel give suggestions, until an angel volunteered to do it. All to say, "Mind your own business" certainly applies among us humans, but especially when we try to meddle over what is His business - which includes selecting.
  7. Thanks!! Maybe the brothers will make a song book- or. Maybe a printable collection of original songs with the music. Many of those songs I play on the way to and from work. Don't know if they have some kind of contract with the composers (since they are "original songs")
  8. I didn't see all five pages of this thread, but I was in awe at the selection of the brother who played the aged Daniel! If the real Daniel was anything like that, he would have been really impressive even to the Kings that he counseled! And Gabriel called him a "precious man"! That shows that a person who sincerely loves and relies on Jehovah is highly prized by Him.
  9. Seems like the brothers are a step ahead of the world in knowing what is coming! Our study literature was written long before we consider it in a meeting. This information stands as a sharp contrast to attitudes about women around the world! Doesn't even the Talmud or some ancient Jewish book say "women are the most beautiful creatures, but thank God I am a man !"
  10. This is the first time that I even heard of Daniel's father. He must have been a remarkable man - they also didn't have Xerox machines then!! Apparently his father copied Ezekiel's book or a portion of it, to give to Daniel!!
  11. Has anybody mentioned how the brothers are getting soooo much better with special effects? The massive tree, the statue with the head of gold....WOW!!! And we thought that Jonah's great fish was really impressive!!
  12. Because I work in several schools, the best that I can do is wear good masks, minimize direct contact, keep and use a good supply of sanitizer, and encourage the students to do the same. Despite the attitudes of many people, life is worth keeping, IMHO. I wonder if this fall will be like spring of 2020 😞
  13. Brother Cook's talk on faith in the second Friday morning session was very insightful. He emphasized that Psalm 41: 3 said that Jehovah will sustain us on the bed of illness - he promised not a cure, but to sustain us. He said that he will change our bed, from a bed of hopelessness to one of faith and hope. He also referred to James 1:2-4 that we are not asking him "make me better" but "help me be strong". So many religions concentrate on so-called faith healing. But what they were looking for was what Jesus did to show people that he was the Christ, not to cure everybody now. Even Paul had to live with an ailment, possibly in his eyes, after using God's power to cure many people and even raise the dead. But that joyous time is still in the future when God will "wipe out EVERY tear from our eyes, and death will be NO MORE!" He quoted Isaiah's promise that there will be a time when NO ONE will say "I am sick" Then, everyone will have health and will be cured.

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