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  1. Thanks Terri, my raised beds are on top of about 3 feet of mulch. I'm loving them very much. That space was rescued from Boysen berries that only gave me a single product, the beds give me more options. Next year they're going to have pickling cucumbers, Armenian cucumbers and tomatoes in them. So excited for next season. So glad you like them. ❤️
  2. OK my trailer of poop has been spread, thanks to Br. Joshua who manned the wheelbarrow! Its beautiful and smells barnyard perfect out there! Even had some to spread around trees and planters in the front of the house. Where its not spread is cucumbers that are still giving me veg and the big tomato that I'll probably get more ripe fruit from. When they're done I'll spread the excess manure over them. With this much manure I hope to get a whole lot of growing going on next year, unless tribulation comes then who cares!!!!!
  3. Well I love it and have been thinking about it since I first saw your post. I'd like to try one.
  4. I'd love to grow a mulberry tree! That's beautiful, and apparently fast growing.
  5. Putting in a huge load of manure in the garden, a young brother will help me use my BIG wheelbarrow to place it all in. Looking forward to spreading this beautiful stuff. I had to trim back a volunteer tomato, I didn't think it grew many tomatoes, I was wrong. I got these and have many more to pick as they ripen.
  6. From dogs to potatoes! ☺️ My first harvest of 4 very pathetic plants, thought I wouldn't even get much. But it sure surprised me when I dug so many huge ones! I love digging for potatoes, it's like a present. This one is 1 pound 3 ounces!!
  7. On Netflix- NCIS, The Last Czars, Somebody Feed Phil (hilarious!!), On YouTube I watch Hallmark movies as well as Hallmark murder mysteries and how can I leave out BBQ Pit Boys! I also love binging on rv'ing channels, one of my favorites is LivinRVision, they're a great, and funny, couple.
  8. We're talking about this in service today. Foolish, money grubbing people. IMO it's just that people don't want to be told what to do. They want full autonomy to the detriment of others.
  9. Grim is the truth. My insurance company is Kaiser, apparently a brother saw on the news that the hospital/clinic in Portland, Oregon had tents set up. In a search I found that Kaiser is making it mandatory for all staff to be vaccinated. The virus is literally storming through every nook and cranny. https://www.kptv.com/news/kaiser-permanente-making-covid-19-vaccines-mandatory-for-all-employees-and-physicians/article_03da6b88-f3e3-11eb-bba2-e75dce79d984.html “Large groups of unvaccinated people are fueling the current increase in cases and 97% to 99% of COVID-19 hospital admissions are unvaccinated patients. Making vaccination mandatory is the most effective way we can protect our people, our patients, and the communities we serve. We encourage all health systems and business and industry leaders across the country to play a role in ending the pandemic by doing the same,” said Greg A. Adams, chair and chief executive officer, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, Inc. OHSU made the announcement back in May that it intends to implement a similar policy for anyone with an OHSU identification badge, to the fullest extent allowed by law. The announcement comes the same day the Oregon Health Authority announced five new COVID-19 deaths and 2,056 additional cases over a 3-day span.
  10. It may all come to this. This is my Executive Order by the State, mandating vaccines for all employees and anyone employed by the State. Failure to comply will result in denial of access to the job site or termination. It's happening, it's our realty. I don't mind, people are being responsible. Like the scripture at Phil. 1:10- Make sure of the more important things quoted in the handouts at this week's mid-week meeting, we need to be extra diligent in what we do. The news is full of stories of more and more hospitals filling up, patients being refused entry because they're all full or transported to other burdened hospitals. And the unthinkable number of our dear spiritual family we've lost, 19,000! I hope this helps to see the seriousness with which the medical community and our brotherhood is taking this.
  11. That's amazing that you're having such violent weather. Is that normal for Toronto? Sidebar- I want to go to Toronto sooooo bad! I'd love to live there for a while. Back to topic .....🙂

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