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    married a long time!!
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    My childrens babysitter, I was a tough sell but she was tougher! Thank-you Jehovah!

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    Garden, cooking, canning, love embroidery but can't hold the needle anymore, it'll wait for the new system, mowing/hedge trimming/brush burning, my garden is truly the love of my life - my place of peace and rest, teaching my grand daughter something new every day she's here.
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    Of course the theocratic is top but I love Clive Cussler.
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    Light Jazz- Rippingtons, Nora Jones or blues
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    Theocratic- Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
    Non- Theocratic- We're burn' daylight, get a move on!

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  1. Glad to be able to review the RC info, have a lot to ponder over.


    1. MikkiSoo


      What a great idea to review some key points in the upcoming Regional Convention. Whetting the appetite for this great spiritual feast!


      In this mountain Jehovah of armies will make for all the peoples

      A banquet of rich dishes,

      A banquet of fine wine,

      Of rich dishes filled with marrow,

      Of fine, filtered wine  (Isa 25: 6)

      I just found out that in the 60"s the RC was for 6 days!!! I have only ever been to the 4-days convention in the 70's. One inactive JW Filipino lady I met, said it was a 5-days event. Yay, I think it was the latter.



    2. bagwell1987


      The description of how Godly Love works may cause us to realize how much work we have to do. I certainly know it did for me. 

  2. We have much we agree on. I have only about 8 veg and 4 fruit I can eat along with meats that I can only have 4oz of at a time. This earth is so polluted I agree. I'd like to try that coffee, decaf is one thing I am able to enjoy. I just got done setting aside my bacon for breakfast too!! I make Lew bacon/apple peanut butter on a tortilla fried in bacon fat for his lunch. He loves it. OK, sorry back on topic......
  3. I never have liked pumpkin, I can't even grow it. I don't eat fruit mixed with anything ie;, cottage cheese with pears or peaches (ugh!) carrot salad with raisins (gag) waldorf salad (eeew) to me fruit is to be eaten by itself (in my defense my nutritionist said that according to good eating optimally fruit is to be eaten 15 minutes before any meal and not with it because of fermentation problems in the gut) ok, so I felt validated. Because of being very poor as a child our 'sweet' was applesauce raisin (raisin!) cake, gag me. Now as an adult I can almost be close to cinnamon, almost. I do not like cooked spinach or lettuces but raw is just fine. As a child I didn't like spaghetti sauce, now as an adult I know I'm very allergic to tomato so that explains that.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about that Peter. I'm so connected to the earth I'd feel disconnected if I couldn't have a patch of earth to work in. We lived in a small city for a few years and I went stir crazy, had to move.
  5. The weather is beautiful. It went from 45 F to 75 F in a few days. We're supposed to have this weather for a while. Okayyy, so I plant. The soil is warm and receptive so my cool weather produce is ready and willing. I planted radishes in the wheel barrow, 2 types of carrots in the tub, many rows of beets in the garden and 2 types of peas along the fence-line. If this weather keeps up I'll be planting bush beans, butternut squash and swiss chard soon. I harvested carrots and leeks for a local restaurant too. Made me feel good. Peas along the fence here and above with the beets 2 types of carrots and radishes in these. The other 2 culverts will have dill in them when I put them in the garden. I bought small dill, will work well. Its official, its spring....warm spring. All my tools are officially out and ready. Had leeks and carrot to give to the local organic farm to table restaurant...beautiful. Maybe sell to them this year. Will have lots of things for them.
  6. Beautiful day today. Sunny and very warm, 70 F. Had all the doors and windows open, still open at almost 8 pm. Going in service in the morning then planting several 'early' things in the garden after. NICE!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bagwell1987


      I used to grow these purple iris's. 

    3. MikkiSoo


      Thought it look a little strange for a daffodil. Will make amends.

      Didn't know there were so many different types of daffodils


      Narcissus Tete-a-Tete


    4. MikkiSoo


      Should have taken a cue from your cover photo. Happy gardening

  7. I have suits I used to wear to meeting but my body is different from when I was 40. Because my neck is fused I have a hard time with suit collars because it hangs on the fusion, I mostly go for more sweater sets with a scarf. Nice to hear your progress Ross.
  8. I hear they're resistant to taking direction unlike a bovine. They're independent so wild grazing would be best. I wouldn't mind having one, Norma Clutter can process the wool for me so I can make rugs and sweaters!😁, not to mention the meat. Love farm to table, knowing where your food comes from.
  9. I am very happy to say that I had to order 2 new tops and matching sweaters for the meetings and service. My clothing had become so big you can see down to my navel if I bend over! So no no no that's not going to happen. I'm having a garage sale on the Memorial Day weekend and I'm putting all my bigger clothes in that sale. Also I have noticed when I sit in my seat at the Kingdom Hall there's more room in the seat, I have to reach more for the armrest to put my arms on! I guess I was really not aware of how big I was. I still have a ways to go but it's coming off faster, if not the pounds definitely the inches are coming off. I even have to buy new nightgowns because my regular ones won't stay on my shoulders. Not to mention my shoes I need to go shoe shopping because my meeting shoes don't fit anymore. Anybody else noticed these changes in themselves?
  10. No way!!!! I say it again, I cannot fathom living with weather like that. Here where I live it's still chilly but it's so beautiful outside I'm beginning to plan the garden. The thought of snow in March... Nope I can't do it nope I can't do it
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