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  1. I joined jwtalk at the time I was really down struggling with depression. Unknown to them, the brothers here really helped me out of that path through their comments and experiences. sometimes I would log in just to drift my mind from negative thoughts. Am now very well. Thank you brothers🙏🙏
  2. You receive strong counsel from your wife, at the end she asks you to pray, then you dont know what to pray for then she tells you what to pray for...huh.


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    2. M.J.


      This can go so many ways! If you pray for patience your in hot water LOL, if you pray for strength, same...endurance, same.....lol....better think carefully on that one. I like when my husband asks Jehovah to help us continue to be friends with each other in the marriage. 

    3. careful


      prayer really is a conversation between you and jehovah....not an opportunity to accomplish something for yourself that someone else listening in might , in an underhanded way, hear.   in other words...if we have something to say to our marriage mate, we should say it to them directly.   the situation you are in sounds very difficult to navigate.  life is complicated.

    4. JudyO


      I understand not taking advantage of a situation to "make" someone hear your point of view. I'm sure you didn't mean that a husband is not sincerely praying for patience, self-control, etc. in dealing with each other. A wife wants to hear her spiritual head address the issues they are both facing in this moment. Of course Jehovah is listening. Of course the wife is listening to the prayer as well.

  3. Husband after the sunday watchtower. VID-20210412-WA0002.mp4
  4. I don't understand why the mods have removed the edit button to edit out mistakes. Even the organisation gives us an opportunity to edit our mistakes?😀😃😀😃😀

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    2. New World Explorer

      New World Explorer

      Rest assured Richard, that we appreciate the software and all volunteers working hard behind the scenes maintaining this site. It’s a huge sacrifice to be volunteer on this forum and at the same time discharging responsibilities in a local congregations ...Not everybody can do it, so we thank you >:D<

    3. My little flower

      My little flower

      Bro Richard I cant see my edit button.please help 

    4. carlos


      Leonard, your comments can be edited for the first 15 minutes. It would be quite confusing if comments could be edited all the time. :) That also encourages us to think twice before posting something. :)


      But if there's something you posted and want to change, you can contact one of the moderators and they will edit it for you.

  5. Jehovah will not be moved to act because of what is happening in this old system of things regardless but he will act when it is the right time-his set day.
  6. Congratulations.please edit all my posts when ever you notice an error.

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