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  1. I think we are getting into some negative stereotypes about ethnic groups. If you take any ethnic group or a country, there will always find something in them that neighbouring countries or the world dislikes. Such groups/countries are made up of imperfect humans and will have something negative that triggers others.
  2. I think we are talking about different things here. Gypsies and the like are wonderers and as such they do not stay in one place. Often they are traveling musicians and beggars. They do not have a country of their own. Nomads were formerly warriors and cattle breeders. They had their own powerful empires and civilisations. They stayed within a certain territory, only moving when new pastures were needed. We have Gypsies too and nobody likes them or considers them nomads. They are considered as dirty scroungers. Mongols, the Huns, Arabs, Berbers, the Turks and many others were nomads. That's why I was surprised when you said people dislike nomads. I have just looked up a wiki article on nomadism. It says: "Sometimes also described as "nomadic" are the various itinerant populations who move about in densely populated areas living not on natural resources, but by offering services (craft or trade) to the resident population." It must be an American thing to lump Gypsies and other itinerant people with true nomads sometimes. If you tell nomads or former nomads that they are like Gypsies and so on, they will be insulted. It is just for your info and cultural enlightenment.
  3. I did not know that. I know they were hated by settled empires like Rome, Russia and China in the past, because nomads raided and robbed them constantly. But today there are very few monadic people are left. Development and urbanisation have had a huge impact on their lifestyles. Arabs, Central Asians and Berbers all used to be nomads, but not anymore. They still try to keep some of their nomadic traditions though.
  4. Thank you, Mandi, for a good topic. I also wanted to express my appreciation to everyone on jwtalk for their contributions to this wonderful agape-driven community of fellow believers. A separate thank-you to the admins and mods for their hard work that is not always seen, but is vital in the technical and spiritual sense. Personally, I find this website a godsend, as I can interact with brothers and sisters from many parts of the world, learn something new every day and keep myself sane while I am going through a difficult period in life. Lots of agape to you all!
  5. After some thought about your comments on neutrality, I realised what you were implying. In no way was I approving of the massacre or gloating over the death of Muslims. I want to make it clear that I condemn it in the strongest terms and do not wish it on any group even members of ISIS. I feel sorry for those killed and their families and hope that police will deal with the culprit. I am against any violence be it from a Muslim or a white supremacist or anyone else for that matter. So please understand my previous comments above in general context, that is my anger about religiously-motivated violence.
  6. Yes, a small minority of Muslims living among you in the most liberal country on earth where they have to adapt and integrate in order to survive and be accepted. Living in a majority Muslim country is a completely different experience. Violence is not an individual thing chosen by some "weirdo". It is written in their book and part of their faith. For example, a few days ago, a brother was preaching in a remote province of my country and he got surrounded by a mob some of who shouted "stone him". They filmed it and posted on Youtube. Today I have found another video, a continuation of the first one, where a man was telling inaccurate info about us. Then I read the comments below it and about 30 per cent of them called for "death to JWs". Anyway, I am sorry for letting my emotions get the better of me. I should try to be neutral on the subject. I do not hate Muslims, but I am angry with their faith-motivated violence.
  7. If you mean "fear of Islam' by that term, I agree with you. Islam is a dangerous politicoā€religious ideology. Why blame them for attacks? Because they have a reputation as those who kill in the name of their God. Can you name me one religious group today that kills in the name of God? Can you name one religious group that kills apostates? They brought it on themselves and they should not be surprised when they are suspected or blamed for violence. They are the most violent and intolerant group of people I know. I know what I am talking about because I live among them. You and Johan should come and live among them and see for yourself. It is easy to sit in a cosy Western country and repeat the liberal and Islamic narrative of "Muslims being hated and under attack".
  8. My pleasure Sister Anne and thank you for your warm words! I have heard a lot about Yunnan. As I understand it is a mountainous region and in many ways similar to my country. Yaks in that region are quite common and in some high-altitude places, are the only animals that can survive the harsh conditions. Next time you go to Yunnan, you may try their local yak cheese and yak butter tea. As you may know, yak milk has a high fat content and products from it taste different. I think Yunnan is one of the few Chinese provinces where you can have yak dairy products or any other dairy products in general. I was thinking of visiting Southwest China one day and Yunnan along with Sichuan are definitely high on the list. In my view, it is the most interesting part of China in terms of food, culture and geographic features. I hope you will stay safe and in good health. Lots of brotherly love to you too.
  9. How evil! It is really hard to understand those who practise the "religion of peace" as they often like to call Islam.
  10. Yes, EMFs' link to cancer has been known for many years, but as always corporate interests get in the way. A case in point is a popular US-made fertiliser called glyphosate or commonly known as roundup. There has been ample research that it causes cancer, but many countries and surprisingly the EU have been authorising its use in Europe despite pleas from environmental activists to the contrary. Later it turned out that the company behind it faked some research and presented it to counter cancer claims. Roundup is also now known to be the cause of mass insect die-off, particularly of the honey bees. Corporate cover-up of things that might deprive them of big profits is well known. For example, climate change, cigarettes, Johnson baby talc and many other things have been "dressed up scientifically" by greed-driven companies to make them look as unharmful. What will the governments do about EMFs? It is very likely nothing in the near future. Big corporations like Apple will hire scientists and some NGOs to come up with some "research" claiming that EMFs or at least their products are harmless or within safe limits. We are living in the post-truth postmodernist era where people will do everything for the love of money and self. Sorry for this if it came across a bit too strong, but since falling ill, I have been doing a lot of research online about health and discovered how companies and governments have been poisoning us in the name of "economic growth" and "wealth generation" for about 100 years now. How true the Bible is about human nature: "Man has dominated man to his harm" Ecclesiastes 8:9
  11. Yes, that's true. They usually try to stay in groups and keep their distance from people. Bulls can be very dangerous. But they can still be tamed if done from a young age. After some training, they become very docile. Another advantage of keeping yaks is that they have a lot of strength and endurance. Plus, they are good at negotiating mountainous terrains. They are like mountain goats in some ways. No other animal can carry big loads in the mountains as well as yaks. So it is quite a good beast of burden. šŸ™‚
  12. I have finished the book of Mark today. In its last two chapters, 15-16, Mark says that Jesus was nailed to the stake at the third hour (9 a.m.) and expired at the 9th hour (3 p.m.). That means he was on the stake for six hours before he died. Plus, he had been whipped and beaten for some time before the impalement. Did Jesus run away or beg the soldiers to stop the torture and the murder of him? No, he bravely endured and even refused to take the bitter wine to avoid dulling his senses to the pain. It is said that the whipping itself was sometimes enough to kill some, because of the straps that had jagged bone or metal tips on them. Jesus must have been scourged with that kind of whipped. When I tried to picture it all, it was extremely painful just to imagine it. In reality, it must have been far worse. But he still remained faithful despite the unimaginable physical suffering.
  13. Yes. Russians are tough compared to Westerners, but Central Asians and those in the Caucuses are even tougher than the Russians. We still have a lot of men in the traditional sense of the word. That is not to say that the West does not have them. It does, but feminism and effeminisation are having a negative impact on many. No offence. I personally would not be afraid of institutionalised torture by police or KGB, because they use only light forms that do not kill. I have not heard of a single fatality from police torture yet in our region. If I was tortured in prison, that would be different ball game. I could easily be killed without any serious consequences.
  14. Sorry, it is my mistake. I should not have posted the news about the brother failing to hold up under torture. I was genuinely sorry for him, but at the same time, I was surprised that he gave in so easily only after two hours' of torture. Mind you, it was not a sadistic form of torture where they pull out your finger nails with pliers or burn you with an iron etc, but a standard form of it practised often at official lawā€enforcement bodies in our parts. Worse things have happened to brothers and will likely happen more in future. So we need to be ready for anything, including death. I am not sure such things will ever happen in Western countries though, but it is a daily reality for many brothers in many parts of the world, including in my region. But as you say, let's drop the topic.
  15. In the past, yaks were poor people's animal of choice because they could ride, milk and eat them as well use their wool for making felt and clothing. Most importantly, yaks are semi-wild and do not require any feed. They can be let free on pastures in the mountains where they can take care of their needs all by themselves. In recent years, there has been a revival of yak breeding in my country. People have come to realise that yaks are lowā€input animals that can be bred for profit. Plus, its meat is known to be lean and low in cholesterol.
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