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  1. I like that Greek sounds nice and it's easy to read. But it's difficult to write and it has comlicated grammar. Also I would prefer if the alphabet was the same with English so recent features of smartphone keyboards like dual languages were available and I wouldn't need to change keyboard so often. Also I would prefer if it was more compact. I have noticed that the sentences are larger in Greek than in English because the words are longer. So English phrases are more elegant.
  2. I figured that they are right wing. But I didn't know they spread antivaccine messages as well.
  3. Are you alright, bro?

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS

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      Let us pray to our God of tender mercies to watch over our precious brother Nurzat during his time of need.

      Ps. 57 : 1  Show me favor, O God, show me favor,

                        For I take refuge in you,

                        And in the shadow of your wings I take refuge until the troubles pass.

    2. Vasilis


      Brother Nurzat is ok. Can't reply to this message. He and his son need our prayers especially now.

  4. Seeing that we havent reached peak yet and that we are still rising in ACTIVE numbers, to my understanding is that we haven't even reached the middle yet.
  5. Statistics rely on the frequency and availability of tests. I don't know how respresentitive of the reality they are. The most obvious example is China which has vasty more cases and deaths than they announce.
  6. There is an explanation about the number. Chris Chappel explains it on this video. Yes China is propably lying about the real numbers but no 21 million people did not die.
  7. Well apart from the mobile phones. Now there are more reasons to not trust the numbers China is publishing.
  8. Blake Fuller want to brake the world record racing uphill on Pikes Peak on a Tesla model 3. The funny thing is he currently owns the record from a year ago on a Tesla model S. Covid19 has made things difficult but we will see I guess. Check out the YouTube channel Electric Performance dedicated on this.
  9. F1 is criticised to be boring because of the lack of overtakes. Which is due to the aerodynamic disadvantage a car had when following another car. While I agree this aerodynamic problem needs to get adressed and I would like to see more overtakes, F1 is exciting if you know what to look for. The general rule to follow when watching F1 is to become a strategy engineer of a team or muiltiple teems simultaniously. No matter how boring and predicable and easy a race is for ...... Mercedes..... they too need to pay close attention to the lap times of their cars and their rivals and the weather and the tyre lifespan and speed of their car vs their rivals. And that takes effort. Try to be that guy. But Covid19 had to ruin it for this year. Nobody knows what is going to happen for the sport this year.
  10. https://lifehacker.com/force-android-10s-dark-mode-on-individual-apps-with-dar-1841577354 Found a solution. With this app which is not on the play store you can make it so only selected apps are darkened. Doesn't require for but it does require connecting your phone to a PC
  11. A friedn of mine tried it on his OnePlus 7 and it worked.
  12. Happy to see our work recognised. I am sure many other brothers are examples of this all over the world. Here are some pictures of that:


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