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    I found the truth when I was praying to God. Then a friend in catholic youth organization introduced me to a Jehovah's witness.. I studied for 8 months and got baptized in 1998. I became inactive for 9 years because I wasn't able to overcome my being so sensitive with imperfections in the congregation.. Gladly , one of the talk was given and its says in psalms that "for those who love Jehovah, there
    s shouldn't be a stumbling block" and went back to the congregation in 2007. I did auxilliary pionering since 2011 and with Jah's help, I did regular pioneering for 1 and 1/2 years. Im raising a daughter so I would plan to back to fulltime service again after my job is done.

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    reading, music, animals, teaching, making friends

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  1. So the king of the north wants to influence Europe. Then perhaps, they will against England.. then they will influence UN...I hope this is it!
  2. Its my first time that I hear bomb cyclone.. ..hmmm. I think news is really exaggerating.
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/03/13/us/winter-storm-blizzard-wednesday-wxc/index.html How are the bros and sis in Central US now? Unspeakable things happening these days.
  4. Yes true.. Im nervous in a tense situation..Im still learning to calm my nerves.
  5. Its really encouraging for me to hear this again. We are really close. When I was a student at school , I like to study history but I found out that it's horrible.. Injustice, slavery, suffering are part of history. In Jehovah's new world. All of these will be erased.
  6. It reflects the society as groaning.. ‘There is no peace,’ my God has said, ‘for the wicked ones.’”—ISAIAH 57:21
  7. How about pepper spray when you're not in the ministry? for personal use? Is it ok?
  8. We didn't receive that training yet in 2015.. But cart witnessing was already open at that time and we asked permission from the elders though. And he didn't grab at me yet because we already spotted him .. He kept on passing by but he looked at us differently... We've been there in that place many times but nothing happened so we thought (out of imperfection) that situation would just passed.
  9. Yes... because they need to protect their business.
  10. I think subtle attack is more dangerous than frontal attack or both... For example, all Israelites were saved in the red sea.. But 3,000 men fell into immorality in the plain of Moab. Our bro and sis in Russia are ready during the great tribulation.. But people in affluent countries are bombarded by materialism everyday..
  11. He has to give encouragement to Russian bro and sis in the court too. Sometimes it easier to fight frontal attack than subtle attack.. In the talk, brothers in Germany remained faithful in concentration camps. But few fell into materialism and immorality afterwards.
  12. Jehovah will put into their hearts.
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