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  1. I think so.. not beliving that eating animals was Gods menu for humans.
  2. which notebook model do you have? i upgraded all my friends laptops with ssd.. 240 Gb is good deal for system disk. on ebay you can find unbranded cheap ssd-s.. i prefere samsung, kingston etc.. but there are many for just 30$ dell 5030 must be deassemble completely but must tutorials are on youtube.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-120GB-for-Kingston-A400-SSD-SATA-III-2-5-Internal-Solid-State-Drive/283314241870?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131003132420%26meid%3D82873a99ea9b4f5eb0236630c274d369%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D153331428902%26itm%3D283314241870&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 cheap one 240 Gb https://www.aliexpress.com/item/sale-Kingspec-7MM-2-5-SATA-III-6GB-S-SATA-ii-3-2-hd-ssd-120gb/32357317121.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000013.2.77191807l43v78&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller&scm=1007.13339.99734.0&scm_id=1007.13339.99734.0&scm-url=1007.13339.99734.0&pvid=7898a226-ba80-43d0-bdd4-456d5f2036cc https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KingSpec-SSD-HDD-2-5-SATA3-SSD-120GB-SATA-III-240GB-SSD-480GB-SSD-7mm/32957492925.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.4.59a26e3d9aauzn&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreOtherSeller&scm=1007.13338.128206.0&scm_id=1007.13338.128206.0&scm-url=1007.13338.128206.0&pvid=1d484e0e-ba06-4b6e-aa87-ac167e81bb93
  3. Get Adguard pro. It blocks all even in ios.. https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html
  4. Adam have lot of fets, animals, i think.. and some of them died, he feels sorrow, but perfect mans nervous system works better than ours. we remember Jesus cryed, but he was not sad too much. emotions can be controlled, perfect humans contolling it better, feel sorrow but not like us.. we are humans wit deffective health, state of mind, nervous system etc.. inperfect..
  5. we know animals are not created to live forever. when first man Adam was created on earth, animals were already living there and dying. that is reason why Adam understands what it means whe Jehovah said: "if you eat from that tree you will dye" sometimes i am wondering is it normal that animals eat one another, whole ecosystems worked that way a long period of time.. if somewhere birds are missing, there are too many insects, and so.. animal world like we see seems to be in harmony if there is no the influence of man. wondering also will in NW animals be all vegetarians, i can see animal death, but one animal eating another animal is to me very disturbing. some animals are cannibals too..
  6. you cant get into system to do a reset of pc, so, find newest version of windows 10 using media creation tool, dont worry about licence, it is written on motherboard.. you will need another pc (friends or else) when you get your copy of windows, same like was installed on pc, burn it on dvd or make bootable usb stick.. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 after that, put dvd or usb stick in your pc and try to boot from it.. toshiba boot menu should be "Del" or F2.. when pc starting to boot from extrnal device, you can do a fresh install of windows 10.. follow instructions and if hardware is good, it will be finished in half of hour (faster if you boot from usb 30 and have SSD instead HDD) after beginning, pull battery out and connect only power source from electric cable and wall outlet.
  7. nothing, i think they already have enough teeth.. attack will come unexpected. they just need Jehovah sign to start reacting against religions all over the world..
  8. Why did autor link it here. If link was not here, pdf would still bi online :-D
  9. surely we have great brotherhood in China right now, like it was under ban in USSR in past.. worship under ban, many special pioneers and misionares are there from other countries, mostly Japan..
  10. agree.. there are no more privacy at all.. if you have android or apple phone, every one have loction services, government or any public institution can locate you in a minute..
  11. it will be only available thru JW library.. no pdf-s any more for that old book. (30 years?)
  12. from my country finally leaves winter, and spring is coming, the most beautiful seasons .. it is currently 1 degree celsius, today it should be around 5-6 degrees ..
  13. I think at that time there were not millions of people who spread on the ground. They built a Babylonian tower to stay together, instead of being distributed. They later spread, but Noah could only preach to a small amount of people. I think that then there was more land than the sea, I doubt that Jehovah would create the planet only 30% of the land. At that time everything was as God created in the beginning and there were also "water above the surface" which I think were flooded over the ground during the flood and filled the surface with water, so now we have a planet with 70% sea and ocean and only 30 % land. the first human civilization before the flood I think could not see direct sunlight but dispersion, because of that water in the atmosphere and surely, seeing directly in the sunlight is dangerous to the eyes. After the flood, people spread across the globe and created antique communities, such as Inca, Maya, North American Indians, India, Aborigines, etc., perhaps they did not have to sail, perhaps the country was otherwise geographic structures so they could walk from continent to continent and later the sea occupied those spaces. that is what I think .. NHF ..
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