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  1. Thanks for that explanation. Unfortunately, in the past I was sent links to videos on Youtube of talks or convention programs and many often shifted halfway through into some apostate message, and so I've avoided viewing them since -- especially after JW Broadcasting. It takes a lot of patience for me because I want some of these convention videos so bad, but Jehovah is well aware I need to work on that quality so I figure it's just part of my training.
  2. Yeah, that's how I got a copy of the entire 2016 program, from a family member. I really just wanted the final video anyway. 😉
  3. I thought about this too. Unfortunately, most of the videos from the conventions end up on Youtube and because we're explicitly told not to do that, I feel that watching the videos there (even if it's to build up myself, like that final video) is either a) sharing in their wicked works, which is admittedly a bit of an extreme view, or b) supporting efforts to disobey. That's why I just wait until the following spring for the official videos to be released. Better quality too. Of course, once you attend you can always request from your local elders the official video recording of the program and get the videos that way.
  4. I've heard this illustrated that we can sometimes be like kids who reject their parent's help. A child get a small cut and when the parent tries to help the child pulls away. Sometimes kids just want to stew and wallow before accepting help. I think we can be like that with Jehovah sometimes. He tries to help by sending someone to our house or call us to encourage us but we don't answer the door/phone. So, I guess to answer your question...childishness?
  5. All of Judges 15 makes me laugh. Samson is a total madman and Jehovah is apparently fine with all of it! Here's the rundown: Samson's father-in-law gives his wife to another man and offers the more attractive younger sister to Samson. He replies, "This time I cannot be blamed by the Philistines for harming them." Wait a sec. This time?? Then he goes and gathers 300 foxes (somehow) and before LIGHTING THE FOXES ON FIRE, he ties their tails together with a torch in the middle!!! The foxes burn everything down. But Samson isn't done yet. When the Philistines find out he did this, they kill his wife and father-in-law because...reasons. Samson tells them: "If this is how you act (wait a second, you just set their fields on fire with FOXES!!!), I will not quit until I take revenge on you." He slaughters them all and hangs out in a cave afterwards, presumably to sleep because he's had a busy day gathering foxes and killing Philistines. But wait, there's more! The Philistines want Samson handed over so 3000 men of Judah ask Samson (who's still in the cave) why he did what he did. Samson's reply: "As they did to me, so I did to them." They promise not to attack him but bind him in order to hand him over. That's when Jehovah (who, by the way, has not indicated any disapproval over Samson's behavior) allows him to free himself from the ropes, after which Samson kills 1000 men with a jawbone of a donkey. After all this, what does he do? "...he threw the jawbone away and called that place [Lofty Place of the Jawbone]." Can't you just wait to meet this guy in the Paradise?
  6. I'm not sure he was being that specific, rather just letting us know the other two parts would be coming. Still, if my memory serves me correctly, it seems like there is a two week gap between the releases of parts 1 and 2 for these types of programs. Part 3 is usually a week after part 2. However, with the first Monday this January being the 7th, that pattern may not hold up. If that happens, then there is a two week gap between part 3 and February's broadcast. That gap could be filled by "Be Courageous" RC videos now that everyone has had theirs. Having said all that, trying to parse the brother's words like this is a posthumous Tupac album might be a huge waste of time and we should all just be patient. 😁
  7. When all this was going down in April 2017, Newsweek had an article that gave four reasons why we were being persecuted. 1) We're headquartered in the United States, so Putin sees us as an American enterprise, 2) we are politically neutral, so Putin has no use for people who don't vote for him, 3) we don't serve in the military, so Putin views us as useless citizens, and 4) he cannot control us. I think the last one is the most accurate. Autocrats like to control everything and everyone. We'll always be viewed as enemies by these type of leaders.
  8. Great summary. My family loved the video. My 8 year-old whispered to me after it, "That was the greatest video I've ever seen!" That's as good a review as any.
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