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  1. That guy is very excited about rhubarb!😆 Did I catch that correctly? The forced rhubarb is not as tart? Or sweeter? Very interesting. Grows ubiquitously here to the point where you can't give it away! (Kind of like zucchini!) (I always wanted to see that area, having been a James Herriot fan 😉)
  2. Poor kitty, LOL! ..... and cologne?!🤔 I hope it's toxin-free!
  3. Please don't ask writers to share their books for free🙂. Imagine you worked for hundreds of hours at your job and your super then told you that you wouldn't be getting paid for it because someone wanted a freebie. Of course, it's their preogative if they wish to, but this may be someone's livelihood. (As an aside, we also should not be using pirated book sites to obtain ebooks -- or anything else -- for free.) Many books can be obtained via your local library, and they often also have ways you can view ebooks through their portal.
  4. Do you know much about that site? There's a lot info online saying that they have obtained books w/o authors' permission. We should not be using pirated ebooks, etc.
  5. Having always been interested in and amazed by all the various flood legends from around the world, I began to wonder several years ago if there were any similar legends related to paradise/"the fall," etc. There is a brief mention of them in WOL as I recall, and then I finally found a book that basically collates and discusses them. Their plenteousness and the specificity of some of them will blow your mind. And the author makes it clear that these legends existed in various cultures long before missionaries arrived in the area. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/083560716X/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 A must read!😁
  6. I took this video. Amazing stunts by this momma bear! And it's hard to tell, but they are WAY up this cottonwood!
  7. I live in Alaska and have never been in any actual ER, but sounds like a blast. Looking forward to the day we can do it - sans mask, etc.!!!!😁
  8. Is that a new model from RAD?! I have a RADMini and absolutely love it! I have several health issues and, with the Mini, I go places I could have never gone before and still get a great workout! Enjoy!
  9. This blog (mostly scriptural topics) is well written and by a brother in my best friend's congregation. He used to write for a newspaper (same topics). Not sure if he still does. http://www.biblefriendlybooks.com/ He also has a couple books on Amazon (scripturally-based fiction, I think you'd call it).
  10. Hello! I've been really (**really**) struggling with evidence such as this. If we believe in an "old earth" and all the epochs of dinosaurs, it's clear (also based on evidence of predation in both the fossilized bones of prey and remnants of prey found in predators' stomachs) that these creatures were created to kill and consume one another long before man entered the earthly scene and all animals and man were at peace and ate only vegetation. I hate suffering of any kind and have no way of reconciling how Jehovah -- who commanded the Israelites to care for their domestic animals in a way that would prevent their suffering -- also seemingly created animals that kill one another. And if you know enough about predation, the hormones that dull pain do not last long, and many deaths are not quick and painless. Suffocation, anyone? Parasites that grow from inside another creature and kill them slowly...? I could go on......... I have battled with this conundrum for years and it really affects me spiritually. I'd appreciate any insight anyone may have. 💙 As a side note, I discovered my second favorite book of all time: "Memories and Visions of Paradise." It's basically a deep dive into all the legends of paradise before "the fall" found among native people around the world - similar to the flood legends. I find some consolation in the fact that these stories often reinforce what the scriptures tell us -- that people and animals coexisted peacefully and man had a very close relationship with "the divine" before some darkness entered the scene and caused a massive alienation. It's super fascinating. https://smile.amazon.com/Memories-Visions-Paradise-Exploring-Universal/dp/083560716X/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  11. Thanks for posting all these resources. I have read a lot of Behe's stuff, but I never heard he believed in aliens as a possible source of life! 👽
  12. My memory fails me, so I don't recall if this was from last year or the year before - but I noticed it wasn't original music from the Society, so I looked it up. It's beautiful and very moving. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B008HYVGLI?trackAsin=B008HYVIBG&ref=dm_sh_c3d2-47b0-e9de-7eb9-8a867🎵 Enjoy!👍 
  13. I loved River!!! The first episode (brief gory scene) put me off for a moment, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I balled my head off during the final episode 😭. I love that it was such an atypical (for most modern programming) love. I am still trying to fathom how they conveyed such emotion so strongly without any blatant or explicit overtures - so subtle, but at the same time so moving! Great acting! Love them both!💚 Oh, yeah, and then I bought the song, of course... 
  14. I've read many of their books as well. Great stuff! I have Behe's new book on pre-order also. Thanks for the additional recommendations!

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