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  1. You don't need a premium AntiVirus to prevent potentially unwanted aplication (PUA) from entering your PC. This will only drain your money and RAM. Since many of the web browsers have built-in malware scanning feature. it will automaticly display a warning screen when you're visiting a malicious website. And it will scan anything you've download. It's looks like you've been victim to an Phishing attack.
  2. Maybe it's just a false alarm. Since covid is a new disease there are many things we don't know about this virus. From what I know, the covid virus is like any other virus, for example HIV. people who're infected with the HIV virus will not show any symptoms. Even 3 months after they were infected with the HIV virus, when they are tested, the results will usually be non-reactive (negative) since there are not enough antibodies formed in the patient's body to fight this virus could be detected. New symptoms will be felt years later, when the person's health has deteriorated, and various diseases that accompany HIV infection appear. If it is too late to get treatment, people who have reached the final stage (AIDS) will be very difficult to treat.
  3. Hey, what is your dog's name? 🐕‍🦺 He says it's rolex. It's a watch dog Something i shouldn't ever say.
  4. magnitute 5.8 is quite big especially when you're living near of the epicentrum
  5. There should be someone here create a special thread regarding the treatment for coronavirus infections. Since there is no standard drugs available, many just try to use drugs that have been used for other diseases. for example drugs for ebola. Since the best and currently available coronavirus treatment therapy is by using blood plasma which is certainly against our belief. it makes me worry. it could be a brother/sister who is unconsciously receiving therapy without his/her knowledge or through coercion.
  6. Most people in Asia wear facial masks not only because of government regulations but also part of their culture. Since most people who are infected with Covid don't feel any symptoms for several weeks. they can transmit the infection to others through droplets that fall to the surface when coughing or sneezing. In the streets of almost every second person wears a mask and on public transit 8 in 10 if not more. All health and public facilites require that anyone who enters should wear a mask. Asian who don’t wear masks now being seen as dangers to the crowds. It is no coincidence that the number of Covid infections in most Asian countries is much lower than in other parts of the world.
  7. That computer must have done very complex calculations using Microsoft Excel
  8. The body has the ability to recognize germs or viruses and fight it once our immune system memorize it. That's why diseases such as measles and smallpox which have destroyed the native indian's population (such as Aztec). But only brought a little death to Europeans. Because Europeans have known this disease since 500 years earlier and have immunity against it.
  9. Many countries impose a "new normal" even though they are not ready because it is based on economic considerations. The economy cannot work if people are just at home. That is why they impose social distance, face masks, etc. so they could move on but with extreme care. But for a densely populated country like India, where even getting a seat on the train is not even possible. that norm seems like it's not working.
  10. This disease can cause death especially if someone has comorbidity (accompanying diseases) such as high blood pressure, lung disease, or diabetes. That's why the death percentage of elderly who are infected with covid is quite high. Because their lacking of immune system, accompanied by various comorbidity that are very common in old age. Plus, since covid vaccines that being developed in many countries are aimed at ages 18 to 60, they are less likely to get benefit from the vaccines suppose that if it already available.
  11. The same thing happen here brother. We often follow the CDC or WHO guidelines. Your salary won't be cut if you are told to rest for at least 2 weeks. Since most people infected with covid have no symptoms, most are able to recover on their own with enough nutrition and rest. That's what i'm doing. Thank brother. I hope you and your family will always be okay Regarding the use of face masks. The main purpose is not to prevent transmission of infection. No, because most nano-sized viruses would easily penetrate even surgical masks. But masks can prevent people who have been infected with covid from spraying most of the droplets through their mouth and nose to all the surface/places that will be touched by others. That's why most covid infection are usually transmitted within the family. Because they often shared the same tools such as table, chair, cutlery, plate, door handles, etc.
  12. To find out someone has been infected with covid or not could be through various ways. A few months ago by Rapid Test. Your blood at the tip of the finger is taken with a tool. But because the accuracy of this tool is very questionable, health facilities are rarely using this tool anymore. Swab tests are more accurate, but even if the results are positive, future results may turn negative. Most symptoms can be cured by itself. That is why employees who are indicated to be infected by covid are instructed to rest at home for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks they were tested again and the results were negative, they were declared safe.
  13. That's bad news brother shawn. I've also just been diagnosed with covid infection after the fourth PCR test. Health facility is a place that have a very high risk. All employees and visitors here are instructed to wear face masks. But it already been more than 10 percent of employees here are infected. I think I will continue to be homed for an indefinite time. it's easy if you live alone, but another thing if you live with an elderly person.
  14. This virus makes people start acting weird. Open the door with the elbow or tissue. wearing face masks when they are being alone.

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