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  1. yes, Behind the splendor of the Borobudur Temple in Central Java, the mystery is still kept. Especially related to the loss of Buddha statues whose head has yet to be found. Of the 504 Buddha statues left by the king of the 8th century. There are 248 statues that are now in a headless condition.
  2. You mean Siddharta Gautama? being Buddhist means those who are conscious or who are seeking true enlightenment. And Siddharta as its founder. Buddhists generally do not regard Siddharta Gautama as the first or the last Buddha. (Divinity in the Buddhism). Most think of him as an example for humans who have been conscious (the core of Buddhist teachings). This is somewhat similar to the Confucianism religion. Many people have known the history of it's founder - Confucius who was a politician living in Lu state (China). Who, since he often opposed certain policies of his government, then he was exiled and became a wandering scholar. Until finally he was invited to return to his country at a very old age. Through his writing his status was elevated from an ordinary man to a prophet. Now if you're visiting a pagoda you will find a statue of Confucius there.
  3. I don't understand why people can do that to the god they worship. Decapitate their god's head and sell it to the art collectors or to an online website. Since many Buddhists worshiped Buddha statues like the god himself was present. The god they hoped could give them eternal life. There must be something with their hearts.
  4. Not all free VPNs are bad. Using free VPN means it's already too much used by people and that certainly will affects on speed. Why do you say free VPNs offer little privacy since free VPNs usually didn't ask us to register to get their services. Even if that is so, one can easily use false information. While paid VPN requires us to fill in the correct details used for payment. (paypal, credit card, etc). Whether using paid or free VPN will not protect us from the threat of phishing (fraud) or keylogger and other cyber crime.
  5. It's still better rather than the Buddha's head statue in Indonesia, mostly headless.
  6. If you want to 'donate' some of your money in order to get fully privacy and security that's impossible. Although paid VPN provider offer premium service which promised they won't sell your personal data (traffic, logs, IP and other) to third parties. and also didn't save logs But, the VPN company itself can keep your personal data and logs of your activity as your ISP could. Since they need that for their interest. (which company doesn't store their customers data?) https://thebestvpn.com/118-vpns-logging-policy/ Most people are only safe while using VPN Unless you're using VPN to do something illegal. Since the Law Enforcement Agencies still able to monitor your devices directly, or force your VPN provider to record your actions. (since hackers has stolen billions of dollar from the Bank using VPN). Secondly if you use online services like google, outlook etc. These companies still can track you even if you use VPN (since you're logging into their account). Basically, VPN’s might make your IP harder to unravel, but that doesn’t mean there’s no other way of finding you. but of course, it is an extreme case.
  7. That’s because a VPN helps users evade traffic from governments and ISPs. some government just doesn't like with the free speech You can use the DNS jumper software. It has little effect to speed up our internet connection. But it can also open sites that are blocked by some governments. for example jw.org in russia. it's also free.
  8. This depends on what usage. on most smartphones. for example, the iPhone has a default VPN installed. and this is pretty good. if you can get a free VPN at a low price why should you use the paid one. if you have high speed of internet access. You won't see the difference between free and paid VPN. I've been using free ones for years and this is pretty good. Especially since most people use VPN only to bypass any geo-based restrictions and hide your identity while shopping online.
  9. Replacing storage media with SSD will definitely make the operating system (OS) will run faster. but there are other parameters. Buying a new laptop is not always we will get a faster Processor and more RAM (depending on the budget you provide). But on new laptops it usually has fewer problems. in my opinion the new HDD is not much different than the obsolete SSD. On obsolete laptops, the operating system has been packed with so many applications that are sure will overload the system, not to mention fragmentations, and residues that has been mounting. a problem that is rarely encountered on new laptops. For some applications (for example AAA games or photography processors). Greater RAM and a more sophisticated graphics processor (APU) will play more roles rather than SSD storage.
  10. how could you say that to that cute animal? well, i don't know, but that seem very delicious.
  11. I really miss there will be a resurrection for the dodo bird since they have become extinct due to human activity.
  12. Unlike HDD, SSD has no moving parts (consists of many mechanical parts and rotating discs) so it has much longer lifespan, but doesn't mean they will last forever while only 80% of the most hard drives work 100% in the first 4 years of their anniversary, SSD could live much longer. (SSD is claimed to last more than 20 years). But SSD has disadvantage ; since the SSD must often be connected to electricity, the SSD can lose its data if a PC/laptop-mounted SSD device is not turned on for a long period of time. also, the increasing temperature on the SSD caused by the surrounding environment, the faster the SSD could loses its data.
  13. That's the problem. we all know SSD are much faster than hard drive because they are much more expensive. With the same price SSD capacity is only 1/4 to 1/2 of the hard drive. speed comes along with price. for little less than 200 dollars, I'll prefer my money to buy a new notebook rather than to buy an SSD. if you have hobby to collecting multimedia files such as movies or musics. 500 gb of storage won't last more than 2 years.
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