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  1. Sorry, but I'm not speaking about future, I'm speaking about past. Russian citizens were tortured, foreigner - was not. I'm also not speaking about quantity. I'm speaking about simple fact that they are treated diffetently. That's it.
  2. Yes, but as far as I know he was not tortured. That means he is treated differently.
  3. US citizens never had been treated like Russian citizens.
  4. Thank you for letting me know.. 😊 That's precisely why I posted pictures here...
  5. The plant was discovered in a half dead condition on a backyard of an old house I'm currently living in. Have no idea what is this? Could that be some sort of magnolia?
  6. Мы научились смерти не боятся, Не падать духом сидя у врача. С имуществом без боли расставаться, И хоронить спокойно,не крича. Теперь мы учимся, как ночью спать без страха. И лишнего на полках не хранить. Пароли, шифры. Спим теперь в рубахах. И учимся молчать, не говорить. Вся наша жизнь сплошное приключение, Не знаешь,что нам завтра принесёт. Но это страсть, не просто увлечение! На скорости мы входим в поворот. Мы не теряем радости в лишениях, Чем выше градус - тем сильней кураж! Адреналин кипит при впечатлениях, Под музыку включается форсаж. Бывает от нагрузки,что-то брызнет И кажется, что это всё.. провал.. Но я не сдамся в гонке ВЕЧНОЙ ЖИЗНИ! Кто Я? НЕ ЭКСТРЕМИСТ- Я ЭКСТРЕМАЛ!
  7. Got this today from my friends. Sounds to me like a song.... We know how to not afraid of sickness Not losing courage if we have to die. Give up all we posses without sadness And face the death of friends without cry. We now learning how at home be fearless How keep the house empty for the "guests" Keep everything encrypted, sleep in dresses And how to be not speaking, but speachless. All our life is now a pure adventure Noone can tell what nearest future holds But this is love not mere infatuation The bigger pressure, faster water boils. Adrenaline is speeding up my moving Sometimes it seems like I'm in a trap But in the trials our faith improving Between my faith and deeds there is no gap. I won't give up, cause it's for my life racing It does not matter how this world behave. They give me names as so as I'm crazy... Not extremist, extremal faith i have! Excuse my amateur translation, please 😶
  8. Comeon! They do not need oure names! They have full lists with our names. The only thing they really want is to break our integrity and get a confession that we are extremists.
  9. Did they get it finally? 😁 "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers to be cautious about establishments offering infusions of plasma obtained from young human donors with the claim that the infused plasma will treat a variety of conditions ranging from normal aging to memory loss." https://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAvailability/ucm631374.htm
  10. Yes it is. It is from the Society. I got it from my COBE first-hand. They also use several others VERY SPECIAL sites. Oh! And there is no link to jw.org because it is banned over there.
  11. No leaves so far.... looks like a bush ....
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