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  1. I wonder why it did not depict Daniel as being clothed with purple and having the promised gold necklace placed around his neck. Also being heralded 3rd ruler that night before Belshazzar was killed. (Daniel 5:28)
  2. The commentator helped me read between the lines. Implications are so shrouded by skillful language . Sometimes I miss exactly what's being said! Thanks , Sister Ross.
  3. Sorry to be late. I'm new to this forum and am only just seeing this question. But I'd like to contribute my bit to the confusion. The mating dance is so-o timeless not to mention universal. Even the animals seem to have their version of "does she, doesn't she. "With the common shortage of men it's more often does He, doesn't He. It's sad to see the situation with the aspirants for the marriage state at times. Sometimes the confusion in youthful hearts makes me glad to be "old" and delegated to the sidelines, an interested bystander. Do I believe in finding one's soulmate? Yes. Do I believe that was what Jehovah intended? Yes! At this point I need to explain that I really don't know, (but will investigate) what is actually meant by the expression soul mate and how it is generally understood. Because the expression strikes a chord in me and evokes a tender response I will share what I take it to mean and why I personally find it to be desirable even now. When a person truly becomes "one flesh" with another , being united in mind, flesh and deed, they are soul mates. That was Jehovah's intention for his human creation. At first they are merely marriage mates but with time ,effort and Jehovah's blessings they develop into soul mates. Eternity is not guaranteed because hearts can change at any time and in any circumstance. Is Jehovah instrumental in this? I believe he would be if you let him. Abraham's servant prayed for a suitable wife for his master's son. He even asked for a demonstration of the qualities that were most important. Jehovah was very responsive as we all know. I am noticing that the psalmist says that Jehovah is opening his hand to satisfy the desire (singular) of every living thing (plants and animals inclusive?). The greatest desire universal to all intelligent life is to be happy, I believe. I trust Jehovah knows how to make us so more than we know by ourselves. So we must trust him. At 67 years of age I am content and at my most happy time of life. Will I one day find my "soulmate"? Why not? I would like the experience and if that would make me happier Jehovah will make it possible. Does it matter when? Not really although I would prefer it in the new system.
  4. I like your mother's line of reasoning. Satan had tried that trick with Jehovah in Job's day centuries before Jesus came to the earth and it didn't work. Why would he be trying it again? Because he knew they were different entities and maybe, just maybe, he would have more success this time. Also, he knew one was greater, maybe he'd succeed with the lesser. Why would he try it in the first place? Because he judges others, even Jehovah, by himself. He would stop at nothing to achieve his ends and he cannot fathom anyone being different. Super-intelligent but totally warped, blinded by his own ego.
  5. If he had focused on Jehovah more and on himself less , his perception of Jehovah would have grown. Instead, he just couldn't stop gazing admiringly into his hand mirror.....and preening. After that it was:. Boy, how good I would look on that throne. It was all about him! The rest is history.
  6. Do you mind telling me what Under the Asian Shell means?

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Good morning Sister Jay (7.30 am/Belize 5.30 pm- previous day), 

      I'm from South East Asia. In this particular country there is a saying ' frog under the (coconut) shell'

      1. (idiomatic) An ignorant or unknowledgeable person, one of very limited outlook and experience.

      So, I'm bit like that proverbial frog. Most of the time, burying my head in some good read and not aware of what's happening around me.

      But in truth, the reason I changed the moniker is related to the moderator who was once known as Tortuga. That's a story for another day. 

      Thanks for reaching out and have a great day.



    2. Stormswift


      He should be called the Oncler *Richard I mean ... love the photo M'awan

    3. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      I think she was a bit too colorful, so she thot that the red flower bulb would help camouflage it. Or maybe the thing she is holding on to is so bad tasting that any predator would not go anywhere near it. 

      Whatever the case may be, it sure make for a comfortable security blanket. 

      Lose the Blanket, Linus!


      Sharing is caring.

  7. Over a period of almost 50 years I have prayed three times for Jehovah to help me then and there and he answered each time. I was out in service the three times and I'd like to relate the first two. I was a young pioneer, struggling with Spanish in a border town in Guatemala on a return visit on a young people. He was the local "judge" or justice of the peace and they both were ardent Bible readers but very oppionated and misguided. From an assortment of various Spanish translations he proceeded to prove that "Jehovah" was a different and lesser personage than "God". It was utter confusion and I felt totally out of my depth so I sent out an SOS to Jehovah. It was breathtaking how quickly my mind cleared and by the time he concluded his argument I was able to point out that Psalm 83:18 says that Jehovah is the most high, meaningthere is no higher God. So he must be the same most high spoken of otherwise. It was such a simple explanation that it was almost ludicrous how difficult it was for him to accept it. A few years later, on my side of the border, I was driven to send out another urgent appeal for help. Again it involved the Divine name. I was invited to speak to a small group of people in the rurals but one young man forbade the use of the NWT and insisted on distributing copies of the King James. His intent was to prove that the Lord is God's name because it seriously outnumbers the mention of Jehovah in the KJ. Then he proceeded to read some impressive texts in the name of the Lord and called down curses on me for altering the Bible. I needed help and it arrived right on time! While he was ranting I sat calmly turning the leaves of the KJ he had thrust into my hands, praying as I did so. Suddenly, my attention was caught by the explanatory notes in the back and under the heading TETRAGRAMATTON the KJ provided me with the explanation I needed. It turned out to be the only copy present to contain such notes. It was amazing how he just couldn't absorb what I read out even after I did so several times. Everyone else did. Even his Mom got so embarrassed and called out for him to shut up and actually explained to him what I had read. Except for one other time, I've had to wait patiently for Jehovah to answer my prayers and a few times the answer has even been "no" but that's ok. I want high will to be done.
  8. Am fascinated by the title of study article 42 viz- "What Will Jehovah Cause You To Become?". From the questions, all that's available right now, am discerning that if we allow him, Jehovah can equip us to serve him in special and unique ways. He can empower us and use us in the working out of his purpose. This prospect excites me so much! What a wonderful privilege extended to us especially at this time when his purpose is about to be fulfilled so spectacularly.

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