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  1. The subject index is fair to discuss of course, but perhaps not the cover picture though ( which was detailed in the OP and is clearly not publicly available yet, as it was obviously mined from the servers.) Maybe if the information was mined, and gets passed on, we should just keep it under wraps and not divulge it? That #3 Awake may be a month away from release yet.
  2. “On the servers” does not equate to being in the What’s New section on JW.ORG
  3. Floyd, the link for this update #8 was not on the What’s New page of JW.ORG before the message about the years text was posted… hence my initial comments. anyway, it’s old news and certainly not a surprise😂
  4. Faithful Christians have to enter and exit the GT being faithful ( per Bro. Cook’s talk at the last AM ) The GT will be a trying time as well for Christians… ( not worth dwelling on, but it’s reasonable to assume some may not make it through for one reason or another )
  5. The Last Days don’t really affect us the same as everybody else though… we have our relationship with Jehovah and the accompanying support in so many areas, including an awareness of where we are in the stream of time and a sure hope for the future. These are certainly game changers.
  6. You can provide a link directing or alerting people to the new update and link without dropping hints… I was expecting the new yeartext at the annual meeting or January study edition of WT.. so this was a little new and a nice ‘surprise’ if you will 😜
  7. Well put. Yes, I especially liked the “interested ones” comment as well ❤️
  8. The video was not released publicly ( as in, the What’s New section , or to the JW library app ) prior to the year text being mentioned in this thread. This is why I simply suggested just let it reach the ‘What’s New’ section prior to dropping the proverbial bread crumbs.
  9. Reminds me of that lovely letter he wrote and that Bro. Lett read at end of 2019 RC….
  10. Does 1 Cor 10:24 leave us in a stand off? Who wins the tie breaker? 😂
  11. I meant as in, a few hours after it’s in the What’s New wise guy 😜😂
  12. Well, it’s not even in the “ What’s new “ yet.. why not wait until the evening to start dropping breadcrumbs Nothing wrong with a welcome surprise..

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