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  1. I didn’t wait for an update. I uninstalled and re-installed 3-4 times and it worked by the last time and everything showed up
  2. I gave money to a DVD player because I'm hot and can do what I want what??!!!
  3. I just did mushrooms with butter, Italian dressing some red wine and drag some thyme through as your cooking
  4. I love cooking. A non witness friend refuses to cook. He burnt dirt and figured his cooking days were over.... Yes.... You saw that right- he burnt dirt... He was trying to bake the dirt to get impurities out or some such thing, dirt caught on fire and burnt.... After that he won't go near a stove, not even the range I don't think....it was really funny when he told me this story... Who burns dirt??? Lol
  5. Well... I had one to a work colleague that went Terribly wrong... It was someone I had only met once. He laughed about it, but I was worried I was going to get fired for sexual harassment.... Lol fortunately realized it right away and apologized... That was the worst ever... All of thes sexual things I wanted to do to him- when really it was supposed to be talk to you later we will keep in contact as far as the printer that doesn't work Soooo embarassing
  6. Is br Jackson ok? His left eye is like he is having trouble... Anyone know?
  7. I do much like Bea, have a 5 word summary I send out daily to about 75 people. It makes sure I read and they do too. I get a kick out of when randomly 10 people get it to me first
  8. I can live happily without bacon or ham. I'm with you mandi.
  9. I don't make soap but I use the oils for just about everything. Use them in baths- for health purposes- to help people release caged up emotions oil pulling ect
  10. Is anyone else not able to see photos on the website. It shows names of publications but no photos. Maybe just my machine
  11. Was just wondering with all this rockin and rolling here in SoCal if with the new halls if they have added structural support in areas prone to disaster? Just wondering
  12. Hola her nano Gutierrez. Lo siento. Me espanol es paquito mas bueno cuando Yo hablo. No escribo muy bueno. Te visitamos todo los lugares en los fotos? Hay mucho locaciones? No? Me gusta todos los fotos. muestra a jehovahs organización alcanza a todas las partes de la tierra Muchas gracias hermano
  13. My grandfather has been retired and had decided to move to northern ca. Anyhow. The guys house he stays at has 7 chickens and he has completely fallen in love w the chickens. Names em and everything. 75 is few more but you could love them too.
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