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  1. i completely agree. every;thing is different now. and ill be honest....a few years befor the virus began, i admittedly was scared out in service....i felt everything was different from a safety viewpoint. i felt like going to someones door was really taking a big risk. i wondered then how much longer will we be doing this and then suddenly as if out of the blue....the virus. now i feel even more so that it is truly dangerous to do what we did for years.
  2. wow im glad to hear someone express this...im sure there are many who have drawn happiness from being able to participate in this very different way. i hope for these individuals that we can continue to include as many as possible in our close brotherhood. funny how sometimes, we learn from adversity.
  3. my daughter has disautonomia,,,which is very similar to POTS It took along tome for her to be diagnosed because it isnt that common.
  4. i had moderna....first shot i felt no side effects...second one i was a little sick for a day with achey body and headache and alittle sore throat.
  5. early on there were some who thought the vaccine contained parts of aborted fetuses that would possibly raise a blood issue in their opinion.this was not true.
  6. I have a question….I LOVE the song on the convention that starts out. “Why should I fear the lion”. When will that song be available on our website? Or is it already somewhere…I just don’t know where?? Thanks
  7. Yes I have seen in life that people can offend others on trivial matters. Some people might make life easier and more enjoyable if they developed a more humble attitude about their personal opinion instead of thinking that they are absolutely right.
  8. i dont have any paper literature anymore. i throw old books out in the trash. its the message....not the ink.....
  9. i remember years ago there was an article in the watchtower that brought out that we dont know what the meaning of "saying" peace and security is. it could be yay we have peace and security....or o boy i wish we had peace and security... its impossible to know for sure until it actually happens.
  10. im confused on this thread. avuhe has asked about a paying job to support himself. some have suggested translation for jehovahs organization. how would that be a paying job>>??


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