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  1. Thank you so much Bro Chew, and can't express how much I appreciate your efforts with the transcripts. Since having covid my memory has been affected and I find it hard to now retain information. I try to make notes now but don't manage to always get everything. The transcripts and my notes are a real source of encouragement for me as I can keep going back and refreshing my memory and meditating on things. Thanks 👍🏽😁
  2. Hi, maybe you could watch an encouraging video together. The host could screen share and maybe have a discussion afterwards. For younger children you could play some of the Caleb and Sophia videos and ask questions about the video/ subject matter afterwards. Could take turns reading bible stories and always have the kids dress up as bible characters.
  3. When I saw this on the app it really made me emotional. Along with the other faithful brothers currently undergoing imprisonment and unjust treatment Bro Christiansen has been in our prayers since his imprisonment. Jehovah will no doubt sustain others still imprisoned as he has supported Bro Christiansen.
  4. I also am thinking of arranging a guess who zoom quiz, asking bros and sisters for different things such as an nice experiences they have had in the min, where and when they were baptised, how they came into the truth, there fav scripture and why it’s their fav etc. Once all Are read out bros and sisters have to guess who they think it could be and at the end the answers will be revealed. If anyone else has any suggestions on questions that could be asked please let me know 😊 thanks
  5. Hi all, I just wanted share some suggestions on ways we can keep in touch with bros/sisters to encourage each other in our congs and would welcome further ideas pls 💡 A sister from our old congregation (there are lots of kids in that hall) has the following idea, she sent this message to all in the hall - Dear Kids & Teenagers! Writers, Journalists, Reporters, Wanted!!! To encourage our Congregation I thought it might be nice to do a Nelson Gazette! Full of Good News only ofcourse. I'm looking for willing volunteers to submit pictures, poems, photo's etc. Maybe someone could write us an poem about the New world? Perhaps some of the kids could draw a picture of what they would like to do in paradise or their favourite animal? Maybe we could have someone interview some of our dear faithful ones. Eg. Ken and Sues special pioneer experiences? Or do you know a need greater abroad you could interview? How about suggestions to keep busy during isolation? Tell us a joke! A ministry experience you have recently had? What has been your favourite family worship project? Maybe some short stories.. What a day with Noah in the new world will be like? Dear Diary... (10,000 years into the new world) Blast from the past! - Could we get intouch and interview some friends that used to be from Nelson and are serving elsewhere? How about a scene from the bible built out of Lego! Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas
  6. Really agree with your comments that’s the first thing I thought, I was like wow I really miss my bros and sisters and second can’t wait to give them all great big hugs at the hall when we can meet and worship together again! Well done on your hard work helping and supporting our dear bro’s and sisters. 👍🏽
  7. Lovely video thank you. Is there any way we can download the video to our devices?
  8. Il be interested to see any ideas that are posted. 😊 Was going to post about ideas for virtual family worship with others. Before the outbreak we enjoyed regularly inviting bros and sisters from the hall to come and join us for fw. As our son is young our fw's are quite simple but we enjoyed being able to include others especially the older ones or those who are on their own. With the restrictions now I’m trying to think of ideas where we can do fw with others over WhatsApp, zoom etc or maybe games as has been already posted.
  9. We are just about to try out zoom for the first time with just 16 of us! If it goes well it will be implemented for the whole congregation. Quite nervous 😅 I’ve got a part and my husband has several, just hope it goes smoothly!
  10. I was sent this video it’s amazing! 😍 I hope it’s ok to upload it, please remove if not IMG_0851.MP4

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