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  1. *** ws17 November p. 18 par. 12 Imitate Jehovah’s Justice and Mercy *** 12 To view life as Jehovah does, we also need the right attitude about safety. We must drive and work safely, even when we are building, maintaining, or traveling to a place of worship. People, safety, and health are always more important than saving time or money. Our God always does what is right, and we want to be like him. Elders especially need to think about safety, both their own and that of others. (Proverbs 22:3) If an elder reminds you of safety rules or standards, listen to him. (Galatians 6:1) View life the way Jehovah does, and “no bloodguilt will come upon you.”
  2. Good grief I had my picture being taken.

  3. What denomination? Seemed like a funny to me!
  4. Great idea. I want a cherry pie, you have a cherry pie, and I trade you for a reel of spun cotton.
  5. Each one of us has to make a personal decission. I find it interesting that those who refuse to have a flu shot are making it known they have had the COVID-19 vaccine. At work we had the Ntional Gaurd come in and give the two dose version. Some went home sick. Some for a day, others a couple of days. Especially after the second dose. I am glad the Governing Body did research on the vaccines and whether or not they had major blood fractions use din the manufacturng of them. I still know people who think that is how they are made.
  6. yes, it is taking up room for more bacon Bacon TP?
  7. hey wait, i thiught you could only chnage one letter. Are you cheating? hehehe Milch
  8. Sounds like proms are nothing more then retaliation for the Rolling Stones.
  9. Well being a non believer when i went to our prom, I can tell you it is not a place for christians. Now schools are holding them at hotels and students rent rooms. Need I say more? At my prom, we held it at a Lion's club. We broke into the beer storage and well the rest of the night was interesting.
  10. Would like to level my yard a bit for trip hazards and looks. If I was to raise certain areas up by 6 - 8 inches, would you use fill dirt or clay than topsoil? Thoughts?
  11. Hot wire should go to switch first, typically a black wire. The white wire or neutral goes driectly to the device. Ground, green wire or bare would go to the ground. If you wire the hot to the neutral the cassis or case could be hot. White is the current carrying ground or center tap on the trasnformer. Green is non current carrying ground. Sounds like a good way to kill someone. Switch on the neutral side would allow for power on the device and touching the device, you coul dbecome the neutral, or path to ground. That is deadly. You can buy these with GFCI testing buttons. Good to test you GFCI's, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor outlets at least once a year.
  12. After my vaccine, I had a choice a frontal lobotamy or a bottle in front of me. Which do you think I choose?


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    I was in a basement band and overdosed a couple of times. I would wake up in the middle of nowhere, remembering how I got there but not why I stayed. After a few other bad experiences, I knew I needed to change my life. To quote the Moody Blues " I was looking for a miracle in my life". Ended up becoming friends with a musician who was extremely good. He had a chance to tour with Jeff Beck, but because of his drug issue, Beck dumped him supposedly. He studied for seventeen years when we started renting a house together. He gave a Happiness book to the lead guitar player of the Teen Angels and while at his home I picked it up a read a bit of it. Then he gave me the book "Like Has a Purpose" and read it cover to cover in a few days. My dreams started to be positive. I had a really hard time as I was exposed to a spiritistic ritual and blacked out for around ten minutes being wakened up by two friends shaking me and asking if I was alright. I was told I was blessed as someone from the dead was trying to contact me, freaked me right out. Of course, now I know what it really was. Like I said I needed a miracle in my life.

    Well, my roommate started up his studies again. I was cleaning the fireplace while they were studying about hell and the immortal soul. I never believed either of these. I stopped attending the Catholic Church when I was fourteen. Hated the hypocrisy, especially around Christmas, hated that holiday. Well, I could not resist, I had to sit in on the study.

    I was attending all meetings within a month, cut my hair and got rid of all my Black Sabboth shirts. Stop drugs cold turkey, flushed hundreds of dollars down the toilet. The guy who introduced me to Jehovah's Witnesses was mad about that, he wanted me to give the junk to him. Then he started to bring women home for me. I would tell them I am going to bed, alone, and would lock my door. I moved out and stopped associating with him. He never did do anything and died about eight years later.

    While attending my first convention I looked around during a song and said to myself, self, these are my people. I was baptized in a year from my first study. Now I am a happy need greater in rural Alabama.

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    the truth, golf, LDC, music and trying to live up to my dedication.
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    life has a purpose. Gods Love
  • My favorite music
    all types, mostly sixties, and seventies (not disco) classical, chamber, big band, some folk, oldies but goodies.
  • My favorite movies
    Prodigal Son. NehiThe Greatest Game Ever Played, Secretariat,
  • My favorite quotes
    "The Gentile Times have ended, their kings have had their day" Charles Taze Russell
    "Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle." Michael Angelo

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