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  1. I get tired of pigeons flying all the way to my balcony to build their nests. I have to clean them every time, and they don't go away.😅

  2. If it's purely physical, rather than genetic, human bones can withstand up to 7 g of acceleration. The density of the human body is about 1 gm/cm³, so if you're taller than 7 meters, your bones will break, so the upper limit is 7 meters. That's all I know
  3. There have been 10 cases in the Netherlands.The anti-epidemic measures adopted by the Netherlands have been questioned by many Chinese people, but some said there was no need to worry about the highly developed medical and health services in the Netherlands.All I can do is protect myself and wash my hands(My mother bought a lot of food at home last week, so I don't worry about food😂).The reaction of Chinese and Dutch people is totally different.The most Chinese in the Netherlands are now worried that the Netherlands will become the next Italy and the Dutch people think this is normal. https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2020/03/dutch-coronavirus-cases-rise-to-10-hospital-closed-pending-contact-research/

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    I had been in a Chinese church, but then I dropped out and I met Jehovah's witnesses.Then I studied the bible and baptized.

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    Outdoor sports
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    All kinds of books about animals
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    Some JW original songs,
    Chinese song
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    Spirited Away
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    Proverbs 13:20

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