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  1. Final update: unfortunately no possibilities without cracking the system. It fails on admin and system rights. Apple blocked the deeper system rights, and to work with that u need to crack the systems rights. And neither me nor my son wants to do that. So the adventure ends here. The available possibilities are: parallel, bootcamp and blue stack. Or switch to a windows machine🙈😳
  2. A little update: my son spend several hours to find a solution and found some interesting possibilities. But most of them would involve a lot of programming in the console and maybe even breaking open some system possibilities that are closed by Apple. If that would be needed, than it’s not advisable if you are not a very experienced programmer because the system could become unstable (that’s why it’s closed by Apple 🙈). So now he needs to take some time to overthink the possibilities and see if there is a way to run wine again without hardcore programming. To be continued....
  3. U could use Parallels 16 but than u also need a windows license to run. Or dual boot your system with Bootcamp and if needed start the machine as a windows version. On previous versions I had it running with Wine. But atm I’m now using a windows machine for Zoom or my iPad. I can ask my son if he wants to look at it. He’s studying IT. Maybe he can find a solution
  4. Problem is solved, my father also downloaded the file, so I can get a copy from him.
  5. I have downloaded the 2019 convention last year, and while trying to open the Friday morning session I found out the sound is missing (only a few minutes available). Unfortunately the convention is not available anymore on stream.jw.org Surinam-Dutch is available, but that’s not the same because we had a international convention. has anyone an idea how I can obtain te Friday morning session in Dutch? Btw, I opened the corrupted file in davinci resolve to see if I could do anything with it, but found out most of the soundtrack is completely missing. thanks in advance
  6. Even here in Europe it's in the news the storm made landfall and the damage is enormous. As in the news here a huge flooding with heights up to 6 meters (18 feet) is expected 😳 Hopefully all our friends that got the warning to leave the area. And all others affected to storm are save now. The only thing I can do now is pray for all of you that got affected bij this monstrous Storm. Please be safe my friends
  7. You should try peanut butter and sambal, or peanut butter and Salami 😋
  8. 🤔 And what if we are not able to find a reason to imitate...... for instance Eve or Jezebel? Maybe we can put down lessons learned about what not to imitate form them?
  9. I always keep saying: tomorrow I’ll fix it..... but when someone asks me te next day when I start..... I say.... Tomorrow 😇😂
  10. In the beginning of March we had the circuit overseer in the congregation and the last day of his visit we concluded with fieldservice and afterwards having a meal and some entertainment with the whole congregation. One bible student had been a reptile and vertebrate entertainer for living before he started to know the truth. He borrowed some species from his old friend to give some education to the friends enjoying their meal. At that point I never seen a spider, snake or lizard other than in a Zoo. But my daughter, son and I were brave enough to have a large snake (don’t know the exact species) on our shoulder. Also my son and daughter handled a large spider. A Grammostola Rosea with a legspan proximate 8 inches or 20 cm..... At that point my daughter fell in love with these creatures en soon a few enclosures with some New World tarantula’s found their way to her room 🥺😬 Unfortunately she became allergic to the urticating hairs they have. And a painful decision was made. The collection had to leave again. Now she has one enclosure with some hissing Madagascar Roaches and an Asian forrest scorpion...... sometimes one of the roaches seem missing....... Snacktime for the scorpion 🙈 She also has 2 Arboreal Old world Tarantula’s wich dont have urticating hairs. In the picture is me with the snake in March. And the slomotion video is feeding one of the new tarantulas. IMG_8024.mp4

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