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    My dear mother-in-law studied with me for 8 years. I was difficult!

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    "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, nor have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him." 1 Cor 2:9

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  1. I suppose that, because the astrologists offered gold, frankincense , and myrrh, it was assumed that there were three.
  2. Denver International cancelled all flights and recorded a wind gust of 80 mph. Colorado Springs recorded one of 100 mph. We sat here watching my cat react to the wind gusts! The storm was really bad, no exaggerations!
  3. We didn't leave the house. We watched drifts piling up in our yard, but we saw no reason to go out. Today the sun is shining and the temperature is rising. The mountains are not visible from here, so we may have some weather coming, but nothing like we have experienced on Wednesday. Spring is on the way! The video on how to offer the Memorial invitation is, of course, very helpful. We will be using it soon!
  4. I just watched the video. What an inspiring talk! The GB is certainly preparing us for the trialsome times ahead. We cannot hope to survive if we are not humble, accepting our place in Jehovah's organization. There is a comment in today's text about being proud of our effort to obey Jehovah's standards.
  5. One of the things I appreciate at our new(? 5 years ago) Assembly Hall is the bathrooms. The stall locks all work, there are enough stalls so that the waiting lines are endurable, the paper supply is adequate, and everything is clean!
  6. I really appreciated the timing on this article about sexual abuse. I had just found out that a family member had been abused by her 2 years older brother when she was probably around 6 years old. I downloaded the article for her mother so she would have better information to help her daughter. I'm sure it helped both of them.
  7. Oh, what a waste! I'm crying as I bite into another Hershey's Nugget! I like the new Richard. How many cats are in your herd?
  8. What disturbs me is that many of Jehovah's people are getting tired. Satan certainly works to distract us, but now is not the time to give out.
  9. The Assembly Hall in San Antonio, Texas has a painting on the stage back that is done so skilfully that it looks three-dimensional. I don't have a picture because I moved back to Colorado in 2010. Check it out if you have the opportunity!
  10. I did my part last night, the third return. The brother and I discussed my counsel point, then we both said 'good bye' to the BE book. Not good bye forever, of course, because we will still use it extensively. It offers so much for those who are beyond the milk of God's word. It is a treasure that will never be out of step with the Chariot. The new book will stay with the simplified instructions that we need as this system drags to its death. The BE will always be there to sharpen our skills.
  11. Again, Carlos has restored reason to an explosive situation. If Putin had any inclination to do something about our brothers and sisters and their holdings, he would have done it. I see this as another ploy of Satan's to distract us. I see so much evidence that we are allowing ourselves to tire out. We must not allow that to happen! At Luke 21:28 Jesus urged us to recognize the signs and lift our heads up, but he did not tell us to slack off in our work. He encouraged us to work even harder, to save as many as possible. We can't be sleeping now.
  12. Aren't we privileged to have access to our dear brothers who work so hard to keep us within the Chariot? I watch so many of these short talks so frequently because they help me to shut out the world and keep my mind on spiritual things. I really appreciate that we are getting to know the GB and their helpers on a personal level. They have become real to us. Charlotte, go to jw.org , Programs and Events, then Morning Worship.There is a very long list of talks of about 10 minutes each.
  13. I can accept that 100% is not really possible. Perhaps some of the participants were thinking more on present problems and personal doubts and conditions. Burt, you have made a good point also. I think some of the participants may be apostates, too. Anything that Satan has access to will be tainted.
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