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  1. I am on the same path with my ideas, thoughts and conceptions. And I have been doing so for a very long time, dear Vassilidis. I have not followed everything from this video at the moment. I am watching it right now. What we, as Jehovah's Witnesses, will not support is that there are any multiverse creatures in existence at this time. They will then be filled with offspring from the earth!
  2. These are all very beautiful, inspiring ideas. You can intensify them with nature and the creatures inside our home. I am very much in favor of this. Another one is forming inside me Imagination: living in NATURE, as it is depicted in the film Avatar. How do you see this idea? Is there a pro and contra in your thoughts, in your imagination?
  3. I love this Bible text very much. Especially the statement that Jehovah created us humans in two genders. Between these two sexes there is a special attraction that always fascinates me. When this attraction is exercised under Jehovah's laws and rules, something beautiful and exciting is created. How boring it would be, we would only have one gender, like the worms.😁
  4. Can alcohol be used to fight viruses? No, drinking alcohol (ethanol) is not concentrated enough in alcoholic beverages to kill viruses. Washing or gargling with spirits therefore has no protective effect. Alcohol from a concentration of 50% by volume and above kills bacteria if left to soak in for a sufficiently long time. However, alcohol solutions have only a limited effect against viruses, such as the new corona virus (COVID-19). Spirits such as vodka, rum or liqueurs cannot fight viruses because their alcohol content is too low. Drinking alcohol (ethanol) only works reliably as a disinfectant from a concentration of 80 % by volume. It can therefore only be used externally, for example for hand disinfection. For this purpose, the hands must remain well moistened for at least 30 seconds. However, the skin dries out quickly at such high concentrations, which leads to an additional risk of infection through injuries. Drinking alcohol is therefore not ideal for hand disinfection. For healthy people it is usually not necessary to use disinfectants in everyday life. To protect against viral infections, it is better not to touch your face in public and to wash your hands well frequently. For more information about this: www.infektionsschutz.de
  5. I have found this in order to be able to imagine or understand the dimensions above our generally known 3 dimensions. In all dimensions there are different physical forces, which have different strengths. In addition there is the potentiation or accumulation of the forces, which increases from dimension to dimension. In the very highest unlimited dimension exists our creator Jehovah. This is my immaterial opinion about dimensions and spaces.
  6. Jehovah knows what is really good for us, even if we do not see it that way at the moment. In addition to ourselves, he also has in mind the good of the person we are focused on. In any case, we will all be extraordinarily happy in the New World; one hundred percent!
  7. Interesting thoughts from a non-Jehovah's Witnesses source https://oya-online.de/article/read/372-eine_welt_ohne_geld.html# sorry, in german. Not all is ok and good for us, but we can separate the good ones. Similar to Isaiah. This is roughly - not literally - how I imagine the joint production of goods in the New System. Just needs-oriented and created out of love for the other person. Peer production, on the other hand, is production for others, which is not forced and does not take place for the sake of money. Peers produce for others because they can and because it is a way to find more peers. This is because the more people use the results of a project, the more potential contributors there are, since the contributors usually join in gradually from the circle of users. Those who do not share a project with others and co-produce it for others deprive it of the chance to attract "young talent". The distribution of tasks in peer projects takes place in an open process, for which the term "stigmer energy" has become established. The participants leave references (Greek stigmata) to work that has been started or is desired, encouraging others to take care of it. These signs, such as to-do lists and bug reports in software projects or "red links" to not yet existing articles in Wikipedia, form an important part of communication. All participants follow the sign tracks that interest them most, thus ensuring both automatic prioritisation of open tasks - what is important to more people is generally completed more quickly - and that the different knowledge and skills of the contributors are used almost optimally. One usually works on what one feels most comfortable with. And since you choose whether and where and how much you will work, those involved are more motivated than people who are assigned a task or who have few alternatives as employees or self-employed on the "free market". Thus the second monetary function also becomes dispensable. Peer production shows that money is by no means the only motivator. Making good decisions together Peers produce for themselves and others. I do something for the others and trust that the others do something for me. Everyone chooses the areas that are important to him or her or that they like. Even if some do nothing at all, this is not a problem as long as enough others become active. Peer production only works if you really see the others as peers, as equals. Individuals cannot realise themselves at the expense of others, because the others are not stupid and will not support them - and without support you will not get far. Even a peer-producing society will have to decide how to use the available resources - do you prefer to produce food for all or biofuel so that some can continue driving after oil reserves are exhausted? Do we prefer to rely on decentralised renewable energy sources or on nuclear power plants, which expose people in the vicinity to incalculable risks and burden future generations with obligations for thousands of years? Do you prefer to build a cultural centre at the most beautiful spot on the coast for everyone to use, or a castle for someone who thinks he or she is better? Anyone who has understood how and why peer production works will probably have little doubt as to the answers to these questions. But the most important thing is that they can be asked and answered by those who are concerned with them - all of us.  Isaiah 60:3
  8. I think about it just like you, my dear brother and friend. It has been on my mind since my youth, which is now 60 years in the past. That is why I have also initiated this topic. Certainly there are more important things. But when we are often encouraged to talk about the endless life in paradise, space travel comes to mind, not only for me, but also for others, even elders.
  9. I would be happy to study with my late father. He was not an enemy of the truth, but he bitterly regretted his mistakes towards the family. He confessed this to me on his sickbed when I visited him. I hope Jehovah gives him a second chance.
  10. Dear friends, how do you think about the cosmos or the universe? Do you have an idea of its shape? Are there higher dimensions beyond the 3/4 D continuum?
  11. I write messages for preaching in handwriting. The adress com from my group elder

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Same here, Brother Albert. My handwriting is terrible but it is legible. My former head of the department told me my characters were too fat. Sigh. The trouble is 95% of my colleagues are of islanders stock and very artistic and they also study Jawi when young. So imagine my agony when comparing my handwriting to theirs. But since I was in an accounting line of work, I normally aced it where figures are concerned. But I always valued persons who are artistically inclined. Poor me. Always the odd one out. 


      Jawi ; the letters of the Arabic alphabet.

    2. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Animated Arabic Calligraphy in Handwriting Simulation, Black Version with ALPHA Channel (Transparent Background), to use it in Screen Mode with and over other clips. Also available in White Version with ALPHA Channel.This is how you write the word 'God'. Got to love it.

  12. A beautiful house, with large, open spaces. I like that kind of thing a lot. I suppose it's all under organic conditions, or. Probably a plus-energy house, too.
  13. I am study my watchttower for Sunday 

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