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  1. To my knowledge you can only stream it on the official site after purchasing the digital version https://store.patternsofevidence.com/collections/all?page=3
  2. Hello sister Yes it's truly amazing to see Jehovah's organisation at work sorting truth from untruth in our teachings! I'm not sure I understand your point though, Mr. Mahoney is slanted towards some form of "Christian" so I doubt being a witness would change how atheists/agnostics regard it, only the churches would be far less willing to endorse him 😂. You're right that he did a fantastic job gathering evidence from both sides of the debate as though he was impartial. He made his investigation as fair and impartial as is reasonably possible and he found a staggering amount of evidence proving the account to be exactly as the bible describes it, as opposed to the meagre scraps of evidence that the professionals who don't believe in the exodus offered up. Props to him for conducting a fair scientific investigation despite his biases! Now if only those secular scientists would do the same... 🙄
  3. You're in for a treat that's for sure 😉 his previous doc on the exodus was also fantastic, and I'm not sure if you know already but part one of his exploration into the "red sea controversy" is also out. I wish the director was a witness, he clearly relies on the Bible for truth more then the word of so called experts.
  4. My wife and I watched it about a week ago, part one is a little dry but part two is where things get interesting. It goes into evidence for Hebrew being the first alphabet as opposed to Phoenician, and it's a bit of a sidenote in the documentary but they examine a portion of the book of Numbers dated to 600 years before the dead sea scrolls with little to no change in wording!
  5. Well I think deep down we all have a bit of "cookie monster" in us and we look all right 😉😂
  6. I completely agree. The artists representations we commonly see today aren't nearly as impartial or as factual as is commonly believed. The vast majority have a strong darwinist spin to them!
  7. Actually Barney might be even more frightening then traditional T-rex... 😂🤣
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7754553/amp/Nightmarish-sketches-reveal-modern-animals-look-like-drew-based-skeletons.html I think we all knew that the specialist artists who bring these bones to "life" can play it pretty fast and loose with reality, just look at how they give a monkey skeleton human features with no way of knowing whether or not it would have had those features. In this case the above link leads to an article detailing how a palaeoartist would attempt to draw animals that are alive today based on only their bones, the results are pretty shocking 😲
  9. Could be, though I suspect the majority of the people reading his article don't know him and their knee-jerk reaction is to hate anything different. I think the truly sad thing is many of the things he says about Jesus not believing in eternal hellfire and the truth of sheol are 100% true, but then he muddies it but claiming that the Hebrews belief in a resurrection was a late development. Then to top it off he tries to bring Jesus down to Aristotle's level as just a revolutionary philosopher.
  10. It's a good article, but I'd be careful regarding the author Mr. Ehrman. He's very well educated on the Bible but has absolutely no faith in it, he's practically the poster boy for "textual criticism". He's got a christian axe to grind and he's experienced at slowly introducing his ideas of a corrupted Bible text into his articles which otherwise sound reasonable

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