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  1. Hey everyone, this announcement is for anyone who is currently using an Apple Mac, Or IMac. You can officially download the app without side loading, opening an APK, and or ZIP file. To date it seems like only M1 Users can access the application. You may be able to trick your Mac to re-download JWLIBRARY if you have it part of your purchase list. This message can be moved into the Tech Pages after like a day or so. Not that many people would venture that deep into the forum. 😂 Happy Digging
  2. This is going to probably make everyone look at me weird. We assume money has value…it’s something that we all use to keep things fair and honest. Greed is the problem. That’s why trading and bartering changed…what has more value? 12 Eggs or 1 Live Chicken? If those eggs are baby chickens your going to get 12 Live Chickens…how many eggs will you get from those chickens? If you buy 1 Chicken, how many eggs will that lay? See and that’s why bartering became an issue. When we buy eggs or chicken at the store that’s the end product. None of the eggs will grow into chickens and the chicken is not alive, it’s been prepared to be cooked. Having a fair and honest monetary system will be very important. But there is also the need to ensure everyone has what they need. If anything maybe it will be more of helping each other for a “days wage”. Like maybe Johnna is going to do some deep sea fishing…you can go help fish, get some money and take home some fish. Maybe you need to fix a plate or you maybe you need to fix something. Check on the twins the Metal workers. Instead of paying to do work maybe you ask to use the forge to fix what broke. The point is, Jehovah had told the Israelites to do the work not to be lazy. Those who gleened food from the field still had to work to feed themselves. Likewise I can see us use a similar method to work together in the paradise. Plus by then I’m sure we will have fabricators and recycling systems. Meaning no one will have to do the repetitive work. Plus people love to work hard at there craft. Thinking about Japanese Culture. I’ve seen people spend 50 years working on a particular craft…they are experts on maybe shaving or giving people haircuts…PHD Barber seems more Appropriate. 😂 We are going to have 1,000 years to perfect certain skills. Plus eternity after the final test. Can you imagine some of the things people will be able to accomplish within the first 100 years…It’s going to be very interesting. As for education, many people who were academics will need to be brought up to speed…Imagine for a moment of Dr. Stephen Hawking was brought back. He spent his life in a chair and had to rely on a computer to speak for him. Yes it’s true his views on religion were not as positive, but from his view point losing the ability to speak, walk and live would break anyone’s heart…especially when you have a degenerative condition. Imagine for a moment someone who didn’t think there was going to be anything after death, walking, talking and trying to grasp what is going on. Now the reason I bring this to light is because all of these scientists and doctors will now be given a golden opportunity to learn about Jehovah. That’s going to be a huge change for the majority of them. But it will also usher in a new wave of information. Especially with new scrolls being opened up. No mater how you look at it. We will most likely be technologically advanced. Very eco-friendly, focused on taking care of the earth. Growing food at everyone’s house, generating electricity and heat from the sun and our own waste. (Yes you can get power from bathroom waste it is wild 😜 and the waste from our waste can be used as high performance fertilizer…that can be used in a hydroponic system to grow vegetables and fish farms.) This will all be a possibility because Jehovah and Jesus will be picking up from where we Adam and Eve left off. We are going to have a bunch of people, so all we need to do is subdue it, clean it up what a time to be alive. Kinda sounds like the ending of movie asteroid movie “Deep Impact” 😂
  3. All they have to do is change the name and the application developer name to something else like “Rampo Studios”. Just like: https://jw-russia.org Then just modify the apps icon to something else and then create an internal Lock Screen prior to accessing the application-They can ban “JWLIBRARY”. Giving it a new name would give the lawyers a run of their money. Since then the lawsuit could be thrown out since the application, would no longer exist under that name or under that original function. Unless they go threw with the already decided verdict of banned. You can’t stop Jehovah…I know no mater what They are still getting the spiritual food they need.
  4. If anything we would probably be using a Geochron clock - Jehovah had given the Israelites the basics of keeping track of time. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th during the night. Then just Sunrise - Sunset, We have to correct our clocks or leap forward to keep everything in check. I'm sure we will have a more accurate way of telling time for all we know our arbitrary way of keeping tract of it could all be wrong. We all assume seconds, minutes, hours because thats what has been used for the longest time. It could be as simple as the day being broken up into 8 separate times: Day Time (Sunrise, Noon, Evening, Sunset) - Night Time (Dusk, Midnight, Twilight, Dawn). Who knows Im sure we will have a more efficient and more accurate way of keeping tract of time, for sure.
  5. Yeah, but if you step back and look at what those viruses are…you realize it’s like the cold and flu…The same bugs floating around since the beginning. It’s just more aggressive and has had a profound effect on the social order…I want to see how this all plays out.
  6. Dominique Patton, Hallie Gu (1 June 2021). "China reports first human case of H10N3 bird flu". www.reuters.com. Retrieved 1 June 2021. ^ "China Reports First Possible Human Transmission of H10N3 Bird Flu | June 1, 2021". The Daily NewsBrief. [Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation]. 2021-06-01. Retrieved 2021-06-01. ^ "China confirms world's first human case of H10N3 bird flu but says it's highly unlikely to spread widely among people". www.cbsnews.com. Retrieved 2021-06-01. Everyone is saying that this thing won’t spread…yeah I totally believe that…that’s what they said about Covid. CDC and WHO are investigating this right now as this is a developing situation. Kinda interesting to see, HQ is still closed off and we all have been instructed to still follow the instructions. It would be wild if a new “pandemic” started up.
  7. It is not available in the App Store officially. If you have developer access or can obtain an APK file you might be able to run JWLibrary. This only works on Apple Macs with the M1 chip. Multi tasking works well. JWLibrary in this format seems to also update without the App Store. When you update the files with the refresh button so it seems like they are trying to "Update From Within" . Now all of the features that are available in JWLibrary seems to be working...Check to see if you have touch alternatives. It was mentioned that JWLibrary is on Windows and that they would not end up on Macs...This made me laugh as most of the computers used for AVS is Macs. But, they were probably looking at it from a cost ratio. As Windows are more affordable. Now that we we are all at home it seems like we may be getting JWLibrary on the Mac for several reasons. Security, Privacy, Backups and my favorite multitasking. Yes, your notes can be shared across all of your apple devices like Microsoft. But it works with iCloud. JWLibrary has not been updated in over a month on iOS. Plus it sounds like it may be getting a "update". The JW Library app is working fine on iOS and on iPad OS so it should run natively on Big Sur...That being said...Be patient, if you don't know how to gain access to this file it may be worth just being patient. I have tested it out and JW Library will not run on a intel based computer...Virtual machines sorta work...But running JW Library on a Mac works well and I'm sure they are working on the main update for Mac first before it gets applied to Android-Microsoft. All JWPub files load up perfectly fine and work as intended.
  8. Yeah thats if they wanted to make a native app...but that already exists. We already have it on Windows, Android, iOS. Remember JW Broadcasting and WOL were combined into JW.org. KHCONF is a beautiful software that has been used for many years now. Zoom costs lots of money and has some security issues if Zoom Bombed...Yes we have higher security but this can still be bypassed if those codes are posted online. The same can be said about Zoom Outages. Just step back to see the bigger picture maybe depending on your Operating System (OS) Look at the Hamburger Lines or at the bottom of your screen with the Icons. 😉 Just be patient, if we ever return to the Kingdom Halls this won't be a wasted effort...Since there are many situations where this can be used. Think long term...JWSatalite, JWBox, Ramapo...WINK WINK...Especially during the GT and Beyond.
  9. Remember they consolidated halls to make better use of funds...Zoom Premium is expensive especially if you only have 75 - 100 devices joining. Plus the issue with Zoom Bombing, Update issues that some of the friends seems to be the reason for this undertaking. Plus we know JW Box - JW Satellite are currently working right now. It would seem like now would be the best time to create and develop this type of an app to be used now...during the GT and definitely in the new world to give us all the proper food at the right time...Be patient, things will be revealed in due time...Just remember Jehovah is a God of Order and Organization. 😉
  10. I didn’t want to explain them all 😂 just the first 4
  11. It’s “big brain time”, this may be a bit crazy 😜 but I’ll try to explain it as best as I can. Jehovah has and will always be...It’s quantum mechanics at play. Remember we are 3D creatures living in a 4D environment. 1D is a line or a dot : 2D is a shape, a plane something with length and a width [] we see it as a flat surface but it’s very thin since it’s only 1 mm thick. Think of a picture or a texture in a video game. Or one piece of paper. If you lived in this world life would be horrible since you really couldn’t see anything in front of you. 3D is us objects with all sides but adds depth. So say a cube, it can hold a volume have weight and can be interactive by other 3D creatures. As a 3D creature we can see 1, 2, 3. We can see the effects of #4 but it’s really difficult to imagine in a physical environment. 4D is Time. Where the item is was and will be. Time effects gravity, time is something we can keep track of. Time is something we can’t control. Most likely will not control. If you live in 4D you can literally be in two places at once. See and interact with 1-4 but when 3D creatures see a 4D creature some strange effects would happen. 1 it would be very difficult to comprehend. You may have to describe it by using common things you have seen. 2 completed control of all 3D objects 3 would be able to build and destroy anything 4 can be observed in space as black holes and subsequent dark / anti matter - or what might actually be 4D Space or the stuff the universe floats in like a bubble. I know it’s a lot to take in but it just shows us Jehovah’s vast Dynamic Power. His ability to control and create. His great love in letting us learn about him. So now it’s time for some scriptures and references so it makes sense. Key point to remember if your a 4D creature you can control all known physical laws including time, meaning going forward and backwards in time. We all know how crazy paradox’s are. But Jehovah being the creator of everything would not have to worry about that. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1200001549 Isaiah 46:10 New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Study Edition) 10 From the beginning I foretell the outcome, And from long ago the things that have not yet been done.+ I say, ‘My decision* will stand,+ And I will do whatever I please.’+
  12. I like Math as well, Their is some very interesting information from Veritasium. They talk about a logistic map and how it connects to fluid convection, neuron firing, the Mandelbrot set and so much more. I find this to be very interesting even though they may say something about evolution due to the relation to population sets. But at the end of the day the population still needs to have a starting point. You can't start a population with nothing. IDK I thought it was cool. So many connections to the same math equation just shows that Jehovah created everything and that math and physics that are created all work on everything. Even when you build a video game you have to use math to control how everything in that digital world works...what numbers are most commonly used...(0, 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 21, 34) Why because it's easier to program gravity to work with simple numbers. Its just way easier to program and less numbers to use. Plus if humans can build machines to simulate forces we see on earth in a digital environment. Why wouldn't that same math work for Jehovah, He made math 😂 we just noticed its existence and assigned variables to them...For all we know there could be a whole other way to do math...Maybe there is a reason or mathematical reason why...For all we know maybe its like computer quantum logic "This is a relatively New Math Computer Calculation "where the number can be 0 & 1 at the same time .🤣 Maybe thats why our stuff breaks down into decimals. Jehovah casually designed all numbers to be in two places at once...He really does like "3 & 4". I just know it strengthens my faith that much more.
  13. This game is so amazing...It makes me so happy to know that we are finally getting games for Wittneses. First we got Books as kids...Then Dramas...Then Movies...and now we are seeing video games get made and create...Its still in its early stages...This is from my third session...No garbage remains and everything that could be chopped is chopped - I still had some stuff in the recycler and the carpenter shop. I did pass out a few times and lost some stuff but I ran out of food...I am so looking forward to playing this game when its done! If you play the Demo Stay way from the trailer park till you're absolutely done with the game. As there is no Save Feature for the demo.
  14. I’m making a Irish Roast. Everything is marinating right now. And will be thrown in the oven, also perfect time to make the bread. Usually I make a roast or try to have lamb sometime during the week before the memorial. We usually start with the Exodus Account and slowly build up to the Memorial that way we can be reminded of how Jehovah Kept his promises. How the Passover was continued despite all of the crazy events. Then going over Jesus life. So that we can start memorial reading on time. It really is something to think about and reflect on how we’re remember how Jesus died for everyone. But it also reminds us that Jehovah was very selective as to who would live and die. Since the Passover instructions were blood on doorpost or else the firstborn would die. They also had to eat quickly and be ready to leave. So while we reflect on the memorial and on what Jesus did, I also remember that Jehovah allowed this all to take place to fulfill promises and prophecy. Especially when it comes to the actual observance of the memorial. For all we know that’s how it could all go down. 😂 We have been instructed to have the emblems present and to make them even if nobody partakes... It would be very interesting if this would represent in a similar way as to the symbolic blood on the doorpost. IDK but my dad always jokes about that, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. That’s like one of the most important nights of the year...We have Fresh Flowers a nice Chianti and some freshly grounded flour.
  15. https://www.jw.org/en/library/videos/#en/mediaitems/LatestVideos/pub-jwb_202103_1_VIDEO


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