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  1. Indeed, but I wanted to see the beasts, especially the one with the iron teeth.... Rome. Plus I wanted to see the little horn with eyes speaking grandiose things.
  2. Me too. Used to think the same way. It was the drama, and your comment, that clarified it for me.
  3. @Shawnster: I beg to differ with your last sentence. On the contrary, it would be unchristian to assume that individual christians do not have divine protection. (Please see Psalm 34:7). It would rather be scriptural to make a statement like: "Jehovah does not guarantee us absolute physical protection in this system of things."
  4. You say it as if you know. I don't like when brothers turn speculation into fact. What scriptural basis have you for saying this pandemic won't end unless God's kingdom comes? What if there's a cure or an end to the pandemic before the GT?
  5. Well, then I guess until the 6 months has run its course, the vaccine is best described as (safe to say it is) 'experimental'.
  6. Or those disciples could be made in the new world after the ressurection of the unrighteous. Enjoy Life Forever sounds like more of an invitation to the ressurected unrighteous: "Now is your chance to continue living... Will you accept the opportunity?"
  7. Jehovah's wisdom. This is why I to a large extent follow the commands in the mosaic law..
  8. I fear that the world may soon go on a total lockdown leading to a final shutdown, if you know what I mean...

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    I got the ring of truth from reading our magazines as a child, then on into my teenage years.

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    Photography. Learning new languages. Poetry. Volleyball. Swimming. I also love to read. Music. Movies.
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    Bestsellers. Thrillers.
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    Water seeks its own level.

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