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  1. The old (not working) dishwasher has been removed by the landlord, and replaced with one that works
  2. Thank you for including the recipe
  3. If I wasn't in the truth, I would most likely have been a hedonist. Really, life's meaninglessness is a result of our being mere mortals. How utterly futile this existence would have been without hope of "... the glorious freedom of the children of God" – Rom 8:21
  4. I have cleared out that space I mentioned ... a while ago ... and inserted the drawers that actually was meant to be there. One more for my procrastination-list: Mount a bracket for my newly purchased cordless vacuum cleaner. I must first decide whether to hang it downstairs or upstairs ...
  5. Many options! I have flirted with the idea of working in a hydropower plant. Of course, owning my own armada of space ships is also tempting ... but less realistic
  6. A step closer to doing something about the dishwasher: Some time next week (but not tomorrow), I will be clearing out a small storage space for easier access. When that is done, I'll be calling ... either Bosch service or a plumber.
  7. Cold beer is also good after sunday afternoon convention program 🍺
  8. I just said the same thing ... because my toe hurts. Vacuuming the car needs to be done before Friday. I thought yesterday that I would be doing it today ... And it’s raining a little, I think.
  9. Feeling humble. I am now full access user :blushing:  

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      We will send you your pre addressed envelopes for your tithing payments...


    4. Tronora


      Hm ... I smell foul play ... :detective:



  10. I did laundry yesterday. Now my cast iron wok is trembling with fear ... I think it has gotten whiff of me having Full Access! (user here as of today)
  11. HAHAHA! I didn't listen to that song for even a minute. Maybe half. And I love Frydenlund bayer. A norwegian, german-inspired dark beer. I love prosecco! Never champagne for me now. And thanx for that root beer & ice-cream tip. I love root beer. Maybe it will make the ice-cream taste better.
  12. *chuckles* I have hoovered today ... using the old sledge-model. Next time I hoover the same room, I will hover my new, cordless one. And then, evaluate. This has a somewhat scientific feel to it.
  13. Wishing everyone here at JWTalk a good convention weekend :heart:

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    An acquaintance of my father (a witness) discussed with him. I listened. He understood that I was spiritually hungry, and made arrangements so that I got a bible study. Baptized at age 17. (My father only liked to discuss)

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    Writing on a book. Have a home studio (music). Currently not playing.
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    Not currently reading any; writing on a science fiction novel
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    My Spotify playlists are quite varied; post-/progrock, electronica, classical music, some jazz ... Instrumental music
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    Detective stories. Science fiction. Comedy
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    Acts 20:24 – Nevertheless, I do not consider my own life of any importance to me, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to bear thorough witness to the good news of the undeserved kindness of God.

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