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  1. Yesterday I had my booster vaccination. The booster was Pfizer, the original jabs were Astra Zeneca. So far no side effects I'm happy to say. 😀
  2. Got to love this part in the report - Hardly surprising she wanted to avoid court considering the charges 😨
  3. It seems that the older age groups are being shown to be losing the effectiveness of the vaccinations after about 6 months, which is why some governments are recommending booster jabs for the over 50's, and vulnerable groups. Here in the UK we will be having either one dose of Pfizer, or half of Moderna (I assume Moderna was a single jab one?) irrespective of what manufacturer was used the first time. In my case I was given the Astra Zeneca vaccine, but this won't be used in boosters. On Monday I'm booked in for my Shingles jab, the week after my flu jab, and quite likely within a few more weeks, my covid booster vaccination. Isn't life fun. 😅
  4. That's the irony. Half of us wear a mask so that we can help prevent the others from catching anything we might have. The other half don't wear a mask and view us as nutcases for doing so. What a crazy society!
  5. And that's the Home Page. I wonder how many more come directly to one of the other pages via a link before leaving, having not even visited the Home Page? Relatively few most likely, but there are bound to be some.
  6. I think the American version is the more accurate one.
  7. Listen in to some of our speakers here in the UK and you'll notice several differences in pronunciation of Bible words. Isaiah for example, and Philistines are the main ones that come to mind. On the subject raised earlier about the lack of information about the numbers of deaths among the brothers from covid I too noticed no mention of it. Maybe it was done to avoid discouragement I agree. Having said that sometimes it just raises more questions in the minds of listeners. I think I'd prefer to know, but I understand we aren't all the same. As for using face masks, I'm happy to say that where I live most shoppers are continuing to use them, even though they are no longer legally required, though certain shops still require shoppers who enter their stores use them. So sad that we've seen such an increase in antis, antivaxxers, antimaskers, antilockdown....I'm glad some of this was raised in update no.7.
  8. In a TV news report yesterday they discussed the part some religions have played in preventing people from taking the vaccinations. One pastor seemed rather please that in his estimation less than 1% of his congregation has had the vaccinations. The lowest vaccination rate is apparently Mississippi, in fact the states in the deep south tend to be the worst. Here's some of the latest news on how covid is affecting people in Mississippi. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/11/mississippi-health-official-says-state-will-see-a-lot-of-covid-deaths-in-coming-days.html
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57320320 This is welcome news, though as the report points out the death toll might increase with updated figure due out later.
  10. Classic sketch, I'm not sure anyone but Brits can fully get it. Sadly, both the 'Ronnies' have now died.
  11. Yes, I got a card the size of a credit card at my first visit. It contained my name, the name of the vaccine, Batch Number, and date given. Below there was space for details of my second vaccination, so it's important to take the card when going for the 2nd jab. I definitely didn't sign for the vaccinations, but I never have to sign when I get my flu ones either.
  12. I don't know about other places, but I'm in the UK, and I never had to sign any waiver.
  13. Although I've had both of my vaccinations (AstraZeneca) I still maintain the same safety levels as I did prior to the jabs. Social distancing, only mixing in 'bubbles', wearing face masks in enclosed spaces etc. And I reckon most people are doing the same, working on the basis better to be safe than sorry. As for conspiracy theories, whilst it pays to ask questions, and we wouldn't want to be gullible, maybe we should acknowledge that it's in the interest of governments to get their countries over this pandemic as soon as possible. Unless something has since come to light, the last I heard was that AstraZeneca were letting their vaccines go at cost price, without making any profit. And, some countries have received millions of doses free of charge, sent to them by other, better off, countries. Here in the UK the government is encouraging people to acquire a free covid home testing kit, with the results known after 30 minutes of the test. Happy to say I did my first one earlier today and I'm clear. Having said that, I go out so rarely I'd be very surprised if I'd picked covid up. Still, it helps the government track the spread, or not, of the pandemic, so I don't mind doing my bit.
  14. I had my second covid-19 vaccination just over one week ago. It's the AstraZeneca vaccine. I have to say I haven't had any adverse reaction at all. I never felt soreness in the arm later at any point. No flu-like symptoms, feeling weak, headaches, nothing at all. It was as though I never had it. This is in contrast to my first jab where I felt poorly for a couple days following it.
  15. What source did you hear it from that the vaccines don't work? I've not read that, only that that some seem to be more effective than others.

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