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  1. Thought you love me coz I'm beautiful, that's what all the boys say... Boy replies... " No!! You're beautiful coz I love you. Girl replies" Whoa!! This is different"
  2. Please join me in thanking Jehovah for his loving protection. I had a Major Surgery on Friday.. Was discharged from the hospital on Monday. It was indeed a scary experience. But now I am more convinced that Jehovah isn't just near, he is with each one of us.. Very attentive and ready to show his strength on our behalf. Always trust him.

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    2. Ishaya


      Thanks for your encouraging experience sister Nelly.may Jehovah give you quick recovery and more strenght.

    3. bagwell1987


      I also am recovering from a major surgery sis, so I can empathize very much. I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Laying around to let your body heal, taking the time to let it get stronger, is so hard, this I know, but is so worth the time you invest in it. Soon we'll both be back on track and going strong.🥰 

    4. Nelly Michael
  3. Son in turn answered " Of course, what was I expecting.. You know what? I'm done!! I'm tired of trying to prove I'm not wayward.. I'm just different.. I'm wayward in your eyes just because I refused to work in the family business... No mother!!! I love you, but no. I must obey God as ruler rather than men... I want to be a missionary not a business tycoon ( takes a bow) exits...
  4. I cant wait to see Giovanni again.. He died on Thursday... A handsome and smart little boy... My sisters 6yrs old Bible student... Although his parents weren't interested.. He loved Jehovah very much.. The last question he asked during his study was about an account in Ezekiel.. Can you imagine a 6yrs old boy choosing to read the book of Ezekiel in his personal Bible reading? I know Giovanni will come back.. It's a promise from Jehovah..
  5. Very painful indeed... I used Aloe vera... Just use a spoon, remove the gel, and leave the gel in your mouth for Some minutes before swallowing, mostly the affected area.. Do it twice or thrice a day.. It relieved mine. Hope it helps you..
  6. Isaiah 66:5-8. Speaks of a birth.. This birth took place in the postwar year of 1919, and it produced a people, the “sons” of Zion, who were wholly devoted to the interests of God’s established kingdom and who maintained strict neutrality toward the political governments.
  7. If You Do Not Run Your Subconscious Mind Yourself, Someone Else Will Run It For You.

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    2. Nelly Michael

      Nelly Michael

      I mean that... The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data, any data. It believes any information it is fed with, stores it, and influences you to act on it.. Its job is to ensure that you respond exactly the way the information you've knowingly or unknowingly fed it with, suggests. Satan, the advertisement world, entertainment world and so on are aware of this.. So with their help, Satan bombards us with rotten information's daily, and whether we know it or not, our subconscious mind is feeding on these information's... If we don't fight hard to feed our subconscious mind with spiritual things in a mindful way, our subconscious mind will be fed from a different source and that will be detrimental to our spiritual life.. Whoever feeds it, controls you ...

    3. Vinnie


      ok,  good point.  In an awe inspiring way we are wonderfully made.  What you say is  more true than we'll ever know.  Through God's word, we are warned of the spirit of the world, the leaven of the Pharisees,  the desperate heart and the kidneys. In many ways Jehovah helps to describe the inner workings of our mind in ways that we can understand and appreciate.

    4. Nelly Michael

      Nelly Michael

      Very True @Vinnie ... We must fight constantly... We must be sober ( conscious of which table we are feeding from at each point in time) Good thing is, we are not left on our own.. Jehovah tips us always on time

  8. Us can sing to you dear friend ( says the pinkish birdie sitting on the tree) But it'll be annoying to you because my language is unintelligible to your kind... But since you asked.. I'll be by your window soon... I'll make you smile"


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    I Was brought up by parents who were in the Full-time Service... Got to know Jehovah through them ( smiles)

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    Hanging out by the River is my favorite thing to do... I feel closer to Jehovah That way
    ( Blushing). I Love Nature Photography. I love Reading ... Loved movies as well, but cutting down on it, it's hard to find wholesome Stuff out there
    ( Reflecting).
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    The Bible!!!! It has it all ... Drama, Suspense, Comedy and most importantly, I get to hear from my Father... Can you top that? ( winks)
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    Precious Daughter
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    True Love
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    Experience is said to be the best Teacher
    ( maybe) But learning from the experiences of others is Smarter... And keeps your relationship with Jehovah safe

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