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  1. Yes, maybe the 2 volume will be a Romans to Revelation. It is a clearly defined cost to print such a Bible (perhaps even more expensive than a large size of grey edition).
  2. I think if it is not used with marks etc, you can stick a nice piece of paper and give it as a gift (maybe to someone who prefers to use the printed version, or an elderly person
  3. Do you think he don't know. What can we expect from these people, when they contact with media - straight talk and true? This remind me a false statement of Sergey Lavrov (Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) He said: "The structures of Jehovah's Witnesses that operated in Russia directly refused to comply with the requirements of Russian law".... Original link Lavrov statement about JW in Russia
  4. And now you could choose where you want to open video from jw.org - continue on browser or JWL (at least on android phone and Chrome, I don't know how this works in other operating systems). I guess this is because the last update. I didn't see this option before
  5. And they also shared some article against JW on it's websites. be careful 😉 "This documentary was great, but not "all" of what they promote is quite right" - that's why I decided not shared this material to others. From visual and technical side look very nice, but not all information is quite right, as you said.
  6. Finally, problem is resolved. 🙂 Thank you Tim for your help and efforts with this!! 👏
  7. Yes, I tried in that way. Its not the problem to download or delete item, from Publications section also (By type / or Downloaded). With cloud or not (depending on if downloaded or not) is still in Favorites section on the homepage.. I removed all other items from Favorites to check, but this one is still there.
  8. And this edition have a signature nwtsty1-E, so I guess we can expect the pdf/print versions for the next parts and other languages.. (nwtsty2-E it will be Romans - Revelation ? I'm very happy because Matthew and Mark from Study edition was released in Polish language on JWL and Online Library (some languages, Norwegian for example, have Matthew - Acts from a few months, but they also don't have pdf versions yet). For me every new Bible book with comments is like a new comprehensive publication for deep study. We have to be patient, project is very huge, work is tedious and exhausting for Writing Department and local translation team's.. It reminds me when the green Bibles was released gradually in 50s -60s 🙂
  9. I have Polish language in this app for the daily use, just changed the program language to make screenshot and explain it better here 🙂
  10. JWMerge? I've never used this. When I saw this problem first time, I thought this added item is from Catalog date, and it'll be fixed. But not. When I installed "new" JW Library, Favorite section is clear and empty of course. The problem is when I restore a backup - extra position still there.. Looks like permanent position in Favorite section. On my iPad and Surface pro is the same problem with this backup file. I also tried to open the backup file in other app like SQLite Database Editor, and removed "manually" this extra item, but can't find "Favorite section". Other ways also I tried (switch items in section and removed). But thank you for asking. I see that I'm not alone 😔
  11. "Maybe you should add it again and then see if you can delete it?" Of course I tried to do this also, and when I tap "add to favorite" then I see 2 the same icons of publication. Then in 3 dots the option Remove from Favorites show's up. When I removed, the one icon of this publication still there..
  12. Hello everyone!🙋‍♂️ Somebody know how to remove unwanted items in "Favorites" section on JW Library? I mean the one publication Watchtower in polish I tried to do this, but don't have idea how to do... The problem is inside in the backup file I think. Even if I reinstalled app, clear storage, clear cache, and then restore a backup, is the same... Can't delete.. I most often use Android phone (OnePlus 7t). I also tried to remove this from JW Library on my iPad and Surface pro (windows) and is the same. Pictures I attached Thanks in advance for help... Peter

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