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  1. I've always been a bit limited with respect to physical condition (running, skipping motor coordination) In the new world, I will be able to use my body freely and feel the freedom to move without my body not responding to what I want. I always wanted to have more strength and be faster (laughs) 😅
  2. So my brothers. I will tell you what happened in these days. . . I was on twitter researching study materials and the like. So, I came across weird tweets and went looking up. Apparently, criminals use specific tags to exchange illegal material. I felt really bad seeing this, what we used to call the "deep web" and we see it on the surface itself. I reported it, of course. But I keep thinking about how easy access to this kind of thing affects today's world. The propagation of horrible things is not as difficult as it used to be, just have internet and a google at home. So much caution with the web, my brothers. Only thinking for what i see makes me cry. (If this topic is in a wrong place, move please)
  3. When the Watchtower of September comes out oficially in jw.org? Can´t wait 😁
  4. Jesus said that he will come at an hour that we cannot expect. Your analysis makes sense, but we shouldn't take it as a rule. I always say that Jehovah is a stylish God who likes surprises, and in the end it will be no different. As discussed in another topic, we remain vigilant by taking care of our spirituality and preaching. Particularly for me, trying to guess world events became tiring and didn't add much to my routine. The topic about keeping vigilant helped a lot
  5. This text was special to me because it was exactly what I need right now. It's so good to have Jehovah's support in my life, I have no words to thank. Always pray to Jehovah, do not underestimate the power of prayer.
  6. Based on my personal Bible reading . . . Nahum 1:6-7 [emoji23] Enviado de meu moto g(7) plus usando o Tapatalk
  7. Ah, I want to do so much! My eyes shine when I think about it. I want to build systems and operational circuits, something like creating useful technologies for the activities that we will have. I also want to use programming, like @VisualizeUrParadise. I want to master several musical instruments and perhaps compose and record many songs with the computer that I intend to make myself. I also want to improve my physical exercise skills, since today we are limited by imperfection in many ways. Glass-blowing/making is a good idea too
  8. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-afghanistan-khalilzad/u-s-envoy-seeking-support-to-shake-up-afghan-peace-process-warring-parties-object-idUSKBN2AY0MS It seems to me that the world is moving slowly towards P&S. UN is gaining authority as well, acting as an intermediary in these processes. It is exciting to see how the prophecies are consolidating.
  9. Oh no, it's not like "Oh, I'm the first". It is like receiving spiritual food and seeing what Jehovah prepares for us, and making sure that "the food is suitable for the time." I love it so much, months that start on Monday seem more "organized". I think that is a little TOC 🤔😅

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    Yes. Date 12/02/2018

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    My mother was a hairdresser and a sister came to her salon. This sister preached to my mother and started to conduct a study with the Book of Revelation. Some time later I met this sister and started to study with her. My mother and I were baptized just a year apart!

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    Reading and study Jehovah´s Creation.
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    The bible, of course, and the book "Power of Habit".
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    I like classical music in piano, violin and others. In modern times, i like some good rock musics and soundtracks of films.

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